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Avengers Toys Ready To Order Now

Toys R Us have just sent us a list of these cool Avengers Action Figures and Play Sets.

Which is your favourite, please comment below.

Avengers Quinjet Vehicle Playset
Only ?34.99

The Quinjet is the most powerful transport and assault vehicle ever built. Incorporating the best Stark technology and dozens of systems developed by S.H.I.E.L.D., it gives the Avengers supersonic access to the entire world. Ultrahigh top speeds and megapowerful weapons make it the perfect vehicle for the world?s first team of Super Heroes!

Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor
Only ?16.99

Arm yourself with this super-powered Tri-Power Repulsor blaster, just like the legendary Iron Man hero! Sneak up on your enemy, then immobilize him with your blaster?s pulse lights and launch sounds as you fire away with your blaster gun missile after missile! Re-load and move on to your next target. The future of the world is in your hands!

Avengers Electronic Iron Man Mask
Only ?24.99

Avengers Gamma Strike Hulk Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Avengers Captain America Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Avengers Thor Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Complete Guide to Doctor Who Toys and Merchandise

Howe's Transcendental Toybox 2006-2009: Update No. 3: The Guide to Doctor Who Merchandise by David Howe & Arnold T. Blumberg
The long-awaited third update volume to the DAVID HOWE’S TRANSCENDENTAL TOYBOX has now finally arrived and it’s a stonker! The book was delayed due to the sheer amount of work needed to pull something like 1500 items together over the 4 year period that the volume covers, and then to get it all laid out with photographs and information, plus some additional interviews and articles which will hopefully be of interest to readers.

The final book has come in at 448 pages and so is a massive tome, and it’s also in full colour throughout!

David J Howe and Arnold T Blumberg present the definitive collector’s guide to Doctor Who merchandise. From the rare and obscure to the commonplace and disposable, every facet of Doctor Who’s penetration into the marketplace is detailed.

This volume documents all the items released over 2006 and 2009, when Doctor Who cemented its position as one of the top-rated drama series in the UK, and the merchandising went into overdrive. More items were produced and released in this period than at any other point in the series’ history. Also contained within is a feature on the development of the Doctor Who Pinball, an interview with the man behind the pop group Mankind, and an interview with WETA on their range of collectibles. Howe’s Transcendental Toybox is both a fascinating tour through the many ways that Doctor Who has been presented in merchandise and an entertaining guide to the world of Doctor Who collecting.

Crossbows and Catapults

Crossbows and Catapults - Top 1980s Toy.
Crossbows and Catapults - Top 1980s Toy.

Wow – just spotted some of these for sale on amazon. Remember playing this with my brother in the mid 1980s classic toy.

For those who dont remember:

Crossbows and Catapults, is a game of physical skill first released in 1983. It has since been published by several different game publishers including Lakeside, Alga (Brio), Base Toys, Tomy and currently Moose (under the name Battlegrounds Crossbows and Catapults). In the game two sides, originally Vikings and Barbarians but later other names were used, build fortifications from plastic bricks then opposing players attempt to destroy each other’s castle with rubber-band powered crossbows (similar to ballistae) and catapults firing plastic disks. In the most recent version launched in 2007, the two sides were Orcs and Knights.
In the Tomy version, the two armies are called the Impalers of the Clannic Shelf and the Doomlords of Gulch. The Impalers inhabit the Clannic Shelf, a large floating rock island 500 metres above the surface of Otherworld. The shelf has a gravitational affect on the Doomlords, causing them to have a shorter, squatter frame than the Impalers.

So it looks like Crossbows and Catapults are back in production (from Austrailian toy company Moose). It would be great to see this fantastic toy enjoyed again. I am sure there are health and safety reasons that lead to their initial demise, rather than just a passing 1980s fad, fashion.

So basically, why was I not informed that these had come back to shops? I needed some good ideas for my brothers Birthday and Christmas present last December!

Current products available are:
Some are available from amazon HERE – will post updates when I have them

Pirate Lego

Shipwreck Hideout Lego Playset
Shipwreck Hideout Lego Playset

I have been taken back to my youth with news of this fantastic revived lego line. I am still loving lego now – even though I am in my 30s – and not just the Star Wars stuff. Castle and Robin Hood lego were the toys of choice in the day, now the Pirates are back!

Pirate Lego is here with the legendary Brickbeard sailing the Seven LEGO Seas looking for treasure and adventure. With 8 brand new LEGO Pirate sets launching in 2009. (yes THIS YEAR, just in case you haven’t gotten used to the idea that a new year has rolled on).

At the top end (nearly 50quid) we have Brickbeards Bounty a fantastic set that includes 3 pull-action cannons, removable captains quarters, 4 pirates, 2 soldiers, Admirals daughter, monkey, shark and a mermaid! The wonderfully named ship measures 22″ (56cm) long and over 17″ (44cm) tall! More details on this lego pirate set here

For less than 2 pounds you can choose from the minifigs Soldier’s Arsenal (soldier minifigure and assorted arsenal accessories: revolver, musket, back pack and sword!) or the Pirate Survival Set (Includes pirate minifigure and assorted survival accessories: revolver, stick, and a fish to eat, storage box, pick axe, snake and 2 gems!) More details on these lego pirate sets here

Check out the official lego website for all information and to buy these products

LEGO Company Ltd

15% off Character Options

Character Options Makers of the Doctor Who and Primeval range of toys (to name a few) have released a discount voucher code, charc15chris, just CLICK HERE and? enter this code at the checkout, and the voucher code expires on the 31st December 2008

Character-online.com manufacture and stock the entire range of Primeval Toys from the Massive TV show and Doctor Who Toys, including Toy of the year, Dalek Sec Voice Mask, and the 18″ Voice interactive Dalek. Entire Range of Scooby Doo, Princess, Spider-Man, Disney Princess, Peppa Pig, Scooby Doo, Robotics, Games, Rainbow Lights, Sarah Jane Adventures, Shining Stars, and amazing exclusive special offers. Free delivery on orders over 50. Sales and deliveries are for the UK Mainland only. Delivery – Standard, next day.

I Want One!!! – Millennium Falcon

The fastest ship in the Star Wars galaxy is setting its sights on becoming the biggest toy this Christmas. This detailed replica of the rebel spaceship packs powerful secrets and special modifications inside and out!

Measuring more that two-and-a-half feet long, the is ready to blast off into hyperdrive with light-up headlights and loads of electronic vehicle and weapon sounds, including engine boast, cruise mode, fly-by, firing cannons and much more!

Check out the CribZ style promo video below

The ship comes with Han Solo and Chewbacca figures and can fit up to 16 more inside its secret smuggling compartments, pivoting gunner station or missile-firing mini-fighter vehicle. You can remove the outer panels to access the ships interior with the medical bay and treat some wounded troops or enjoy a game of Dejarik.

Bring the Millennium Falcon to life by activating the deployment sounds and landing lights with the auto-opening boarding ramp. You can plan your attack against the Empire with a pivoting gunner station, rotating laser turret and 3-missile launcher, with plenty of realistic blasting sounds and projectiles to keep enemies at bay.

For those who want to practice their Force fighting skills, the interior has a pivoting training probe that makes lightsaber and movement sounds. Trigger more than 20 authentic movie phrases and sounds from the voices of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Chewbacca and R2-D2!

As Han Solo says: This babys got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart. – so buckle up and get ready for the hyperdrive adventure!

No Daleks This Year!!!

Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta
Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta

Finally I got round to seeing the toys of the year announcement, I am shocked to see that there is not a Dalek or other doctor who toy on the list this year. The full 12 buys toys list follows:

Air Hogs? Zero GravityTM Micro Radio Controlled Vehicle Spinmaster??????????????? RRP ?29.99
BakuganTM Starter Pack Spinmaster???????????? RRP ?12.99
Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix Bandai???????????????? RRP ?15.99
Cars Walkin? Talkin McQueen Mattel???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?99.99
Gormiti Island of Gorm Playset Flair Leisure Products RRP ?29.99
Indiana Jones Hat & Whip Set Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?24.99
Power Rangers Overdrive Tracker Bandai???????????????? RRP ?13.99
Star? Wars??? Clone?? Trooper??? Voice Changer Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?29.99
Transformers??? Animated??? Roll?? Out Command Optimus Prime Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Wall.E Transforming Robot Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?14.99
WWE RAW Arena Playset Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?49.99

Some Star Wars stuff (cool) but not one Dr Who item in there.

For a 2008 top Dr Who toy I would push for the Dr Who 12″ Radio Control Dalek (supreme) or the? Dr Who Interactive Screwdriver Set,
where is the DAVROS toy this year? or the plush cuddly adipose? I want answers!