From Up On Poppy Hill – Studio Ghibli Movie

A new film from Studio Ghibli is always an exciting prospect, but this one came with, for me, a certain degree of hesitancy. A post-Korean War slice of reality directed by Goro Miyazaki…could Ghibli deliver their usual magic in a non-fantastical setting, and could Goro-san improve from the utter disappointment that was “Tales From Earthsea”? […]

From Up On Poppy Hill

My Neighbour Totoro Bluray Review

Once again the lovely folk at Studio Ghibli and StudioCanal spoil us rotten with new Bluray releases of classic Ghibli films this month. First up is my all-time favourite film (ever!)… “My Neighbour Totoro”. Ostensibly a children’s movie, but a film so magical, wonderful, intelligent and moving that anyone of any age can, and will […]

Howl?s Moving Castle Blu Ray Review

It?s time to take a look at the second Studio Ghibli film to be released on Blu-Ray this month. Following on from the under-par Tales From Earthsea we have the ?in-another-league? Howl?s Moving Castle. Both films were being produced at the same time, but it was Howl that was directed and overseen by the master, […]


2012 is already proving to be an exciting year for Miyazaki/Ghibli fans, with their latest movie, Arrietty just released on BD, and several older titles slated for release later in the year. However, I was particularly excited about the release of Whisper of the Heart, the 1995 Miyazaki scripted, Kondo directed film based on the […]

Arrietty ? Another Success for Studio Ghibli

Arrietty ? Another Success for Studio Ghibli Based on the classic kid?s fantasy story ?The Borrowers?, Studio Ghibli?s lastest animated masterpiece tells the story of Arrietty, a tiny girl, living with her family underneath an old cottage in the country. Arrietty and her family survive by ?borrowing? things from the humans who live in the […]

My Neighbors The Yamadas Bluray Review

Bluray Review by Neil Gardner We’ve been spoiled a little this month with not one but two Studio Ghibli bluray releases. First was the sublime fantasy Laputa: Castle In The Sky, and now comes the less well known, and in my opinion much overlooked, My Neighbors The Yamadas. The first thing you need to know […]

Laputa – Castle in the Sky. Review

Bluray review by Neil Gardner Let me confess at the very start of this review, that I am an unashamed Studio Ghibli fanboy. It was Spirited Away that began my relationship with anime and manga, and I’ve been ravenously devouring every Ghibli morsel as soon as it becomes available. Laputa was the second Ghibli movie […]

Classic Anime Back on DVD – But is it Steampunk?

LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY From the creators of SPIRITED AWAY comes Hayao Miyazaki?s homage to Jules Verne and Jonathan Swift. CASTLE IN THE SKY was the first feature film from the now legendary Studio Ghibli and combines the Japanese master director?s twin obsessions of eco-thriller and aerial escapades and turns a treasure hunt into […]