Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy You Are The Hero Vol2 Kickstarter
The follow up to Jonathan Green’s 2014 You Are The Hero has just completed funding on Kickstarter within 24 hours. You Are The Hero celebrates the Fighting Fantasy game book and the culture around them. Approaching the 35th anniversary this new volume covers the more recent developments in the Fighting […]

Fighting Fantasy Companion Vol 2 Funds on Kickstarter in Under ...

Abaddon Books is delighted to announce a bold new venue in genre publishing ? one where the readers are in charge! Time?s Arrow will be the latest book from the world?s longest continuously running Steampunk novel series, Pax Britannia. Set in a world where the Victorian age never ended, Pax […]

Abaddon Books introduces a new direction for genre publishing

Could Hitler?s ultimate weapon be our hero?s nemesis? Time travelling Nazi terrorists, flailing steampunk fisticuffs, dapper swashbucklers facing Hammer Horrors from before they were born ? Ulysses Quicksilver may have travelled into the past, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? Preorder Now Release 12 May 2011 […]

More Nazis in Scifi in Anno Frankenstein