LEGO – Brick Friday Offers

Wondering what ?Brick? Friday is? It?s 4 fantastic days of the best LEGO deals of the year. In the past The OFFICIAL LEGO SHOP was only able to extend these offers to the States, but why should they have all the fun? That?s why this year we?ll be offering the following, combinable, offers 25-28th Nov. Each is detailed below:

? 10% off all orders of ?100 or more
? Free Limited Edition Holiday set featuring Santa Minifigure with orders of ?50 or more
? FREE Delivery on all orders of ?25 or more
? All offers Valid: 25th ? 28th November
? Offers Combinable ? No Code Required

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Special Sales & Deals

Product Description Discount
853131 Signature Minifigure Towel 50% Off
853146 Signature Minifigure Playing Cards 50% Off
853216 Classic Sticker Set 50% Off
852984 LEGO?Key Covers (Set of 2) 50% Off
853261 Tote Bag Large 50% Off
852678 LEGO? Classic Shoulder Bag 50% Off
853147 Logo Wallet 50% Off
852988 LEGO?Foldable Umbrella 50% Off
853136 Signature Minifigure Umbrella 50% Off
LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Watch
50% Off
2851190 LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Watch 50% Off
2851195 Obi Wan Kids Watch 2010 50% Off
2856129 Count Dooku Kids Watch w/Mini Figure 50% Off
852998 Birthday Kit 50% Off
853191 Magnet Set Jack Sparrow 50% Off
2851194 Han Solo Watch 50% Off
2851192 C-3PO 50% Off
2851191 Obi Wan Adult Watch 2010 50% Off
2850827 R2D2 Watch 50% Off
853105 Sheath w Ninja Sword 30% Off
853108 Ninjago Headband 30% Off
853129 Aayla Secura SW CW Keychain 30% Off

No Lego Voucher codes, No Lego Discount codes requires.

Top 9 Star Wars Parodies

To celebrate the release of Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3 on July 4th, we have pulled together the top 9 (why is it always top 10?) Star Wars parodies on the web. From Eddie Izzards infamous Death Star canteen scene to Darth, I mean Chad?s foray into Supermarket management, Star Wars always seems ripe for spoofing.

Chad Vader ? Day Shift Manager
Darth Vader?s brother Chad Vader rules his empire, the local grocery store, with an iron fist.

Empire State of Mind

Darth Vader has the Empire on his mind. And he is going to sing about it.

Eddie Izzard ? Death Star Canteen
There must have been a canteen on the death star. With lego people no?

Trooper Coffee Run
3 day journey across the death star?for coffee.

Darth Vader Rap
Vader lets everyone in the galaxy know what?s up.

Thumb Wars
The Phantom Cuticle

Injured Stormtrooper
The troops become confused when a trooper is only injured, rather then dead. This has never happened before!

Robot Chicken Star Wars ? Don?t Tell Vader

The council make it known that Darth Vader does not have the power to strangle.

Star Sports
After star wars came?star sports. May the sports be with you.

Storm Troopers On Boris Bikes. Photo may net you a prize!

Bike Troopers

Sunday 19 December, London: Forget the festive cheer and come over to the Dark Side when Family Guy Stormtroopers take over Boris? Bikes in the Waterloo area of London this Sunday. If you?re doing some last minute Christmas shopping stop by between 12pm and 2pm and witness the ultimate real-life spoof Star Wars chase featuring the diabolically clever infant, Stewie Griffin.

To celebrate the release of Family Guy It?s A Trap! on Blu-ray and DVD on 27 December 2010 a legion of Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers will be riding Boris? Bikes across Waterloo Bridge.

The iconic London bikes are the perfect way for the environmentally friendly Stormtrooper to get around and if you manage to take a picture of one as they travel around the city email it to . The best photos will be uploaded to the Family Guy UK Facebook page and the lucky photographers will be sent a copy of Family Guy It?s A Trap! on Blu-ray Triple Play ? so be sure to include your name and address with the image.

Family Guy It?s a Trap!, a spoof of Return of the Jedi, includes the iconic scene where Princess Leia (Lois Griffin) and Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) chase a group of Scout Troopers through the Forest of Endor. However, rather than being on Imperial Speeder Bikes, the high speed chase takes place on push bikes, rather similar to Boris?.

Why not take a break from the crowds on Oxford Street this Sunday and head down to the river for some Family Guy fun!