Chase Masterson Back In Big Finish’s Vienna

Chase Masterson is VIENNA (Again)
Chase Masterson is VIENNA (Again)

Big Finish Productions is pleased to announce Chase Masterson’s return as interplanetary hit-woman Vienna Salvatori in three brand new audio adventures. Now available to pre-order, Vienna: Series Two will be released in February 2015.

Smart and sassy bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori is once again played by Chase Masterson, best known for her role as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. First introduced in the full cast Doctor Who audio drama, The Shadow Heart, Vienna is a one-woman justice machine who never lets her target out of her sights.

However, in Series Two Vienna finds herself somewhere she’s never been before – on the right side of the law.

“This is a new start for Vienna,” says series producer Cavan Scott. “After years of wandering the galaxy with only her ship’s computer for company, she’s returned to Earth. She has a home, she has a job and, most surprisingly, she has a partner.”

That partner is jaded cop Jexie Reagan, played by Samantha Béart (Doctor Who 1963: The Space Race, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Quintessential Phase).

“Lieutenant Reagan is a law-enforcer haunted by the ghosts of her past,” says Cavan. “Together, Vienna and Jexie make a formidable duo. Vienna is a woman who usually kills someone just for learning her name. She’s not used to having anyone else around, while Jexie Reagan isn’t about to be anyone’s sidekick.”

Of course, Vienna being Vienna, the bodies soon start piling up as Cavan explains: “Over the course of the three adventures Vienna faces psychotic shape-changers, homicidal nurses and strange masked killers,” Cavan explains. ” And that’s just for starters.

“While we were recording the first episode of the new season, word came through that we could start work on Series Three! The universe hasn’t seen the last of Salvatori and Reagan!”

Series two of Vienna is made up of three stories: Tabula Rasa by James Goss, Underworld by Cavan Scott and The Vienna Experience by Jonathan Morris.

Original music and sound design is by Hollywood composer Joseph Kraemer (Jack Reacher, The Way of the Gun).

Vienna Series Two is available to pre-order as a triple-CD set for £25 and digital download for £20. For further details visit:

Doctor Who: The Nu-Humans

Rory Williams and Amy Pond join the 11th Doctor for 'Nu Humans'

Doctor Who: The Nu-Humans

Written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Read by Raquel Cassidy

This story, exclusively written by Scott and Wright for audiobook release by AudioGo, sits somewhere in the continuity of the most recent season of Doctor Who. The Doctor, Amy and Rory land on Hope Eternal, a rugged planet with rich mineral deposits. There they discover a colony of Nu-Humans, genetically modified from homo sapiens to survive the hostile, high gravity environment. But something or someone is killing the Nu-Humans, and the travellers soon find the finger of guilt pointing at them.

This novella length work fits neatly into the compact, single episode style of recent Who, with Rory and Amy separated for much of the time and the Doctor keeping his thoughts and suspicions to himself until close to the denouement of the story. The outcome is not difficult to predict, but the writers provide enough humour and suspense to keep the narrative rattling along. Listen carefully for a couple of nods towards the fourth wall in the Doctor’s dialogue.

Raquel Cassidy delivers a similarly kinetic reading, and captures the tone of the regulars well, in particular Matt Smith’s Doctor as a constantly excited child at a birthday party. Special note must be made of her Amy Pond – if I didn’t know better, I would think Karen Gilllan had snuck into the recording studio – the mimicry is that good. Only main Nu-Human Trevor fails to engage, with a nasal voice not dissimilar to a certain Paranoid Android.?Sound design is simple, evoking the settings efficiently without distracting from Cassidy’s clear narration of the tale.

We know the days of the Ponds are numbered in the TV show, so fans of Who’s first married companions should relish this chance to squeeze in an extra adventure, before the Doctor leaves them for a distinctly younger model.