From Up On Poppy Hill – Studio Ghibli Movie

A new film from Studio Ghibli is always an exciting prospect, but this one came with, for me, a certain degree of hesitancy. A post-Korean War slice of reality directed by Goro Miyazaki…could Ghibli deliver their usual magic in a non-fantastical setting, and could Goro-san improve from the utter disappointment that was “Tales From Earthsea”? […]

From Up On Poppy Hill

Laputa – Castle in the Sky. Review

Bluray review by Neil Gardner Let me confess at the very start of this review, that I am an unashamed Studio Ghibli fanboy. It was Spirited Away that began my relationship with anime and manga, and I’ve been ravenously devouring every Ghibli morsel as soon as it becomes available. Laputa was the second Ghibli movie […]