Heroes Reborn UK Blu-ray & DVD Release Details

Heroes is the TV series about those with super powers trying to find their way in the world. Originally running from 2006 and 2010 the original series was the king of cliffhangers, though the latter series sort of lost the way. Heroes is relaunched as Tim Kring brings us another 13-episodes in Heroes Reborn. Now Heroes Reborn comes to […]

Heroes Series 4 DVD & Blu Ray

As the explosive final season of HEROES blasts onto to Blu-ray and DVD from 4th October 2010, courtesy of Universal Playback, there is a sniff of redemption in the air as the show enters its last volume, and the gang fights to save the world one last time! HEROES: SEASON 4 introduces Samuel Sullivan, played […]


A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER Series 3 of Heroes, the second part of which is called Volume 4 – Confused yet? (ed) [rating:2/5] Heroes is a frustrating show to watch at times. For a programme with such a strong, exciting premise, it has made more than its fair share of fumbles. Truth be told, I […]

Get Smart – Interviews

60s spy spoof remake Get Smart is released on DVD and bluray? on 23rd Feb 2009. Below find a quick question and answer with a couple of the stars, Masi Oka (better known as Hiro from Heroes) Nate Torrence and Dwane Johnson (better known as The Rock) Masi Oka (Bruce) & Nate Torrence (Lloyd) Interview […]

Bruce and Lloyd

Having HEROES withdrawal – need to get Hiro back into your life before Series 3 kicks off, well the GET SMART companion DVD staring Masi Oka is out on DVD monday. Directed by Gil Junger (10 Things I Hate About You), Get Smart?s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control will premiere on DVD on 1 […]

Heroes Series 2 (TV)

Heroes was the best TV show of 2007, if not the greatest. But what happened to the second series, well the writers strike for one. Cutting the series run from 22 episodes to 11 episodes was bad, attempting to cram the whole second series story line into those 11 episodes was positivly foolish. The series […]