Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Special Trailer

Announced last night during Children in Need the 2011 Christmas special for Doctor Who will be: DOCTOR WHO: THE DOCTOR, THE WIDOW AND THE WARDROBE Set in wartime Britian (and other places) it is an obvious play on CS Lewis’ classic tale. 5 seconds in we see something that could be (but probably is not) […]

NEW Character Building Doctor Who Packs

New Character Building army builder figure packs are now available from Character Online. These packs allow you to boost your armies of Doctor Who monsters. (The Flesh Goo Packs coming soon) Character Building Doctor Who Cyberman Army Builder Pack DELETE! The Cybermen were originally human beings, but gradually they replaced their weak mortal flesh with […]

Free Cyberman Action Figure

Maker of Doctor Who toys Character-Online have a great offer for UK customers. Free Doctor Who Damaged Cyberman Figure when you spend over ?30. See this link Character-Online and spend over ?30 and get your free figure. While stocks last. Looking for a suggestion of what to start adding to your shopping cart? Try this: […]

Four new Doctor Who figures are now available at Character Online

Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Silurian General Restac Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99 Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Silurian Warrior Alaya Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99 Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Underhenge Cyberman Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99 Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Underhenge Roman Auton Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99

Doctor Who 2010 – The Story So Far

You know when you?re eating a bag of Maltesers, and there?s always that dodgy one where you bite into it expecting the satisfying crunch of biscuit, but all you get is a disappointing chewy mess that you inevitably spit out? That?s what this season of Doctor Who has been like for me. There?s still the […]