Additions to the Creative Crew Round-Out an All Star Development Team

Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, is thrilled to announce today the highly anticipated Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game, the first official Star Trek RPG in more than a decade, is now available on for pre-order. The game will release around Gen Con in August 2017 and will be available in friendly local game shops in September.

Along with the game, fans will have their choice of a variety of limited edition and collectible options and accessories, including:f08c370a-b7c8-4325-a0cd-d087f2f51e4c

  • “1701-D” Collectible Core Rulebook, featuring a rendered piece of art of the saucer section of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D on the cover
  • “Away Team” Standard Edition Core Rulebook
  • Four sets of miniatures including The Original Series crew, Star Trek: The Next Generation crew, Klingon and Romulan sets
  • Giant “Starfleet” Edition Gamesmaster Screen
  • Q-Workshop custom dice in three colors – “Command Red,” “Operations Gold” and “Sciences Blue”
  • Starfleet Geomorphic Deck tiles to recreate scenes onboard ships or starbases

Fans who want to collect them all, and more, will covet the Limited Edition Borg Cube Boxed Set, which features the 1701-D edition of the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook, the four sets of miniatures, the three dice sets, exclusive giant “Borg” Edition Gamesmaster Screen, a poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Momentum and Threat game tokens, a pad of character sheets and a foam tray for storage of the miniatures. The Limited Edition Borg Cube has an approximate SRP of $500.

“…The coolest box in the history of gaming…” Geek & Sundry

b68be8b6-e7fc-4869-9bf9-1cfb507ba527Modiphius has also outlined a series of forthcoming game supplements, including the Beta Quadrant, the first in a series of sourcebooks for each galactic quadrant, set for release Q1 of 2018 and three division guides: command, operations and sciences, which will give players more options for their characters and more information about how these divisions operate within Starfleet. The Command Division supplement will release in late 2017 and will unveil a slew of new starships for players to crew.

Star Trek Adventures will use the Modiphius 2d20 game system (Mutant Chronicles, Infinity, Conan, John Carter of Mars) designed by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, X-Wing Miniatures Game). Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying Star Trek miniature figure line, the first to be produced in 17 years. Resin 32mm-heroic scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams. Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages on the Final Frontier.

Under license by CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek Adventures is slated for a Summer 2017 release and the playtest crews will be listed in the Star Trek Adventures book manifest.

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An Epic Comic Book Crossover Event

The Stars Align To Bring Star Trek And Green Lantern Together This July

San Diego, CA (April 4, 2015) – IDW Publishing, CBS Consumer Products and DC Entertainment announced today that they will boldly go where no one has gone before…in brightest day, in blackest night. Two iconic franchises will meet this summer in a legendary crossover event with the release of a six-part comic book miniseries, STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR. Both Star Trek and Green Lantern are known for their strong cast of interstellar characters and when they come together for the first time this July, fans new and old are sure to experience a galaxy-sized thrill.

STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR is six-part monthly mini-series and will be written by veteran Star Trek comic writer Mike Johnson with interior art by Angel Hernandez (INFINITE CRISIS: FIGHT FOR THE MULTIVERSE, ARROW). STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR #1 will be available in stores and online in July, boasting covers from Gabriel Rodriguez, Francesco Francavilla, Elsa Charretier, and Garry Brown. Following issues will feature covers from an amazing lineup that includes Declan Shalvey, Marc Laming, and more!

“We’ve looked forward to bringing these two iconic universes together for a long time,” said Greg Goldstein, IDW President and COO. “Star Trek and Green Lantern both share so many of the same science-fiction adventure themes and ideals, that a galaxy-spanning crossover like this is simply…logical.”

“Green Lantern is one of the most popular, storied characters in the history of comic books and a modern DC Comics icon. An entire universe of Green Lanterns and other supporting characters have grown out from his original adventures in the 1940’s, and this series really showcases the intergalactic scope of the franchise,” said Bob Harras, Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics.

A pop culture mainstay for almost 50 years, Star Trek’s fan base continues to grow exponentially with the new feature films in 2009 and 2013. Now all Star Trek fans can watch their favorite U.S.S. Enterprise crew members meet Hal Jordan and the entire Green Lantern Corps in an adventure that spans space, time and all the colors of the spectrum. Set in Star Trek’s 23rd Century, the balance of the universe will be tested when the Green Lantern Corps’ Power Rings come into the possession of certain Star Trek characters while a dark and powerful evil looms around every corner. Only the combined power of the Green Lantern Corp and the Federation stand any chance of stopping those who worship evil’s might.

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About DC Entertainment?
DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, etc.), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables, etc.) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating across Warner Bros. and Time Warner. DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, and interactive games. Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world.

New Star Trek Film Images and Trailer: Prelude to Axanar

Star Trek
Star Trek Prelude to Axanar

PRELUDE TO AXANAR is a 20 minute short film that will give viewers a historical look at the events leading up to the Battle of Axanar, the central event of the film Axanar, a 90 minute feature to be filmed later this year. Shot like a History Channel special, Prelude to Axanar will be Star Trek like you have never seen it before, showing the central characters of Axanar giving both a historical and personal account of the war. Set 20 years before the time of James T. Kirk’s command of the Enterprise, “Axanar” is set in the last year of the Four Years War, the conflict with the Klingons that almost saw the end of the Federation only 80 years after its founding. How did Starfleet build its fleet? How did they hold off a Klingon fleet that had been conquering star systems for centuries? What role did the various founding planets play in Starfleet? Why were the Constitution class ships so important to Starfleet? How did Garth of Izar come to be regarded as the greatest Starfleet Captain of his time?

Set in the Star Trek universe Axanar is a ground breaking independent film that proves the idea that a studio doesn’t need to spend millions of dollars to produce a feature quality production. Axanar will be the first non-CBS/Paramount produced Star Trek to look and feel like a true Star Trek movie.

The production boasts an impressive cast and crew, including Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica (1978 & 2004)), Tony Todd (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Spance Nine, Candyman), Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica (2004)), JG Hertzler (General Martok, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Gary Graham (reprising his role as Vulcan ambassador Soval (Star Trek: Enterprise)). The visual effects artist, Tobias Richter, really shows his chops in Prelude, evident in the nearly three minute trailer recently released.

Star Trek The Next Generation – Hive

Comic Book Review – Star Trek The Next Generation – Hive

Star Trek The Next Generation – Hive is the full story (all four issues of HIVE, as originally published), weighing in at a hefty 106 pages.

Star Trek TNG - HIVE Comic Book
Star Trek TNG – HIVE Comic Book

We first meet Locutus of Borg, for he is what Jean Luc Picard has become. No sooner do we learn he has a mission, than the story skips 500 years back to the time after he first returned to the federation as Jean Luc.

We are taken into memes more commonly seen in fantasy than SF – alternative timelines, parallel worlds, other realms (and the demons who live within); all far beyond that seen in the Q days, and further still than from within the likes of Babylon 5.

Swiftly reintroduced are a range of familiar characters – seven of nine is the Borg Ambassador, Riker is a Captain, Data is reborn as Borg; and the ubiquitous Dr Beverly Crusher. A fresh character appears, a Lieutenant whose brother was also assimilated at an unspecified time in the past.

The sequence flips back and forth in time, with clever use of parallel panels and cross break speech bubbles to show the same character spilt across two different time streams, and to visually and verbally smooth the passage between the two. It soon emerges that there has been a massive Borg ‘trick’ and we move into the realms of concurrent time streams where the future intervenes & uses temporal anomalies to time travel and destroy themselves as the strip hops back and forth, with fewer panels between.

The result is a balancing of worlds, and a return to the expected past and future, thus preserving the space-time continuum and the canon of Star Trek: The Next Generation as a whole.

Star Trek The Next Generation – Hive has artwork, by Joe Corroney and David Messina (with colours by Ilaria Traversi and Hi Fi) which is superb and makes good use of the verve and pace supplied by writer Brannon Braga. However this is firmly aimed at the 18+ end of the comics market, and contains themes that might be considered unsuitable for a younger person.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation

Doctor Who / Star Trek vol 8 Cover A

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who:

Doctor Who / Star Trek vol 8 Cover A
Doctor Who / Star Trek vol 8 Cover A

Written by Scott and David Lipton with Tony Lee

Illustrated by J K Woodward

Published by IDW

Issue 8 of this monthly crossover release from IDW sees the conclusion of the Borg/Cyberman pact storyline. As such, it seems a good time to review the series.

It would be fair to say that Assimilation’s sum is rather less than its parts. Both Star Trek: TNG and Doctor Who have their own well established comic book universes, yet this series rarely tapped the drama and wonder of either. The storyline, dealing with the convergence of the Borg and Cybermen in a joint threat to the Federation, started well with plenty of action in issue 1, but once the Doctor, Amy and Rory entered the tale, the plot quickly slowed into too many scenes of show and tell.

For example, in one issue, we get a time-hopping sequence of the Doctor showing Picard the possible futures if he doesn’t offer help to the Borg. Then, in another issue, the Doctor uses the same ruse to persuade a planet to donate its valuable gold to the cause. Talk, talk, talk, and the chosen illustration style of photorealistic panels quickly recalls the photo stories of 70s girl’s comics. Surely not the style that IDW meant to evoke?

This is a series of massively missed opportunities. The Borg and Cybermen are hardly the most exciting adversaries in their respective franchises, and ironically the similarities that make their pact so likely in this story remove any real interest in the reader, once they’ve enjoyed a few mash up splash pages. The story’s climax even manages to make the battle of Wolf 359 seem incredibly pedestrian, an astonishing achievement by all concerned.

For me, the best issue in the series was the third, which related an earlier encounter between the Fourth Doctor and Kirk. With a beautiful 70’s comic book style, action and humour, this was everything the main tale should have been. For the most part Assimilation feels like a failed experiment, and it remains to be seen if sales figures will demand a return. If so, I’d like to see a less reverent approach to the material, that might even appeal to the casual reader. Both the Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise deserve something better than this.

Star Trek – Countdown To Darkness


STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS, the official prequel series to Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. Like the best-selling Countdown series before it, COUNTDOWN INTO DARKNESS will be the only place for fans to experience the events that set the stage for J.J. Abrams’ sequel to the 2009 blockbuster film Star Trek.

Written by Mike Johnson with a story by Roberto Orci and art by David Messina, this 4-issue miniseries will lead directly into the May release of Star Trek Into Darkness, bridging the gap between the two films and giving fans an exclusive peek at the film’s mysterious story.

“We were thrilled by the reception that the original Countdown prequel comic received in 2009,” says Johnson. “We’re excited to be working again with David Messina and the team at IDW to bring fans an all-new original story that leads directly into the next film. Star Trek is back in a big way in 2013!”

Packed with the high-stakes adventure and sci-fi intrigue that has made the Star Trek franchise a global institution, STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS is sure to delight the legions of fans anxiously anticipating the continuing adventure of the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise.

STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color), licensed by CBS Consumer Products, will be available in stores in January 2013.

Diamond order code: NOV12 0340

STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS digital comics will be available via the iOS Star Trek Comics and IDW Comics apps, online at, and in the Apple iBookstore.

“STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” is written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof, based upon “Star Trek” created by Gene Roddenberry, and directed by J.J. Abrams.  Abrams will also produce with Bryan Burk through Bad Robot Productions, along with Lindelof, Kurtzman, and Orci.

Star Trek TNG. On TV and In HD

TV Channel SyFy forgets about Doctor Who and tells us this quite cool news. We have comparison images and video below.

Among the longest-running and most popular science fiction franchise in television history, Syfy will become the first channel to bring UK fans Star Trek: The Next Generation in high-definition. Digitally re-mastered to Native HD standards, the original episodes have been retransferred from original film elements to produce stunning high-definition images, including amazing visual effects that have been recreated from the original source material.

Star Trek TNG HD Comparison. Standard definition left, HD right

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation
Written by Scott and David Lipton with Tony Lee
Illustrated by J K Woodward
Published by IDW
This new monthly comic book serial from IDW pitches together two of TV’s most iconic universes, and in doing so threatens to raise the hackles of both fans of ST:TNG and Doctor Who.
Issue 1 opens on the planet Delta IV, which suddenly finds itself under attack by the Borg. However, the Federation’s most feared enemy are not alone, as a battalion of Cybermen have joined in the melee. The crew of the Enterprise are ordered to investigate, while in a tangential universe, the Doctor, Amy and Rory have a seemingly unconnected encounter of their own.
This opening issue seems a massive anticlimax after all the hype. Yes, Picard and the Doctor are within the same covers, but the two teams do not meet, and the Borg/Cybermen team up gets short shrift. However, issue 2 moves the plot on, and ends with the Doctor piloting the Tardis into the middle of a new Dixon Hill holodeck simulation.
It remains to be seen if the ongoing story will be compelling enough to have brought these two franchises together, and the first two issues have little integration to judge the good sense or otherwise of the crossover (though the Doctor does manage to put Data’s back up).
However, Woodward’s visual style deserves a shout out, with an almost photorealistic treatment of these so familiar characters, which helps to imagine Assimilation as a lost episode of either series.
Who knows where the story might go, and the prospect of The Doctor up against, say, Q is one to relish. So let’s hope there is more to this series than currently meets the eye, and if IDW want to start another cross-pollination, can we please have the Doctor fighting side by side with Blake?

Pre Order Star Trek DVD / Blu Ray

Important Star Trek announcement from
Star Trek XI (Yes thats right the NEW 2009 Star Trek Movie) will be available from on pre-order from the 3rd of July on both DVD and the fantastic experience of Blu-Ray.

If it is not yet the 3rd of July and you cannot yet pre order the DVD or Blu Ray of the new Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg, then check out our review of the Cinema Experience of the new Star Trek movie and subscribe to our news feed via email (see right) you will automatically be alerted when you can preorder your very own copy of StarTrek Blu Ray or DVD in the UK.

Star Trek

I always dreaded this film from the moment I first heard that Matt Damon was being considered as Kirk. But then something happened to make me think that this film was a good idea. That something was that I finally saw the movie.

Star Trek is an institution (asls known as the ‘franchise that will not die’). It has a whopping 40+ years of history, 4 TV series, hundered of episodes and 10 movies. That is a lot of baggage and it is why an origins story must have been tempting to all.

The big danger with an origins story is that it would require a franchise reboot. If you had read my blog on teh Scifi Channel website you would know what I think about reboots, reimaginings etc.

The next challenge that the film was set was to make it accessable and not too geeky for people who would say “I don’t like Star Trek, but I like this film” (makes me grumble – this film IS Star Trek) but also make it relevant for those who love the show and its rich history.

So in comes the young cast, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg out go Klingons (aside from passing references), the villian of the film is Romulan, much cooler than Klingons. The ship stays the same (yah) and the characters and charactariations are actually given more depth, quicker in this film than in any other stage of Star Trek.

For the geek there are many little moments and references that point ‘back’ to the original series and movies, but most importantly there is a big factor of continuity. This has been very cleverly done. This film is not so much as a reboot or reimagining – but sticks with the rules of Star Trek past and becomes a genuine part of continuity with the other series. All the previous series dabbled with other universes and parallel existances, well this movie just exploits that fact and presents it in a genuine way that should tick most boxes for everyones perception.

In this review I haven’t spoken about the films style, humour, special effects or content. That has been done to death in other reviews and in general it is a fantastic film with good all of the above.

Star Trek – Chris Pine

Captain Kirk, Chris Pine
Captain Kirk, Chris Pine
Chris Pine, who won the coveted casting slot to play James T. Kirk in the new feature STAR TREK, is not the first one in his family to stroll the halls of the USS Enterprise. That honor was bestowed upon his father, Robert Pine, who guest starred in STAR TREK: VOYAGER, one of the many TV incarnations of the beloved science fiction series. But dad never got to sit in the Captain?s chair.

?It was daunting,? laughs the young Pine about having to fill the shoes of William Shatner, who first inhabited the role of Kirk for the 1966 TV series and has since been so identified with the part. ?Mr. Shatner had a way he moved around the deck of the Enterprise, which was almost balletic; specific poses he struck in the Captain?s chair which are so identifiably Kirk. He was bold and confident and funny and I was really impressed by the complexity that he brought to the character.?

In JJ Abrams version of STAR TREK, we are taken back to the beginning, meeting our protagonist space travelers for the first time; from Spock to Sulu, from Uhura to Kirk, and how they all happened to be placed on the same Star Fleet ship for what has been a lifetime of galactic adventures.

In casting his feature, Abrams was adamant that he needed to find actors, much in the same way George Lucas did with STAR WARS, that were fresh faces so audiences would not be burdened with previous on screen baggage. Assembling his eclectic artistic team and about to start wardrobe fittings, everyone was in place except for the lead.

?Kirk goes through so many extreme situations in the movie that I needed an actor who was versatile and could shoulder the responsibility of this movie,? explained the director. ?We were making a big movie with no big movie star. I looked at a lot of young actors but no one had the right feel. Then Chris came in and he was so funny and smart, confidant yet vulnerable and tough. Chris just asked all the right questions and was hungry to do it. I was so lucky to have an actor that wasn?t self-conscious and knew this job wasn?t just about acting.

Humbled by the praise, the 28 year-old Los Angeles native recalls his audition process with a bit more modesty. ?I thought it was just about the worst audition I could?ve given? he adds. ?I came in during the spring of ?07. I was doing a play at the time and my energy was focused elsewhere. I was asked to talk about photons and torpedoes and?well, anyway, I just felt the audition went down the drain.? A few months later, his agents called to ask him to go back again, an offer he initially turned down; only to be convinced that he should at least meet with Abrams.

For anyone familiar with the audition process, it can be a cold reality of indifference. But Pine immediately saw a difference as Abrams allowed his actor to improvise and find the nuance of the character. ?JJ was so passionate and positive. He is like a big eight year-old kid and the audition was actually fun. It was a smart move on my part to go back.?

For those of you who might not have had the pleasure to have ever seen the character of Kirk, Pine describes him as an angry, brash young punk who is masking an incredible amount of insecurity and fear. ?He came from a broken home and is searching for something to do with his life. It is clear what he wants but I think he has to contend with the tremendous shadow his father casts over him. This film is his journey to learn to harness that rage and impulsiveness of a misguided young man into the focused confident commander that he later becomes.?

Ironically, the dilemma of following parental footsteps rang very close to home. Born in Los Angeles in August of 1980, Pine was the son of two working actors and the grandson of 1940?s film siren Anne Gwynne. Though he grew up visiting sets his whole childhood, acting was not his career focus; instead dreaming of a career first as a garbage truck driver (?I grew out of that one?) and then as a professional baseball player. But attending the University of California at Berkeley, heredity kicked in and he soon found his way into the family business, first by acting in plays, a guest stint on ?E.R.? and then his feature debut as Anne Hathaway?s love interest in PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT.

?I oddly just found my way into acting and soon realized that I was better at it than anything else,? he notes. ?I didn?t know what else I was going to do with my life so I figured I would just give it a go. I suppose it?s odd that I hadn?t found it earlier.?

For STAR TREK though, Pine found out that acting wasn?t going to be his only skill set. When he first read the script, the young thespian admittedly skimmed over the action stuff to concentrate on the character development. What he failed to realize was that four pages that took him four seconds to flip through while reading were going to take him over one month to physically prepare for. Attending boot camp, Pine was given classes in kickboxing, krav maga (an Israeli based fighting technique) and general conditioning.

?We had the best of the best,? he recalls about the training, ?but I wasn?t mentally prepared. Instead of twelve hours a day thinking about a love scene or some intense dialogue driven moment, I would spend a whole day running pretending to be fired upon or chased by something. I had no concept of that and let me tell you, I have not sweat that much since high school.?

While more than happy to describe his preparation for the role, Pine is unwavering in attempts to get him to reveal any of the camera tricks or effects shots that allow him to be perceived in the depths of outer space. ?I go to the movies and see stuff where I don?t know how they did what they did. It?s like a great magic trick and like any great trick I don?t want to know how they did it. I think that way the experience is more fun.? Mourning how the magic of filmmaking is slowly dying as everyone can peek behind the curtain, it was Abrams who implored his cast to protect that magic a request Pine is more than happy to oblige. But then as just to offer a delectable tease, he leans in an adds, ?we weren?t actually in space. At least all the time.?

While many of the film actors were able to make a physical connection with their original counterparts, Pine has yet to stand face to face with Shatner, although they did correspond. ?I wrote him a letter early on in the process and just introduced myself, ? explains Pine. ?I wanted him to know that I was not trying to usurp his status as the original Kirk and that I was just doing my best to portray a certain part of the story and character.? Shatner responded back in kind wishing the actor the best of luck and an offer to grab a lunch sometime soon. While that meal has yet to occur, it is safe to say it will provide one great conversation piece.