A Few Thoughts On Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi Doctor WhoFirst obvious thought is ‘shame’ as I would have liked to have seen more stories that let him shine, though he does have another 13 episodes ahead of him so there may be just that to come.

Secondly, ‘well done sir’. It was a pleasure to see Capaldi’s Doctor rock the boat a little.

Next. Endless speculation on who will be the next Doctor. Names new and old are all showing up on social media right now, from Susan Calman to Eddie Redmayne

Yes I have started to push Sue Perkins again (#doctorsue) but that is half in jest and harks back to me wanting her to do a Bigfinish Audio rather than a full series as the Doctor.

But I have 2 main thoughts, neither rules the other out.

Ade Edmondson
Ade Edmondson

Firstly Adrian Edmondson would make an excellent Doctor as we have seen him do the Zany and the Serious acting in his career.

Secondly the Christmas special should end on the regeneration cliffhanger, and the following series should see Paul McGann get 13 full episodes at the controls of the Tardis. Maybe in the spirit of past multi Doctor stories McGann could aid with the resolution of the Christmas story, but the plot follows the 8th Doctor through the next series, only to resolve the regeneration on the last episode.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions – @scifind on twitter.



Big Finish to release Dan Dare Audios

Big Finish Productions and B7 Media team up to bring a classic Sci-Fi character to audio life: Dan Dare!
Big Finish Productions and B7 Media team up to bring a classic Sci-Fi character to audio life: Dan Dare!

This December sees the arrival of Dan Dare at Big Finish, courtesy of a new audio production from B7 Media starring Ed Stoppard as Dan Dare, Geoff McGivern as Digby, Heida Reed as Professor Peabody, and Raad Rawi as the Mekon.

As Big Finish Managing Director Jason Haigh-Ellery explains:
“My first introduction to Dan Dare was at the age of nine through the pages of the legendary comic 2000AD . He was the pilot of the future and artist Bellardinelli brought to life a whole new world that I was previously unaware of. Dan Dare quickly became one of my favourite comic strips and I missed the character terribly when his adventures came in an end after two years of fighting the Mekon and the Star Slayers. Now I have the chance to be a kid again — as B7 Media and Big Finish Productions brings to life one of the UK greatest comic book heroes, but this time as full cast audio productions. I can’t wait!”

Big Finish Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs — who also has a role in the stories – adds:

“We’re delighted to be releasing Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future on the Big Finish site. I’ve been a massive fan of Dan Dare for years. The way B7 have reinvented it is spot on. They’ve lovingly nurtured the spirit of the original to create something new and exciting that still manages to stay thoroughly faithful to all the beauty of the original. I would have loved to have played the Mekon, so, rather fittingly, I got to play an alien who really wanted to be the Mekon!”

B7 Media Producer and Director Andrew Mark Sewell observes:

“Ever since my father first introduced me to Dan Dare I’ve been captivated by his space adventures – so brilliantly realised by the creative genius that was Frank Hampson . It also ignited my fascination with mankind’s quest to journey beyond our blue planet and explore strange new alien worlds.
With the world of film and television drama now seemingly dominated by American comic book heroes, Dan Dare has always stood out as the definitive ‘British’ comic book space hero — a bright light of optimism that captured the hearts and imagination of a generation.
The opportunity to realise Dan Dare for audio, and to partner once more with Big Finish, was an opportunity too great to turn down. Audio is unquestionably the perfect home to deliver truly epic Dan Dare audio adventures that are the embodiment its comic book inspiration.”

Big Finish Dan Dare Audios Volume 1

  • Voyage to Venus
  • The Red Moon Mystery
  • Marooned on Mercury

Due December 2016.

followed in February 2017 by a second volume containing

Big Finish Dan Dare Audios Volume 2

  • Reign of the Robots
  • Operation Saturn
  • Prisoners of Space.

Due February 2017

The normal pre-order price will be £20 on Download and £25 on CD (unlocking an instant download on release), but in a Dan Dare Day offer on 12th September, for the following 24 hours, each release can be pre-ordered instead for £15 and £20 respectively. This offer ends at mid-day on Tuesday (UK time) — and the clock’s ticking!

Pre Order At Bigfinish.

Bigfinish Audio The Avengers

The Avengers Big Finish
The Avengers Big Finish
New from Bigfinish Audio The Avengers – Comic Strip Adaptations.

Portrayed on television by Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, John Steed and Mrs Emma Peel are back on Audio thanks to Julian Wadham and Olivia Poulet respectively. Big Finish Audio The Avengers – Steed And Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1, is a hark back to the classy thriller bringing us 4 new stories.

This new box-set collects four new stories, adapted from the classic comic strips which appeared in Diana magazine between 1966 and 1967.

The Avengers – Steed And Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 Trailer

The Avengers – Steed And Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 Stories

Olivia Poulet as Mrs. Emma Peel
Olivia Poulet as Mrs. Emma Peel

1. Return to Castle De’ath adapted by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Steed is left hanging, Emma pays the piper.

Steed and Peel return to the scene of an earlier adventure to find it much changed. Now a ski-resort, Castle De’ath is playing host to many new visitors – including a wealthy Prince targeted by assassins.

Assigned as bodyguards, the Avengers have to keep the Prince alive and discover which of the Castle’s guests are behind the murderous plot – before they succumb to it themselves.

2. The Miser adapted by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Steed has a nasty scare, Emma has a pressing engagement,

When the phrase ‘sleeper train’ takes on a very literal meaning, Steed and Peel witness the first action of The Miser, a terrifying extortionist.

The race is on to stop his ambitious scheme – but in this case, appearances can be deceptive.

3. The Golden Dresses adapted by Paul Magrs

Emma hits the heights of fashion, Steed plumbs the very depths.

The ladies of society can’t get enough of Madame Zingara’s Golden Dresses. Especially now their husbands have gone missing.

Steed and Peel look into the world of haute couture to discover the dark secret of this latest craze. Can they pull it off with style?

4. The Norse Code adapted by John Dorney

Steed has the horns of a dilemma, Emma milks her moment.

An agent has gone missing whilst holidaying in the Norfolk Broads. With an American nuclear bomb being stored in the region, Steed and Peel can’t take any risks.

But the last thing they expect to find on their boating trip is a Norse longboat. What are Vikings doing in East Anglia?

Featuring an all-star cast, including Julian Wadham, Olivia Poulet, Jacqueline Pearce, Sheila Reid, Graham Seed and Phillip Pope, The Avengers – Steed and Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 is available to pre-order today from the Big Finish website.

Doctor Who: The War Doctor Returns!

The War Doctor Cover
The War Doctor Cover

The War Doctor was introduced for Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary, and played a key part in the record-breaking television special The Day of the Doctor, alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors.

He is the secret incarnation of the Time Lord — but he has shunned the title ‘Doctor’ in order to fight in the Time War against the Daleks. “I have been a huge fan of John since first seeing him in the repeats of I, Claudius in the 1980s and in his Oscar-nominated role as the eponymous The Elephant Man,’ says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘Watching his performance in The Day of the Doctor I did find myself fantasising that some far off day we might have the chance to work with him on the audio adventures of Doctor Who and now two short years later it’s happened! John wove a fantastic character together from a great script by Steven Moffat. Now we have the chance to get to know that character more and hear John stretch in the role. We’re all in for a hell of a ride as the War Doctor engages in battle. But who are the greater threat — the Daleks or the Time Lords?”

The audio adventures of The War Doctor will be told over four box sets, each containing three linked hour-long episodes. The first box set is entitled Only The Monstrous, and is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, whose many successes for Big Finish include the BBC Audio Award-winning masterpiece Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

“The story of the Doctor who refuses to call himself the Doctor in order to do the unthinkable upon the ultimate battlefield — all of space and time — was irresistible to me,” says Nicholas. “Such a deeply disturbing and engaging character created by the formidable talents of writer Steven Moffat and actor John Hurt. It’s such a privilege to be working on this.”

The cast of The War Doctor also includes Jacqueline Pearce, who plays Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra — an arch manipulator who is waging the Time War against the Daleks. Jacqueline’s work includes The Avengers, Callan, Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, Moondial and Russell T Davies’ Dark Season, and she is known to many science fiction fans for her role as Servalan in the cult classic Blake’s 7. Only The Monstrous will be released in December 2015, and will be followed in February 2016 the second volume, Infernal Devices, which is written by John Dorney, Phil Mulryne and Matt Fitton.

Volumes Three and Four are currently in pre-production. “What an utter privilege it is to work with such an iconic actor, playing such a brilliantly devised role,” says producer David Richardson. “This is Doctor Who at its darkest — the era in which our hero casts aside his core values in order to try and save the galaxy in its most terrible hour. We promise bold and brilliant story-telling with gripping character drama, and epic and cinematic audio productions.” In addition to The War Doctor, November 2017 also sees a prequel box set to the saga Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor — The Time War, which will follow the early stages of the Time War from the Eighth Doctor’s perspective. Paul McGann stars, alongside characters first introduced in the War Doctor box sets.

Sue Perkins / Doctor Who Campaign

Sue Perkins Alternate Doctor for Bigfinish's Doctor Who Unbound
Sue Perkins Ideal Female Doctor for Doctor Th

==This is an ongoing campaign started in 2013.==

After all the love for a female Doctor we are keeping our #doctorsue Doctor Who campaign open in the hope that Sue Perkins gets to be a TimeLady/Lord in a future series of Doctor Who. #DoctorSue if you will!

A bit of history of the original can be found below.

A summary of media attention on getting Sue Perkins into the TARDIS can be found here.

With a focus on TV casting Sue Perkins as the first female (cannon TV) Doctor. Please tweet the following to show your support.

Dear @BBCDoctorWho please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorSue http://ow.ly/hCQWY

Or click here

Last time we got into The Sun, The Mirror, Digital Spy.

Lets see if we can achieve what we started 3 years ago!

==Original Post==

After the media frenzy that was this article that re cast Doctor Who with all Female Doctors from 1963 to the present day we found that there was a LOT of love for the idea of Sue Perkins being the Doctor.

We thought we would start a campaign to make this happen. It is not so far fetched as you may imagine. There has been a female Doctor in a BBC licenced story before.

Doctor Who Unbound: Exile
was an officially licenced audio drama by BigFinish with female actress Arabella Weir as the Doctor. This audio is now 10 years old. We would love to see Bigfinish restart the Unbound Series and this time have fan favourite possible female Doctor Sue Perkins take the role.

Scifind knows that Sue is a bit of a fan girl with scifi. When she realised her name was taken for a Block in 2000AD she couldn’t contain herself.

We feel we need to give this a little push to happen.

We would love to use the power of TWITTER to make this happen. Now you can support us on facebook also!!! (15th Feb 2013)

We ask all fans of this idea to tweet the following. Please Copy and Paste this into your status (RTing will help but best to be a new tweet)

Dear @Bigfinish please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorWhoUnbound #DoctorSue http://ow.ly/hCQWY

Or click here

UPDATE 1st June 2013

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who
In response to this, with new casting of the Doctor coming soon we have relaunched this:
With a focus on TV casting:

Dear @BBCDoctorWho please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorSue http://ow.ly/hCQWY

Or click here


Doctor Who: Black and White

Doctor Who: Black and White
Written by Matt Fitton

Published by Big Finish

This middle release in what may come to be known as the Seventh Doctor’s ‘Elder Gods’ trilogy sees Ace and Hex joined by Lysandra Aristedes and Sally Morgan as they hunt for the missing Time Lord.

Discovering the Doctor’s abandoned copy of ‘Beowulf’, the quartet journey back to the time and lands of the Danes, though Ace and Aristedes arrive 16 years after Hex and Sally. Their paths converge as a troublesome alien and his warrior robot interfere with the legend of Grendel.

Writer Matt Fitton packs a huge amount into these four episodes, and only long term subscribers are likely to follow the story completely, as plot strands from the last couple of years of releases weave into the tale. Morgan does get aome great backstory with flashbacks to her adventures with the Doctor that sound almost more exciting than the main narrative. But newcomers to the Big Finish range would do well to dip into the back catalogue, or at least catch up via TardisWiki.

Stuart Milligan deserves a mention for his lively performance as the alien Garundel. Coming across like an escapee from the HitchHiker’s Guide, his scenes do much to give contrast against the slightly more dour Danish characters, and his survival of at least two decapitations is nothing short of remarkable.

This is even more of a Doctor-lite release than last month’s Protect and Survive, but the cast don’t let that phase them with some charged exchanges and action scenes. Sophie Aldred is particularly good in her encounters with Beowulf and his court.

When the Doctor does appear in flashback, nurturing his infant black Tardis, he just deepens the mystery further. What is the relevance of the Black and White Tardises (Tardi)? Why has the Doctor kept Ace and Hex away from his other companions? And who is the boss of the forge? You won’t get all the answers here, as the end simply sets up a ?conclusion in next month’s Gods and Monsters. Do listen past the closing music though for a chilling ‘end credits’ sequence.

Quite how the trilogy will end is anyone’s guess, but if you’ve come this far, you won’t want to stop now. I get the feeling this battle against the Elder Gods won’t finish well for everyone.

Doctor Who – The Lost Stories: The Guardians of Prophecy

Doctor Who: The Guardians of Prophecy

Written by Johnny Byrne and Jonathan Morris

Published by Big Finish

This release is the first of three Lost Stories featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Conceived by Johnny Byrne in the early Eighties for Season 22, as a sequel to his story The Keeper of Traken, internal politics at the time apparently meant his idea never progressed beyond storyline stage.

The Doctor and Peri are seeking a holiday destination when they find themselves orbiting Serenity, a planet run by a rich ruling class supported by a super computer Prophecy. The travellers are soon caught up in a revolution that threatens to release the long dormant evil that is Malador.

One wonders if Byrne was influenced by Raiders of the Lost Ark, just released at the time of conception, as much of the running time involves the search for Malador’s tomb, with various obstacles and adversaries in the way. The supporting character of Ebbko, a notorious intergalactic thief, is of particular help to the plot here, and Graham Cole’s layered performance of this role is a highlight.

Malador himself, played by Stephen Thorne, is an old school Who villain, with shades of Omega and ?other would-be universe botherers. His aim to purge said universe of its sense of good is an interesting one, and Malador’s scenes with the Doctor are tense and involving, even if the outcome is never really in any doubt.
Byrne’s story was intended as two 45 minute episodes, and Jonathan Morris’ script extends the tale by a further 30 minutes. This does result in rather a lot of location hopping, which becomes a little confusing at times without visual references to keep track. However Malador’s ?Melkur henchmen, statues who come terrifyingly to life, no doubt benefit here, with the mind’s eye able to draw on a greater production budget than the Beeb could have afforded back in the day.

Colin Baker’s Doctor is captivating throughout, with both writer and actor tapping the more lighthearted elements of Sixie’s TV adventures, rather than his darker portrayal of recent Big Finish releases. Nicola Bryant’s Peri remains an excellent foil, redolent of a more simpler, and perhaps more satisfying relationship between the Doctor and his perky female assistants. ?The opportunity to hear more from this great double act is but one reason to applaud Big Finish raising Malador, and this story, from eternal slumber.

Doctor Who: Trail of the White Worm

Doctor Who: Trail of the White Worm

Written by Alan Barnes

Published by Big Finish

In this penultimate adventure in the Fourth Doctor and Leela audio drama series, our erstwhile travellers arrive in Derbyshire circa 1979. Amid the rise of Punk, Thatcherism and not a few cow pats, they become involved in the hunt for a missing girl and the strange inhabitants of a village living in fear of the great ?you know what?.

Mad as a bag of frogs ? or perhaps mad as a man with a big blue box ? would be one way to describe this audio. The spirits of The Wicker Man, An American Werewolf in London and the later films of Ken Russell all imbue the story and atmosphere, and seem to infect every character, from Rachael Stirling?s Mrs Demesne Furze and the mystery of what she keeps in the trunk of her car, to Michael Cochrane?s Colonel Hugh Spindleton, with his Chieftain tank and team of mercenaries. That this concoction not only makes sense, but is thoroughly entertaining with it, is a credit to writer Barnes and director Ken Bentley.

It?s no spoiler to say that this story sees the return of Geoffrey Beevers as the Master, but the nature of his return, and his relationship with the above guest characters, certainly kept this listener glued until the end, or rather, until the cliff-hanger, as this tale leads directly into next month?s final release The Oseidon Adventure.

As ever, Tom Baker makes the most of the humour in his part, though Louise Jameson is given her own lighter moments this time around, not least in Leela?s Mexican standoff with the aforementioned Chieftain.? Meanwhile Beevers gives the Master plenty of underlying menace, even if his voice does sound strangely similar to Derek Jacobi?s Professor Yana. The lack of a satisfying conclusion may frustrate some, but with that cliff-hanger due to be resolved in a month?s time, it won?t present as painful a wait as Let?s Kill Hitler did.

Doctor Who: The Jupiter Conjunction

Doctor Who: The Jupiter Conjunction

Written by Eddie Robson

Published by Big Finish

This audio drama, the second in a current trilogy with the Fifth Doctor and Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa, sees the travellers make a rather precise landing on a comet just outside Jupiter. They discover that the comet is actually hauling commercial freight, and the Doctor and Turlough are quickly accused of purloining cargo. Meanwhile, Tegan and Nyssa befriend a mysterious castaway with a boyfriend in danger.

Eddie Robson?s script has a fairly straightforward set-up once you get your head around the astrophysics of the conjunction in the title, and the first half of this tale predominantly concerns the Doctor and Turlough facing trumped up charges of larceny. Mark Strickson in particular excels here, and his scenes are a delight. It?s a shame, then, that Turlough?s character is rather sidelined in the second half, as the indigenous Jovians enter the story and a potential civil war threatens Earth.

Rebecca Front gives an enjoyable performance as Patricia Walton, head of the comet base, playing the part in a wonderfully understated way while delivering a few droll lines.? But Ben Porter, and in particular John Cummins as Anton Falcao, seem to have their tongues bursting through their cheeks, and this delivery sits rather at odds with a growing darkness in the story.

Fortunately Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton keep the drama and tension heightened to the very end and the drama reaches a satisfying conclusion, with the Jovians an interesting addition to the Doctor Who universe. Let?s hope Jupiter reaches conjunction again sometime soon.

Doctor Who: Wrath of the Iceni

Doctor Who Wrath Of the Iceni
Doctor Who Wrath Of the Iceni Click Image to Buy CD
Wrath of the Iceni

Written by John Dorney

Released by Big Finish

The historical adventures of Doctor Who’s classic TV series always had a bad reputation. Commissioned to educate the younger viewers, they soon lost out to tales of Daleks, Yeti and the like and a number have been lost to time.

What a shame that a writer of John Dorney’s calibre wasn’t around then, as with this tale of the Fourth Doctor and Leela in the midst of Boudica’s war against the Romans, he has fashioned Who’s greatest historical tale ever.

A grand claim perhaps, but listen to the evidence. We have Leela learning that valour without honour is simple barbarism. We have the Doctor realising how much he needs his ‘savage’. We have real insight into the complexities of the Roman invasion of Britain. And we have humour, suspense and sword battles galore.

As ever with Big Finish’s productions, the sound design is superb, and the mind’s eye has no difficulty conjuring up the images to go with the spectacular audio. And the performances are uniformly superb, from Ella Kennion as Boudica and Nia Roberts as a conflicted Iceni named Bragnar, to Tom Baker and Louise Jameson exploring depths to their characters and relationship that were never even hinted at on TV.

This ongoing Fourth Doctor and Leela series has, at its core, the Doctor’s education of his companion. Wrath of the Iceni shows that the relationship of master and student is truly in the balance. Next month, the Daleks return, but I hope another pure historical adventure might be on offer later.

Highlander -Audio Series 2

Highlander Audio Set Artwork TBC

The Highlander audio books launched the other year with a series of 4 stories read by Adrian Paul (from the Highlander TV Series) and penned by Cavan Scott, Mark Wright, Jonathan Clements, Colin Harvey and Trevor Baxendale.

Series 2 launches at the end of March 2011 and instead of the ‘Dramatic Reading’ style audio books this year we have a full cast.

Released as a complete series boxed set series 2 of the Highlander audio series stars Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Richard Ridings (Silas), Marcus Testory (Caspian), Peter Wingfield (Methos), Toby Longworth (Dilijan), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Violetta/Elena), John Banks (Simon/Dorn/Nurse) in stories penned by Scott Andrews and James Moran.

For centuries, they battled the forces of light, murdering, pillaging and terrorising their way across the globe. Then, through the betrayal of one of their number, the Four Horsemen rode no longer. But before their ultimate end, each was the target of a very personal vendetta striking to the core of the Horsemen’s seemingly unbreakable bond. Now the secret history of Kronos, Silas, Caspian and Methos can finally be revealed…

Doctor Who Radio Star

9 CDs of Doctor Who BBC Radio Gold

Bigfinish wasn’t the first audio company to produce professional Doctor Who Audio Dramas. The BBC got there first expanding the on screen adventures on its radio platforms. The Doctor? has also had a long career as a radio star – and, come April 2011, AudioGO will celebrate his escapades on the airwaves with the release of Doctor Who: The BBC Radio Episodes. It contains all four of the Doctor’s full-cast BBC radio dramas, plus the 1976 made-for-LP audio adventure Doctor Who and the Pescatons and the 1994 spoof documentary Whatever Happened to… Susan? Here’s the radio run-down:

The Paradise of Death (1993)

When a horrific death occurs at Space World theme park, the Brigadier (the late great Nicholas Courtney) and UNIT are called in – accompanied by the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

The Ghosts of N-Space (1996)

The Brigadier’s great-uncle Mario seems unsurprised by the spectres that haunt his ancient Sicilian castle. But when the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith come to investigate, they finds themselves in great danger…

Doctor Who and the Pescatons (1976)

The TARDIS’s arrival on a lonely beach at night marks the beginning of a terrifying adventure on present-day Earth for the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane.

Exploration Earth (1976)

The Fourth Doctor takes Sarah Jane back in time to witness the Earth’s development: only to find that the existence of Mankind itself is in danger!

Whatever Happened To… Susan? (1994)

A tongue-in-cheek look at how Susan’s life might have turned out after her adventures with the Doctor. Featuring Jane Asher as Susan.

Slipback (1985)

The TARDIS materialises in the service ducting of the Vipod Mor, a huge craft floating in deep space. The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) find something nasty lurking there, and the past and future history of the entire Universe is at risk…

Format: 9 CDs
Duration: 9 hours 10 mins approx
CD SRP: ?60.00
CD ISBN: 9781408467565 Release Date: 07 April 2011

Available from www.audiogo.co.uk and all good audio retailers