New Science Fiction TV Channel in UK

Why A New SciFi TV Channel? With the HUGE amount of choice for our screens a little curated content is still desired. Yes the on demand services (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and their ilk) are great, but still lack that communal feel of people watching the same program at the same time allowing for a […]

Spiderman, Star Trek and SG1 Head This Weeks UK Freeview Scifi Viewing

The weekend starts here! So without ado we’ve got our pick of the freeview channels science fiction offerings for the weekend ahead! Get your popcorn at the ready guys! Friday 6th September 2013 Friday kicks off bright and early on Pick TV with Star Trek: Enterprise and Stargate SG1 at 7pm and 8pm respectively. Then […]

Review: The Returned Episode 1

The Returned opens quietly, as we’re walked around a small mountain town in France. We see a bar, filled with the usual teenage drinkers and an older man, Jérôme, who’s come to see one of the waitresses. She apologises and he says he’ll try again and leaves. He arrives at a support group meeting and […]

The Returned

A Town Called Eureka – Season 3.5

The Emmy-nominated cult smash A Town Called Eureka returns from 17th January, 2011 as Season 3.5 arrives on DVD courtesy of Universal Playback. A normal town on the far side of reality, A Town Called Eureka is home to an electrifying array of inventors, scientists and general genii, all of whom are looked over by […]

2 Exclusive HAVEN Videos

UK premiere series HAVEN, inspired by Stephen King?s The Colorado Kid, is set to launch in the UK in October ? making its debut on Syfy and Syfy HD. has 2 exclusive video clips of HAVEN right now: [pro-player] EP1 SCENE 1_Lg_50.flv[/pro-player] [pro-player] EP1 SCENE 3_Lg_1.flv[/pro-player] Clips exclusive to scifind until 29th September 2010 […]

Warehouse 13 DVD

Warehouse 13 is a quirky and actually quite enjoyable TV series and is available on DVD from 28th June 2010, courtesy of Universal Playback. Refreshingly and wickedly funny and packed with top-notch sci-fi action, Warehouse 13 comes from the mind of Jane Espenson, one of American television?s top writers who has steered shows as diverse […]

The Demonic Britain Report

Over 900 reports of demonic activity in the past 25 years Top ten sightings by county revealed Yorkshire named as Britain ?s most demonic county in the UK with 74 reports of sinister activity! Encounters with devils, demons and evil spirits of various forms are as widespread today as they were in medieval times ? […]

SCI FI becomes Syfy

The UK SCI FI Channel rebrands to Syfy on the 13 April with the launch of two new exciting premieres. The first is V (Tuesdays at 10pm from April 13) ? a spectacular, effects-laden re-imagining of the iconic ?80s series which debuted to 14 million viewers in the USA. The show stars LOST?s Elizabeth Mitchell, […]

Ian Somerhalder Interview: The Vampire Diaries

INTERVIEW WITH IAN SOMERHALDER Tell us about your character Damon. ?Damon is a vampire who is approximately 150 years old, stuck in a 23 year old?s body. Essentially, he comes back to Mystic Falls to find out why his brother Stefan is there. Stefan and Damon have found an individual in the town who bears […]

The Avengers Series 3 DVD

The seminal classic The Avengers was at the height of the Cathy Gale era when Series 3 was broadcast to UK audiences. Starring Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Honor Blackman as Dr Cathy Gale, the show?s popularity was such that the producers bestowed a very healthy budget to ensure the series? success and maintain […]

Fight the Apocalypse

**update Wednesday 27th 2010** The new season comes to LIVING with a double bill on Wednesday 10th February 2010 at 9pm (and Wednesdays at 9pm thereafter). In 2009, Emmy Award nominated US drama Supernatural found a new home in the UK ? LIVING. To raise awareness for the UK premiere of series five starting early […]