Hammer House of Horror On Blu Ray In Time for Halloween.

The 1960s and 1970s saw they hey day for Hammer Horror movies, but come the 1980s the shift to TV happened. 1980 saw the Hammer House Of Horror hit screens. It is a horror anthology series of 13 episodes in just one series. Each episode was around 50 minutes long (Transmission time would have been […]

Hammer House of Horror Standard Sleeve

Doctor Who – The Movie History That Never Happened

In a sideways universe…. Looking at what things might have been should the Movie series of Doctor Who expanded beyone Daleks Invasion Of Earth. In 1963 Peter Cushing started the Doctor Who Movie franchise with Doctor Who and The Daleks. Due William Hartnell looking to leave the role of Dr Who in 1966 it was […]

DALEKS Invade Blu Ray!!! Plus Bernard Cribbins on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is 50 years old this year, even if the BBC are doing little to directly promote this fact. Also this year would have seen the Centenary of Peter Cushing – the second actor to play The Doctor! So what better way to celebrate this than looking at the 1960’s Dalek movies with fresh […]

Classics from Amicus on DVD

Classic SciFi and Horror on new DVD releases from the Vaults of Amicus WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS: Aboard the Texas Rose, a professor of archaeology, his scientist son, and an engineer are on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. When a giant octopus attacks their ship, they awaken within a mysterious under water […]