Torchwood / Doctor Who’s Captain Jack has own Series.

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow) returns to the Doctor Who universe as Captain Jack Harkness in The Lives of Captain Jack, a set of four full cast audio adventures from Big Finish, made under licence from BBC Worldwide. The four adventures in this full cast series from Big […]

John Barrowman / Lives of Captain Jack

Guy Adams Brings Steampunk Back to the Wild West

Guy Adams is to being us his ‘West West Steampunk’ title, The Good, The Bad And The Infernal! Through Solaris Books. Guy has conjured up a remarkable Steampunk Wild West replete with gunslingers, soldiers of fortune, mechanical menaces and monstrous animals in his first book for Solaris. In The Good, The Bad, and the Infernal, […]

Two-book Heaven’s Gate Chronicles to start April 2013

A new gun-slinging fantasy series mixing the Wild West, Steampunk, angels, and a town that exists for only a day is set to begin its epic story next year, courtesy of Solaris. Guy Adams? The Good, The Bad and The Infernal is a weird western, a gun-toting, cigarillo-chewing fantasy built from hangman?s rope and spent […]