T Shirt Of The Week With Exclusive Discount Voucher Code

Something a bit special for this weeks T Shirt Of? The Week. scifind.com Have joined forces with ShotDeadinTheHead to offer a 15% discount on this weeks T Shirt of The Week, the really cool Official Blake’s & Delta tee. Just use this link http://tidd.ly/d4749ad4 and use the code LIBERATOR at the check out to save […]

T Shirt of The Week

Inspired by the 10th Doctor episode BLINK that introduced the Weeping Angels, this T Shirt makes used of a tried and tested format. Along with the slogan there is a TARDIS motif, and the shirt itself is a vivid TARDIS blue. TruffleShuffle say: This wicked Keep Calm Doctor Who tee features the phrase, Keep Calm […]

Another TARDIS T Shirt is this weeks T Shirt Of the Week

This weeks (late) T Shirt Of the Week winner is Shot Dead In The Head, with this cool Tardis T Shirt. They Say: ‘It’s like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff’. That’s why kids these days listen to the likes of Dr.Who and Professor Brian Cox. Science is all in the detail. […]

Vworp – Vintage Tardis T Shirt Is Out T Shirt Of The Week

They say This wicked, official Dr Who tee features the good Doctor’s Type 40 TT capsule, disguised as the famous police box on it’s travels! We Say Celebrate your geekdom with this amazing vintage style Doctor Who Tardis T Shirt. It is a Mens T Shirt that doesn’t look like an oversized childs T shirt […]

Tremor at this weeks T Shirt Of The Week.

Congratulations to @Nerdoh for getting the Scifind T Shirt Of The Week award this week. Inspired by Tremors and the cool Graboids. Walter Chang?s Market is the place where the first Graboid is found attached to Val?s truck. Walter buys it from them and charges people to have photos taken with it ($5 a pop). […]