Being Human Series 2 Video and Images

Being Human stars Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire respectively.

The prequel clip introduces 2 brand-new characters ? Daisy and Ivan – the two latest vampires to enter the Being Human world. There is also a link to a downloadable gallery of 10 images from the new series below ? including some great werewolf shots.

Picture shows: A model of George as a werewolf.
Picture shows: A model of George as a werewolf.
George as a werewolf. Episode 1. Series 2 Being Human
George as a werewolf. Episode 1. Series 2 Being Human
Picture shows: (l-r) SINEAD KEENAN as Nina, RUSSELL TOVEY as George. Episode 1.
Picture shows: (l-r) SINEAD KEENAN as Nina, RUSSELL TOVEY as George. Episode 1.
 Picture shows: (l-r) AIDAN TURNER as Mitchell, RUSSELL TOVEY as George. Episode 1.
Picture shows: (l-r) AIDAN TURNER as Mitchell, RUSSELL TOVEY as George. Episode 1.


There is also a mysterious new site that has appeared called CenSSA (The Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity) ? I imagine more will be revealed as time goes on…

See Being Human Series 2 First!!!

An exclusive screening of episode one of the new series of Being Human is being organised… and YOU could be there!
Aidan Turner who plays Mitchell (the vampire) has recorded a special video message about it for the Being Human blog ( which you can check out below.

The screening will take place at a London cinema on the evening of January 7th, 2010 and BBC Three are giving away free tickets to you guys, the fans, to claim on a first-come-first-served basis.
The tickets will be available from 10am on Thursday 10th December – just head to
This will be, without doubt, the hottest Being Human event of the year. Those who manage to get their hands on a pair of tickets (yes you even get to bring a friend) will get to see episode one of the new series before it’s released on TV. And there might even be a few ‘special guests’ to surprise you on the evening.
But hold your horses because they’re not letting go of these tickets just yet… you’ll have to wait until Thursday 10am to get them.

Being Human Series 2 Poster
Being Human Series 2 Poster

Battlestar Galactica Final Series DVD

Finally the wait is over! After five gripping years, sci-fi?s most exciting show comes to an end, but it will be yours to own as of 1st June 2009 when Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season is released on DVD. Packed full of extra content, including a sneak peek at the brand new Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, this grand finale is the sci-fi collector?s dream come true.

We know that the ?13th Colony? ? Earth ? really does exist, but the burning question on everyone?s lips is finally answered ? ?Who is The Last Cylon??

The world ended with no warning, and all that was left ? was hope. The Cylons were created by the people of the Twelve Colonies. Intelligent robots, they were used as slaves and soldiers to fight humanity’s wars. But the Cylons became sentient and they rebelled. Man and machine fought to a bloody stalemate, and then the Cylons withdrew to a remote region of space.

A truce between the Twelve Colonies and the Cylons lasted for 40 tense and silent years. Each year, on the anniversary of the treaty-signing, humanity sent an envoy to the neutral ground of Armistice Station to meet with a Cylon envoy. For 39 years, no Cylon envoy came.

Then, on the 40th anniversary, a stunning blonde ? a Cylon in human form ? met the human envoy ? moments before the Cylons vaporized the station and launched a genocidal attack on the Twelve Colonies.

In one devastating day, billions of human lives were consumed by nuclear fires. Only those souls fortunate enough to be aboard starships were able to band together and escape and flee into deep space, led by the sole surviving Colonial warship, the battlestar Galactica. The Galactica and its crew seemed to be unlikely saviors for humanity’s fewer than 50,000 desperate survivors. The ship was old and had been about to be decommissioned and turned into a museum when the Cylon attack occurred. In the aftermath its commanding officer, William Adama, found himself responsible for safeguarding the last remnants of the human race.

Meanwhile, the annihilation of the Colonial government on Caprica resulted in the succession of Laura Roslin, the Secretary of Education, to the presidency. Driven by prophetic visions and political necessity, she set the fleet upon a quest that will take it into the farthest reaches of unexplored space ? in search of the mythical, lost “13th colony” ? Earth.

Easter Scifi / Fantsay TV

OkSet your video / Sky Plus if you are away this Easter weekend.

NEW Red Dwarf: Back To Earth part 1 Yeah – bout time Grant Naylor DAVE TV Channel 9pm Friday

DOCTOR WHOPlanet Of The Dead One of David’s last :( Saturday 6.45 Saturday

Robin Hood Series 3 continues- right after the good Doctor, 7:45 (love this, check out the audios)

Also over on ITV Primeval series 3 continues

More NEW Red Dwarf: Back To Earth pt 2? 9pm DAVE – followed by SMEG UPS

Sunday: Skellig Sky One (more info)

Sunday 9pm Red Dwarf: Back To Earth pt3 9pm DAVE – followed by Making Of.

Oh Miss any of this – see right/below to get the DVDs

Can Someone Lend Me A Tardis


Or a time turner, or a plant express ship with microwave and popcorn, or a time traveling DeLorian?

Just been invited to 2 screenings on the same evening. One for the new KNIGHTRIDER and one for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Love to see Knightrider on the big screen, especially as there is an exclusive sneak peak at one of DOLLHOUSE, the hit new show from the creator of BUFFY and ANGEL, starring Hollywood siren Eliza Dushku. The series will premiere exclusively on SCI FI every Tuesday at 9pm from May 19 (back-to-back with KNIGHT RIDER).

Also despite the subtitles Let The Right One In looks like it should be a rocking vampire film.

* KNIGHT RIDER will premiere TUESDAYS AT 8PM FROM MAY 12, starting with a feature length 2 hr pilot episode before continuing weekly in 1 hour instalments.
* DOLLHOUSE will premiere TUESDAYS AT 9PM FROM MAY 19 (going back-to-back with KNIGHT RIDER)

Shall I get a knightRider T Shirt for the screening?


An icon reborn…

Remember K.I.T.T. – a.k.a. the Knight Industries Three Thousand and simply the coolest crime-fighting car ever created? Well, it?s back in this high-octane, zappy sequel to the iconic ?80s original. And, OK, this time things are a little different. It might not have The Hoff at the wheel (although he does make a cameo in the pilot episode) and it?s a 2008 Ford Shelby Mustang rather than a TransAm Pontiac, but now K.I.T.T.?s an even bigger beast in the fight against crime – and it?s got a new ?voice?: superstar VAL KILMER! What?s more, it?s undergone a complete revamp from its predecessor. This K.I.T.T.?s certainly got ?eat my dirt? written all over it in very big letters. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, K.I.T.T. is now capable of hacking into almost any security system and has the weapons capability of a jet fighter. It can also morph into the shape of other vehicles and uses sophisticated holographic imagery to elude all manner of villains.

So, sorry, Hoff: this one?ll leave you standing in the gutter!

And along with all that state-of-the-art weaponry and that extra need for speed, it?s also got that other essential ingredient: sexual tension. Because behind the wheel is sexy young lead character Mike Traceur

(JUSTIN BRUENING ? ALL MY CHILDREN). Distracting Mike from all that crime-fighting is Sarah Graiman (DEANNA RUSSO ? THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), the gorgeous daughter of K.I.T.T.?s creator Charles Graiman (who?s played by sci-fi stalwart BRUCE DAVISON – X-MEN). And the source of all that sexual tension? Well, let?s just say that Mike and Sarah have a ?history?…

Based on characters originally created by GLEN LARSON, the 17-episode KNIGHT RIDER comes from NBC Universal Television Distribution. The executive producers include DOUG LIMAN (director of THE BOURNE IDENTITY and the Brangelina vehicle MR AND MRS SMITH), GARY SCOTT THOMPSON (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and DAVID BARTIS (HEIST, THE O.C.).

The series kicks off with a feature-length pilot episode (May 12), in which both K.I.T.T. and ex-soldier Mike Traceur are reborn for a new generation as they join forces to fight crime ? stand by for that VERY SPECIAL mystery guest-star.

Additional cast:

KNIGHT RIDER also stars SYDNEY TAMIIA POITIER (daughter of Hollywood legend Sidney and star of VERONICA MARS) as FBI agent Carrie Rivai, YANCEY ARIAS (KINGPIN) as FBI Agent Alex Torres, and PAUL CAMPBELL (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) and SMITH CHO (FIRED UP!) as Billy Morgan and Zoe Chae, the techie support crew.



?Haunting, cerebral and gor?geous? ? TIME

?Good, dirty fun? ? NEW YORK POST

They?re ?underground?, sexy – and highly illegal. They?re psychological shape-shifters who can assume any persona ? be it lover, assassin, corporate schemer, hostage negotiator or best friend. And they?re hired by the wealthy, powerful and well connected to do their (often highly warped) bidding. They?re the ?Actives?, elite lead characters of DOLLHOUSE, the series that poses the intriguing question: ?Who do you want me to be?? It?s the eagerly anticipated US smash-hit ? and if that weren?t reason enough to make it essential viewing, here are two more: it?s the brainchild of JOSS WHEDON, creator of seminal cult favourites BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL and FIREFLY, and it reunites him with fellow BUFFY and ANGEL alumna, dark-haired stunner (and Maxim covergirl) ELIZA DUSHKU, in the dynamic lead role. (She?s also a co-producer of the series. Is there no end to the girl?s talents?)

But what, exactly, is the eponymous DOLLHOUSE?

It?s the mysterious, highly secretive home of the ?Actives?, operatives who?ve had their minds wiped clean so that they can be imprinted with a new persona to fulfil a client?s highly specific needs. In other words, the Actives don?t just assume a role ? in mind, body and physiology they wholly become whoever the ?ber-rich client wants them to be. And once a mission is accomplished, their thoughts, feelings, experience and knowledge are erased so that they can assume a totally new identity and purpose for their next mission.

ELIZA DUSHKU plays Echo, the star Active or ?doll? who has no memory of her past life…or does she? This is the series? great hook: bit by bit, Echo?s erased memories return and she starts to piece together fragments of her past. So starts a burning desire to dis?cover her true identity. But Echo is also the organisation?s most special doll, and in the Dollhouse being special is dangerous. Stand by for plenty of plot twists! The cracking cast also features British actress OLIVIA WILLIAMS (soon to be seen with Ewan McGregor and Kim Cattrall in Roman Polanski?s THE GHOST), TAHMOH PENIKETT of BATTLE?STAR GALACTICA fame, exotic Australian actress DICHEN LACHMAN (NEIGHBOURS) and REED DIAMOND, star of gritty cult cop drama HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET.

The 13-part DOLLHOUSE is from 20th Century Fox International Television. JOSS WHEDON serves as writer and executive producer. He also directs the first episode, ?Ghost? (May 21), in which Echo?s faulty memory imprints cause trouble during a hostage negotiation. In this month?s second episode, ?The Target? (May 28), Echo gets a lethal taste of the great outdoors when a client requests her company on a camping trip. So who, besides Echo, is who in the DOLLHOUSE universe? What are their needs and desires? Here are the ?dolly? details: The manipulative visionary Adelle DeWitt (OLIVIA WILLIAMS ? THE SIXTH SENSE) runs the Dollhouse like the business she believes it is. She assigns engagements ? and like any corporate creature slavishly serves the demands of the ?parent? company.

Additional cast:

Boyd Langton (HARRY LENNIX ? Commander Lock in THE MATRIX franchise) is the Dollhouse ?beat cop? and Echo?s handler. He?s gruff and loyal ? but just how loyal if Echo needs protection? Totally amoral in a gleeful sort of way, Topher Brink (FRAN KRANZ ? soon to be seen in Joss Whedon?s movie THE CABIN IN THE WOODS) is the Dollhouse?s genius programmer. His own flaws make him the ideal person to dream up the perfect personality for any job. Sierra (DICHEN LACHMAN ? NEIGHBOURS) is the newest ?Doll?. Her otherworldly looks and ability to adapt have made her an instant asset. Russian mobster and infor?mant Lubov (ENVER GJOKAJ ? EAGLE EYE) knows all about human trafficking ? his family?s in the business. But he also helps Paul Ballard to piece together those vital clues about the Dollhouse.

Claire Saunders (AMY ACKER ? ALIAS) is the Dollhouse?s resident physician. Her work weighs heavily on her conscience. Chief Security Officer Laurence Dominic (REED DIAMOND ? HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET) regards the Dolls as empty vessels, but that doesn?t curb his taste for doing his job efficiently. Paul Ballard?s neighbour Mellie (MIRACLE LAURIE ? MEDICAL INVESTIGATION) helps him keep his obsession with the Dollhouse in perspective. She also has a helpless crush on him, which somewhat complicates matters.

LOST: Season 5, Episode 8: LaFleur

Lost Season 5
Lost Season 5

Note – review may contain spoilers

LOST has always been a programme that?s been bold with its narrative structure. It seems odd to think of now, but watching season one for the first time in 2004, the show?s flashback format seemed radically innovative. But LOST is nothing if not innovative, and five years down the line it?s playing around with story structure more than ever. As far as this fifth season goes, the increasing willingness to screw around with the audience has been generally pretty successful. Whilst the shows temporal backwards and forwards may have seemed arbitrary to begin with, the increasing number of references and threads that are being tied together by toying with time gives the increasing impression that LOST is a programme with a definite purpose, heading towards a carefully planned ending. LaFLEUR is yet another meticulously constructed episode that connects a few more dots whilst providing some cracking, emotionally mature, entertainment.

Decidedly Sawyer-centric, LaFLEUR packs in a huge amount in its forty minutes, but never once feels rushed. The pre-titles sequence alone is one of those terrific LOST moments that is a big surprise but at the same time, crucially, feels right. Sawyer?s sudden appearance as a member of the Dharma Initiative had been hinted at since the start of the season (we saw Daniel in Dharma kit in the opening moments of BECAUSE YOU LEFT) but was still a definite ?whaoh!? moment. His promotion to a position of authority within the Dharma camp also worked well, especially given the character?s growth into a more responsible leader since Jack shipped off the island.

Indeed, befitting the episodes focus, Josh Hollaway was unquestionably the standout actor in this episode. The subtle differences he brought to his interpretations of Sawyer three years apart were a major element in selling yet another time jump. Indeed, the character?s rather sudden progressions, in terms of relationships, authority and maturity, were rendered less abrupt because Hollaway played every element perfectly. The scene in which he mournfully talks about getting over an unnamed Kate was a haunting, wonderfully handled moment that led nicely into the mid-season ?cliff-hanger?. Whilst I went in expecting the final moments prior to the two week break to pivot around a life or death situation, LaFLEUR played things differently, cutting out of the action as the emotion of Sawyer?s reunion with Jack, Hurley and specifically Kate built to a peak. This was resonant, nicely underplayed ending that allowed the show to take the focus off an increasing convoluted story and focus on what has always been LOST?s real strength ? its characters.

So LOST has changed gears yet again, moving characters back onto the island, once again giving the show a chance to be a little more single minded in its storytelling ? and I for one can?t wait to see where this show is going?.

Monsters Within: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who 2008

Monsters Within Dr Who Episode Guide by
Monsters Within Dr Who Episode Guide by Stephen James Walker

New book release – available now.

Monsters Within comes from the stable of telos that brings you Doctor Who and Torchwood TV guides comes a new comprehensive episode guide for the fourth series of the reborn Doctor Who. Tracking the Doctor (David Tennant) in possibly the most powerful series to date revisiting the fleeting companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and rejoined by old friends including Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

The full build-up and background are revealed, from the aftermath of Series Three and the apparent death of the Master (John Simm) right up to date, detailing all the major news stories, press releases, casting announcements and critical response.

The 2007 Christmas Special ‘Voyage of the Damned’ is included in this in-depth coverage of the 13 episodes of the series, including all the facts and figures, behind-the-scenes details, press and fan reaction and detailed and insightful analysis.

The perfect way to relive the Time Lord’s encounters with the cute Adipose, the fiery Pyroviles, the terrifying Ood, the warlike Sontarans, famed crime novelist Agatha Christie – and even ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ – plus the Earth-shattering series finale with the Daleks.

Monsters Within is an essential read for all fans of the show, and continues Telos’s unrivalled coverage of Doctor Who.

300pp approx. A5 paperback book. Also available as a signed (by Walker) and numbered, limited hardback edition (from
ISBN 978-1-84583-027-4 (pb) ?12.99 UK
ISBN 978-1-84583-028-1 (hb) ?30.00 UK

Being Human – 8 Part Second Series Announced!

Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony
Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony
Good news everyone! Being Human series 2 will happen. Missed series 1 – well you have really missed out. Catch it on DVD. (Being Human Series 1 DVD)

Being Human is the the critically acclaimed hit BBC Three drama (yes BBC three Drama – and it is really good!), chronicling the somewhat complicated lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in modern-day Bristol, made by Touchpaper Television, part of the RDF Media Group, has been recommissioned for another eight-part series. The writeup like this makes it seem bad, but it is a quality 5/5 scifi drama series

The first series ends (dramatically) this Sunday (1st March).

Starring Russell Tovey (Little Dorrit, Doctor Who, The History Boys) Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush, Doctor Who) and Aidan Turner (The Clinic (strangely not Doctor Who)), Being Human attracted a high of over one million viewers and rave reviews. If they put it on BBC1 this could be a big mainstream hit!

Being Human has also enjoyed multiplatform success, being the most watched programme on BBC iPlayer for its first two episodes, as well becoming one of the best performing BBC websites.

Danny Cohen, Controller BBC Three, says: “I’m thrilled that we are recommissioning Being Human. It’s hugely popular with young viewers and earned great critical acclaim at the same time.

“It’s also a very important staging-post in the successful development of home-grown young drama on BBC Three.” Being Human is written by Toby Whithouse (Torchwood, Doctor Who), produced by Matthew Bouch (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Being Human pilot), directed by Toby Haynes (M.I. High, Spooks Code 9), Alex Pillai (Wire In The Blood) and Colin Teague (Torchwood, Doctor Who), and executive produced by Rob Pursey, Touchpaper Television (City Of Vice, Sold) and Julie Gardner, Head of Drama for BBC Wales.

Congratulations to them all – they deserve it.



Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, James Kyson Lee as Ando Masahashi - thanks to NBC Universal
Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, James Kyson Lee as Ando Masahashi - thanks to NBC Universal

Series 3 of Heroes, the second part of which is called Volume 4 – Confused yet? (ed)
Heroes is a frustrating show to watch at times. For a programme with such a strong, exciting premise, it has made more than its fair share of fumbles. Truth be told, I stopped watching religiously at the end of the first season ? I could see the potential, but never truly got hooked in the way I did with Lost, the grim reviews of Heroes second year convincing me I had seen the best the show had to offer. Indeed, since then, the programme has hit trouble, with sliding ratings, confused plots and a sense of growing apathy in the viewers who bothered to stick around.

So, does A Clear and Present Danger, the first episode of Volume Four (entitled ?Fugitives?), mark a sea change for the show? Well, broadly speaking, no. Anyone expecting Heroes to have undergone a major reinvention will be disappointed. There is little in this opening episode to really grab the lapsed viewer ? the script still feels clunky, passages of dialogue are truly dire, and characters like Peter and Matt are still dull, no matter how many super powers they develop. The real issue with this opener however, is the sense of deja-vu it fosters in the long(ish) term viewer. Whilst there are moments here designed to hark back to the first season ? Peter and Mohinder share another cab, Matt can paint the future ala Isaac ? overall there is nothing here that feels particularly fresh. Hiro and Ando are still knocking around in a mildly amusing side story, Claire is still concerned about Sylar and Noah has apparently gone bad (again). The issue is that whilst all this seems to suggest a desire by the writers to hark back to the ?glory? days of the show, all that is actually achieved is leaving the viewer becoming aware that, on a fundamental level, things have barely moved on since season one.

But it isn?t all bad news. Despite A Clear and Present Danger?s flaws, there are hints at a better tomorrow for Heroes. The ?Fugitives? plot kicked into gear from the off, efficiently, and crucially for a show with so many characters, quickly, reuniting many of the principle stars of the show by the end of the episode. After so many convoluted plots involving time travel and who knows what else, a more straightforward approach to plotting would be welcome in ?Fugitives?. The episode did get better as it went on, leading to a climax that was undoubtedly the finest moment in the whole thing, giving proceedings a much needed kick up the backside and a sense, if only for a moment, that Heroes could still be wildly exciting and impressively inventive. Character wise, Sylar is still as compelling as ever, with his story strand offering some of the most satisfying scenes in the episode. But overall, Heroes is going to have to try harder and fight off the sense that things have gone a little stale if there is going to be anybody left in the audience who cares anymore.

By Liam O?Brien

Being Human – BBC Three

Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony
Being Human - Image (c) BBC/Todd Antony

So I saw a couple of months ago that the BBC were putting a flat share comedy with a werewolf, vampire and a ghost, well my first thoughts were that it would be some piece of cr*p comedy like BBC Three’s CLONE or at best THE WRONG DOOR. Images of a transparent figure, guy in a black cloak and a guy in a bad panto wolf suit drinking beer ran through my head.

What I was faced with when I dubiously sat down to watch it was a gripping drama that works on a number of levels and had the best werewolf transformation scene since ‘An American Werewolf in London’ take that CGI, real is better.

The characters were as billed: George (Russell Tovey) is a werewolf, Annie (Lenora Crichlow) is a ghost and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a vampire. No dodgy cloaks or special effects though.

Following the three personages of somewhat unusual background we find ourselves confronted with familiar tales of addiction, prejudice and coming to terms with our own selves. But, as there has to be, there is a story arc running through our trios lives that develops through the series.

I am halfway through this series and am hungry (like the wolf) for more. BBC Three – after clone you have been forgiven.

Mythbusters – Mega Movie Myths

Mythbusters - Mega Movie Myths
Mythbusters - Mega Movie Myths

I have resisted this long – but no longer…

Yes I am talking about my Mythbusters Obsession not making a big splash on scifind. Aside from a couple of minor references I haven’t come out as a huge mythbusters fan!

I found the program last year and I must admit to being hooked (like really miffed when The Discovery Channel made a big show of the new series and proceeded to just show the first 3 episodes!)

The mix of science and urban legends is fantastic, basically they test out the friend of a friend stories and then see if they can replicate the circumstances and then results.

The other big field they test out are TV and Movie myths. Yes they have had a McGyver special and a Jaws special for example.

Now this DVD release compiles some of the best movie myths they have encountered so far (I do hope that this turns out to be volume 1).

From swinging samurais and blasting shotguns to jumping cars and ejector seats, join Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the rest of the “Mythbusters” team as they debunk, decode and demystify pop culture’s most baffling movie myths and legends. Using modern-day science, they put some of Hollywood’s biggest scenes the test, separating the real from the really out there.

Watch with excitement as Grant throws himself off a building in order to see whether an awning would have provided Indiana Jones an adequate safety net in the “Temple of Doom”. The team go to extraordinary lengths to find out whether a sword can in fact cut another sword in half and Adam and Jamie attempt to emulate the “Dukes of Hazard’s” General Lee by jumping a car 175ft, landing it on all four wheels and driving away unscathed!

With many more movie myths still to uncover, you had better hold onto your popcorn as this is one wild ride!

The Great Battlestar Auction

NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group and Propworx are making final preparations for the ?Battlestar Galactica? live auction event taking place January 16 through 18 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. With a month to go before the auction, the auction catalog is now available for viewing or for purchase at

The auction will offer spectacular and unique items in every price category. Some of the more familiar items to ?Battlestar Galactica? viewers will include ?Caprica Six?s? red dress, ?Admiral Adama?s? blue uniform, ?President Laura Roslyn?s? desk and a life-size viper, in addition to a large selection of pre-production art and costume sketches. A portion of the auction?s proceeds will benefit United Way.

As previously announced, NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group has teamed with Propworx to offer thousands of one-of-a-kind props, costumes and set pieces from the award-winning series ?Battlestar Galactica,? which concludes its successful run on the SCI FI Channel next spring. The critically-acclaimed series returns to television on Friday, January 16 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT for the remaining episodes of its 4th and final season.

In addition, Auction Network will broadcast the two-day live auction event on Saturday, January 17 and Sunday, January 18 in high definition with real-time bidding online, starting at 8:30 a.m. ET/11:30 a.m. PT on both days, at

?Auction Network is thrilled to be able to provide ?Battlestar Galactica? fans and collectors a front-row seat to this once-in-a-lifetime event,? said Auction Network General Manager Fontana Fitzwilson. ?Our live, high definition streaming video is a convenient and easy way to watch all the auction unfold, and our online viewers can join in the bidding at any time, just like they were there in person.?

In addition, NBC Universal and Propworx will offer a series of live panel discussions with key executives from ?Battlestar Galactica? on Friday, January 16 at the Pasadena Convention Center, during the public preview day. The panels will offer fans and collectors a chance to ask questions of the creative executives who brought ?Battlestar Galactica? to life on screen, including:

Chris Claridge/Construction Coordinator
Jonathan Lancaster/Set Decorator
Ken Hawryliw/Props Supervisor
Glenne Campbell/Costume Supervisor
Richard Hudolin/Production Designer
Doug McClean/Art Director

*Panels are subject to change

About Auction Network

Auction Network is the live-bid-to-picture interactive auction entertainment network that offers audiences compelling interactive programming merging the sport and spirit of live auction with the ability to watch, bid and win live, real-time, in H-D from anywhere in the world. Auction Network allows viewers to participate either live or through absentee bidding online at and on television across cable and satellite channels throughout the U.S.

About “Battlestar Galactica”

Battlestar Galactica is the gripping saga of humanity’s last remnants and their struggle to find a new home while fleeing from their deadly Cylon enemies. Redefining the space opera with its gritty realism, Galactica’s intensity, issues-driven topicality, and command performances have garnered it numerous awards, including three Emmy? Awards and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award. The show was recognized by the American Film Institute (AFI) as one of the most outstanding programs of the year two years running. The series is produced by Universal Cable Productions and executive produced by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. The outstanding ensemble cast is led by Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer and Grace Park.

About Propworx

Propworx, Inc. serves the movie and television industry by selling production props, costumes and set pieces through special live and Internet auctions, while at the same time integrating these special events into a studio?s marketing campaigns. Propworx goal is not just to sell the assets of a production, but to leverage those sales into meaningful publicity and marketing to increase the overall awareness of a production. For more information about Propworx, and examples of what Propworx can do, please go to