Pilot episode premiere for new Gerry Anderson Puppet TV series now live worldwide for viewing!

Anderson Entertainment, the company founded by Gerry Anderson – creator of over a dozen hit TV series including Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, Captain Scarlet, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, UFO and Joe 90, to name but a few, today announces the digital release of a short pilot episode of ‘Firestorm’, the first new Anderson production since 2005 and the first since Founder Gerry Anderson died in 2012 on Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm’s official website: FirestormHQ.com

This follows the premiere held today at the MCM Comic Convention, London, which received widespread critical acclaim and a phenomenal reaction from fans of all ages who were in attendance.

Firestorm promises to be one of Anderson Entertainment’s most exciting projects ever, developing the use of puppets beyond anything yet seen before and is set to change the face of British science fiction, putting it back on the global stage.

Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm is a new action adventure science fiction series for television comprising 26 episodes of 22 minutes each, all filmed in Ultramarionation, a real, physical way of making TV featuring advanced animatronic puppets, miniatures, physical sets, and real explosions. The first series of 26 commercial half hour episodes is now in pre-production, with partners Raydar Media, before entering production, which is anticipated to start early in 2019.

The series is set in 2102. Thanks to technological improvements climate change has been brought under control, food and energy are plentiful, and violence has all but disappeared.

But just when people are at their most contented, the problems start… Explosions, sabotage, large-scale thefts of military equipment, kidnapping… the only clue as to the perpetrators is a name – BLACK ORCHID. Earth’s environmental protectors – STORM FORCE – are quickly repurposed into a force to fight this mysterious assailant. Their new operation codename… FIRESTORM.

As clues are uncovered, Black Orchid seems to be an alien contingent. But what are they up to? As Storm Force discover more – including strange telepathic technology – the alien explanation looks increasingly likely. But when Storm Force come face to face with Black Orchid they discover their true origins…

Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment and son of Gerry Anderson, MBE, who will be producing the new series and leading an A-grade team of seasoned industry professionals, says, “We’ve updated the Firestorm concept my father created with the development of ‘Ultramarionation’, the next generation of production techniques to really bring the ‘wow’ factor back to the small screen.”

Firestorm is a Gerry Anderson concept from 2001. This new version has been redeveloped from Gerry’s original synopsis and story outline documents with a talented team including many who worked with Gerry including FX Supervisor Steve Begg (Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre), Miniature FX Supervisor Mike Tucker (Doctor Who, Red Dwarf) and Production design consultant Richard Gregory (Dark Knight, Walking with Dinosaurs, Event Horizon).

As Jamie Anderson sums it up, “The enduring values of the Anderson Entertainment brand will be very much evident in Firestorm’s overall messages of good against evil, uniting the human race, and using technology to improve the world – values which are more relevant today than ever before. This will be a true Gerry Anderson science fiction adventure series for the whole family and we’re all very excited to reboot the Anderson vision for past and future generations of Anderson fans.”

For further information, see www.FirestormHQ.com

New Thunderbird Episodes Starring Classic Puppets Are GO!

Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds was originally written, produced and filmed at SEGRO’s Slough Trading Estate between 1964 and 1966. Now as part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations the Thunderbirds team has returned to its original home to produce three new episodes. A project created by Stephen La Riviere and supported by ITV, Sylvia Anderson, and the Gerry Anderson estate as represented by his son Jamie Anderson.

The project makes use of audio recordings first released in 1966 which featured the series’ original voice cast as well as contemporary music and sound effects. Thunderbirds 1965 will see La Rivière and company film faithfully recreated puppets and sets using all of the classic Supermarionation techniques, and combine this with the original audio recordings to create three brand new video episodes in the distinctive Thunderbirds style.

Stephen La Rivière, producer of Thunderbirds 1965, said:

“Technology has moved on in five decades, but our goal is to produce an unashamedly retro episode made with many of the same Supermarionation techniques used to bring the puppets and models to life in the 1960s. So in my mind it made sense to return to the show’s original home in Slough to inspire us in the same way it did the original production team.

“To achieve our goals we started a Kickstarter fund, Thunderbirds1965, to allow us to raise the money for this anniversary project. Anyone who contributes to the fund has a unique opportunity to be part of the project and receive specially created Thunderbirds merchandise, from being inducted into the Thunderbirds Hall of Fame to receiving a limited edition DVD of the finished episodes.

“The raising of the money we needed to make the first three new episodes of Thunderbirds for 49 years has proved very popular and we are now three quarters of the way towards raising all the money we need.”

Jamie Anderson – son of the late Gerry Anderson, said:

“Knowing that Thunderbirds will return to the Slough Trading estate – its spiritual home – fills me with pride, and I cannot wait to see these new episodes being shot on Stirling Road, which was the site of the original studio building where the classic series was filmed.”

The special anniversary production will be made by the team behind Filmed in Supermarionation – the critically acclaimed documentary about Thunderbirds released last year.
Paul Lewis, SEGRO’s Regional Director for the Thames Valley, said:

“It is really exciting to welcome Thunderbirds back to their original home and to be able to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary. Thunderbirds is a British brand that is known worldwide and which produced all its original shows from our Slough Trading Estate.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and to understand their business aspirations so we were very happy not only to be able to give a home to this exciting project but to re-engage with an historic client.

“This is also another great example to showcase the huge range of activities that go on inside our industrial buildings.”

SEGRO owns and manages the equivalent to 801 football pitches – over 60 million sq ft of industrial property with a third located in London and the South East. Its portfolio is made up of modern industrial units of every shape and size and are all favourably located close to transport networks.

Home to over 800 customers, the variety of activity that goes on inside SEGRO’s units range from manufacturing to chocolate making to high tech R&D and pharma.

To become involved in the Thunderbirds1965 Kickstarter project visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1558089494/thunderbirds-1965-new-episodes-from-1960s-recordin

Gerry Anderson: A Life in Pictures

Life In Pictures
Life In Pictures
Anderson Entertainment today announce the launch of a stunning photo book – Gerry Anderson: A Life in Pictures – featuring nearly 300 photographs from Gerry Anderson’s private collection from every decade of his incredible life and career.

Gerry Anderson, MBE – the man behind iconic TV and film productions including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Space: 1999 and UFO, died on 26 December 2012 and his estate has now released 156 pages of behind the scenes and private photos in a beautifully presented full colour hardback book.

As Gerry’s son, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment, says, “Dad was Britain’s Walt Disney and led a fantastically interesting life. We wanted to commemorate him and the 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds by publishing this wonderful collection of photographs from his private collection. With so many of the photographs having never seen the light of day before, it’s a real visual treat for Gerry Anderson fans – telling his life story in a way that hasn’t been done before!”

The book, which costs £24.99, is available via Amazon and the Official Gerry Anderson online shop:

Jamie Anderson And Thunderbird's Brains.
Jamie Anderson And Thunderbird’s Brains.