Power Of The Daleks Animated Official – Doctor Who BBCStore

A brand new animation of a lost Doctor Who classic, Power Of The Daleks, available to download and keep. On the 5th November here. DVD release will follow on the 21st November – Pre Order Here! BBC Store will launched this lost set of episodes, freshly animated from original set photos on the 50th anniversary […]

Power Of The Daleks BBCstore

Awaiting Power Of The Daleks Animated Official Notification

It is so frustrating when others post stories of Doctor Who news without attribution. The Daily Mirror posted a story about “Lost episodes of Doctor Who to be shown as cartoons half a century after they vanished”. According to this source of information: Six long-lost episodes of Doctor Who are to be revived as cartoons […]

Power of the Daleks

DALEKS Invade Blu Ray!!! Plus Bernard Cribbins on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is 50 years old this year, even if the BBC are doing little to directly promote this fact. Also this year would have seen the Centenary of Peter Cushing – the second actor to play The Doctor! So what better way to celebrate this than looking at the 1960’s Dalek movies with fresh […]

Doctor Who: Energy of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Energy of the Daleks Written by Nicholas Briggs Published by Big Finish Yes, the Doctor’s most feared enemies are back in this latest release in Big Finish’s series of audio adventures featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.? Landing in almost contemporary London, the duo discover protests in Trafalgar Square against GlobeSphere’s moonbase project, […]

Doctor Who: The Curse of Davros

The Curse of Davros Audio Drama by Jonathan Morris Big Finish Productions This audio adventure, the first of a new trilogy featuring Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor, is positively fizzing with ideas through Jonathan Morris’s inventive script. The Doctor is reunited with companion Flip (first heard in The Haunting of Thomas Brewster) in present day London, […]

NEW Character Building Doctor Who Packs

New Character Building army builder figure packs are now available from Character Online. These packs allow you to boost your armies of Doctor Who monsters. (The Flesh Goo Packs coming soon) Character Building Doctor Who Cyberman Army Builder Pack DELETE! The Cybermen were originally human beings, but gradually they replaced their weak mortal flesh with […]

Missing Dalek Stories This Year Check This Out

Daleks: The Chase, is a thrilling novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure, written by John Peel (based on TV scripts by Terry Nation) and read by Maureen O’Brien, with Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs. Through a Space-Time Visualiser the Doctor and his companions are horrified to see an execution squad of Daleks about to […]