The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – Stage Play

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – at Jacksons Lane, Highgate N, until 16th March 2013 It may be March, but its still dark by seven pm, and all alone I climb off the Northern (black) Line and walk down the hill to the glowing gothic building astride the crossroads. Inside there is a bustle and […]

Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter/The Sands of Life

Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter/The Sands of Life Written by Jonathan Morris/Nicholas Briggs Published by Big Finish Two very different stories kick off the latest series of Fourth Doctor audio adventures, with Mary Tamm bringing Romana back to the side of Tom Baker’s Doctor, in recordings made just a few months before her sad passing […]

Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks Narrated by Lalla Ward Published by AudioGo Odd releases, these TV soundtracks with linking narration. With a story like Destiny widely available on DVD, you wonder who wants to own the soundtrack only with linking narration? Visually impaired fans of the Doctor perhaps, but that would seem a limited […]

Doctor Who: The Oseidon Adventure

Written by Alan Barnes Published by Big Finish The concluding audio drama in Big Finish’s first season of Fourth Doctor adventures follows on directly from last month’s mad, and madly enjoyable, Trail of the White Worm. Sadly, for all its build up, this release collapses under its convoluted plot. With the Master’s wormhole beckoning the […]

Doctor Who: Trail of the White Worm

Doctor Who: Trail of the White Worm Written by Alan Barnes Published by Big Finish In this penultimate adventure in the Fourth Doctor and Leela audio drama series, our erstwhile travellers arrive in Derbyshire circa 1979. Amid the rise of Punk, Thatcherism and not a few cow pats, they become involved in the hunt for […]

Doctor Who: Wrath of the Iceni

Wrath of the Iceni Written by John Dorney Released by Big Finish The historical adventures of Doctor Who’s classic TV series always had a bad reputation. Commissioned to educate the younger viewers, they soon lost out to tales of Daleks, Yeti and the like and a number have been lost to time. What a shame […]

The LOST Doctor Who Story Told

Thirty-three years ago, the BBC started filming Douglas Adams? six-part Doctor Who serial, Shada. But industrial action halted recording, and the story was left unfinished? until now. This March, AudioGO are thrilled to be releasing an unabridged reading of this long-lost adventure ? at the same time as the BBC Books hardback. Written by acclaimed […]

Gareth Roberts Signing Dr Who Shada

GARETH ROBERTS will be signing the Doctor Who novel, SHADA (BBC books) at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Wednesday 14th March from 6 ? 7pm. Based on the scripts for the original television series by the legendary Douglas Adams, SHADA retells a Tom Baker era adventure of the Doctor that never made it to […]

Classic Tom Baker Story, new on Audio

In May 2011 AudioGO (formerly BBC Audiobooks) release a brand new audio novelisation of a 1978 Doctor Who TV adventure. Written specially for AudioGO by the serial’s original author, David Fisher, The Stones of Blood stars the Fourth Doctor (as played by Tom Baker) with companions Romana and K9. The audiobook features specially-composed music and […]

Doctor Who Radio Star

Bigfinish wasn’t the first audio company to produce professional Doctor Who Audio Dramas. The BBC got there first expanding the on screen adventures on its radio platforms. The Doctor? has also had a long career as a radio star – and, come April 2011, AudioGO will celebrate his escapades on the airwaves with the release […]