Sharknado 5 – Review

Sharknado 5 Global Swarming was: PAP In a word, pap, compelling, addictive and mind rotting pap. The annual event of Sharknado films is not so much about the film itself but the social media ‘nado after (and during discussing how pap these films are). But yes, I still watched it and I will probably watch […]

Sharknado 5 Global Swarming Review

Sharknado 4 The Fourth Awakens – Review.

Yes I know it was on the other week. The problem is that I haven’t been able to sum up in words how amazingly bad this carcrash of a movie is. But that’s the point isn’t it? Well for the first movie it was, taking the so bad-it’s-good approach to low (ish) budget direct for […]

Sharknado 4 Title and Air Date

Yes it is true. The next Sharknado movie is subtitles Sharknado The 4th Awakens. Great Star Wars pun? I have typed it 3 times now and am already bored of it. Syfy has announced the premier date for the fourth instalment of the Sharknado franchise, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. In the USA anyway it will […]