It Looks So Beautiful! Ian Livingstone’s Freeway Fighter: The Graphic Novel

One of my favourite game books Freeway Fighter, penned by living legend Ian Livingstone, which was adapted into a comic book series thanks to writer Andi Ewington and Titan Comics. Now Available in Trade Paperback from Forbidden Planet This is a new post-apocalyptic road-trip series based on the world famous Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, which will […]

Charlie Higson To Write Fighting Fantasy Game Book The Gates of Death

Charlie Higson is a writer / actor / comedian with a very diverse career. From writer/cast member of THE FAST SHOW with Paul Whitehouse, through high drama roles in Broadchurch and author of the Young Bond novels this is one talented man. It has been revealed that Charlie Higson is writing a new gamebook in […]

Charlie Higson

Fighting Fantasy Update.

This week saw the 35th Anniversary releases of the Fighting Fantasy (FF) series of books. To celebrate this anniversary Publisher Scholastic have taken on the licence and not only re-published 5 classic Fighting Fantasy books they have also published the first new FF book from series co creator Ian Livingstone since Blood Of The Zombies […]

Fighting Fantasy Reprints and News Of The Brand’s Future

Before gaming gripped the imagination of children worldwide, Fighting Fantasy was the bestselling fantasy brand that made the reader the hero of every story. In its 35th anniversary year, Scholastic UK is proud to announce the acquisition of Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s classic series of adventure gamebooks which will be republished, repackaged and reignited […]

Fighting Fantasy Companion Vol 2 Funds on Kickstarter in Under 24 Hours

The follow up to Jonathan Green’s 2014 You Are The Hero has just completed funding on Kickstarter within 24 hours. You Are The Hero celebrates the Fighting Fantasy game book and the culture around them. Approaching the 35th anniversary this new volume covers the more recent developments in the Fighting Fantasy brand. These include the […]

Fighting Fantasy You Are The Hero Vol2 Kickstarter

Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars Has Been Successfully Funded!

The Trolltooth Wars is graphic novel based on the original Fighting Fantasy novel by Steve Jackson. The graphic novel by is by PJ Montgomery. The project on Kickstarter has reached its £14,500 goal and just missed one of the stretch goal by mere pounds! The novel tells the story of a war between two evil […]

Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell Trailer

Classic Fighting Fantasy; House of Hell is due to become an app on apple iOS and ANDROID devices. House of Hell was the seventh book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series written entirely by Steve Jackson and originally published in the 1980s. It is set in the unusual modern day setting with a dark […]

New Fighting Fantasy book Blood Of The Zombies

We are delighted to share the cover of?Ian Livingstone?s Blood of the Zombies. It was painted by renowned comic book artist Greg Staples who is best known for his work on?2000AD,?particularly?Judge Dredd.?Ian wanted a cover that had a future-retro look. Blood of the Zombies will be published in the first week of August.

Abaddon Books introduces a new direction for genre publishing

Abaddon Books is delighted to announce a bold new venue in genre publishing ? one where the readers are in charge! Time?s Arrow will be the latest book from the world?s longest continuously running Steampunk novel series, Pax Britannia. Set in a world where the Victorian age never ended, Pax Britannia is an insane world […]

More Nazis in Scifi in Anno Frankenstein

Could Hitler?s ultimate weapon be our hero?s nemesis? Time travelling Nazi terrorists, flailing steampunk fisticuffs, dapper swashbucklers facing Hammer Horrors from before they were born ? Ulysses Quicksilver may have travelled into the past, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? Preorder Now Release 12 May 2011 ? ?7.99 (UK) – ISBN […]