Weekend Free To Air Scifi TV

Friday’s TV is basically Agents of Shield (C4) or Atlantis (bbc3)…. I’m suspecting that as far as science fiction is concerned, TV land has thrown in the towel on fridays. Although if you are staying up super late, you’ll find The Vampire Diaries on ITV2 at 1.25am. Saturday goes a long way to make up […]

The Vampire Diaries: Interview With Kevin Williamson

Yes, Kevin Williamson who brought us Dawson’s Creek and The Scream Trilogy. How faithful is the Vampire Diaries series to the books by L.J Smith? ?We?re going to try our best to honour the book and keep the spirit and the essence of the book, but we are making changes. We are a television series, […]

Vampire Diaries Interview Paul Wesley

Tell us about your character Stefan. ?Stefan is a tormented vampire around 150 years old. He doesn?t look his age though! He was turned into a vampire when he was a young man so he eternally looks the same age as he was back then. ?He is tormented and anguished as he really hates being […]

Interview With Nina Dobrev: The Vampire Diaries

INTERVIEW WITH NINA DOBREV Tell us about your character Elena. ?Elena is a high school girl trying to get back to leading a normal sort of life. She?s just lost her parents in a car accident so she?s trying to cope with that whilst taking care of her brother Jeremy who has started taking drugs. […]

Ian Somerhalder Interview: The Vampire Diaries

INTERVIEW WITH IAN SOMERHALDER Tell us about your character Damon. ?Damon is a vampire who is approximately 150 years old, stuck in a 23 year old?s body. Essentially, he comes back to Mystic Falls to find out why his brother Stefan is there. Stefan and Damon have found an individual in the town who bears […]

The Vampire Diaries

ITV2 presents ?The Vampire Diaries?, a brand new and exclusive drama for viewers to sink their teeth into. Think you know vampires? Unsuspecting Elena Gilbert (NINA DOBREV) is about to get to know two when a pair of very different brothers; one good, one evil ? go to war for her soul. Created by Kevin […]