Evil Dead Blu Ray (2013) Review Release 12th August 2013

Five young people go to a cabin in the middle of the countryside. Once there, things start to get weird. Once they discover a book bound in human flesh, things become worse. Lethally so. The Evil Dead series has always over-delivered. The big question going into the 2013 version is whether it’ll be able to […]

Evil Dead II – Blu-ray Review

There are some films which are considered cult classics. And then there are some cult classics that are considered all-time greats. And then there are some all-time greats which are considered the perfect example of their type. Evil Dead 2 (Dead by Dawn) sits comfortably in this final category, and with this fantastic new restored […]

Evil Dead 2 Special Edition Blu Ray

Evil Dead II Special Edition out on Blu-ray

Just ahead of the theatrical release of the new EVIL DEAD movie (reviewed here) it is fantastic to see that a special edition of EVIL DEAD II on Blu-ray will be released. From horror master Sam Raimi (err THE EVIL DEAD, and other things like Drag Me To Hell) and starring the effervescent Bruce Campbell […]

Evil Dead 2 Special Edition Blu Ray

Bruce Campbell, Interview Feb 2009

Bruce Campbell Interviewed ragarding the DVD / Blu Ray release of My Name Is Bruce. Interview was performed 3rd February 2009 In London Bruce Campbell On Politics and The President: I think it?s the best thing that?s happened in eight years. I hope we can get back to a little more of a balanced world. […]

Bruce Campbell Is Back Battling Evil Dead

Think Bruce Campbell, think Ash from The Evil Dead, You may think Elvis from Bubba Ho-Tep, maybe Autolycus from Xena. (Does anyone remember Brisco County Jnr?) Now hear the name Bruce Cambell, you will be thinking BRUCE CAMBELL as he now stars as himself in My Name Is Bruce Produced by, directed by and starring […]