Sneak Peak Warlord Games Doctor Who Release Voyage of the Damned

Warlord Games really hit a home run with their Doctor Who Into The Vortex miniatures / skirmish game when they released it at Salute 2017. The Warlord stand and the Exterminate core set for the game was my first point of call and first purchase of the day. In the Exterminate! miniatures game your Cyberman […]

Warlord Games Doctor Who Exterminate Game

#DoctorWho That Was Takes Role of Doctor Who That Should Have Been

As mentioned in a number of press outlets this morning a previous Doctor Who is following in the footsteps of possibly the greatest Doctor Who there ever was (with the possible exception of the late great Gene Wilder :( ). Yes that is right. David Tennant is taking on the role of host of the […]

The Doctor and his Magical moment: a Review of the 50th Anniversary Special

Spoilers, Sweetie The well-loved British television programme Doctor Who aired it’s 50th Anniversary Episode on Saturday 23rd November 2013; a day that will probably stand as a fixed moment in time for most fans. The episode, titled ‘The Day of the Doctor’ had much media coverage prior to its broadcasting, and to say that Whovians […]

NEW Doctor Who Spin Off – Movie – Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary For months now, fans have speculated, and complained, about the relative lack of new material for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary. Whilst An Adventure in Space and Time, the behind the scenes docu-drama certainly looks fascinating and the anniversary special has long been confirmed, the questions haven’t slowed down. How long will […]

Doctor Who – The Waters Of Mars

Just in case you missed it – Doctor Who The Waters Of Mars will be screened on BBC1 on Sunday 15th November Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: “Don’t drink the water. Don’t even touch it. Not one drop.” Starring David Tennant as The Doctor and guest starring acclaimed British stage and screen […]

Doctor Who – Planet Of The Dead

Planet Of The Dead DVD Cover Wow – and I mean wow. Its good to see David Tennent back as the Doctor – even knowing that his time is nearly up and that we only get to see him a handfull of times this year. To be honest – looking at the trailer my mind […]

Monsters Within: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who 2008

New book release – available now. Monsters Within comes from the stable of telos that brings you Doctor Who and Torchwood TV guides comes a new comprehensive episode guide for the fourth series of the reborn Doctor Who. Tracking the Doctor (David Tennant) in possibly the most powerful series to date revisiting the fleeting companion […]