Torchwood Returns in New Six Part Series

Torchwood was the breakout series from Doctor Who that firmly introduced swearing, sex and bloody violence into the Doctor Who universe. Created by then Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies TORCHWOOD originally ran from 2006 to 2011 over 4 series. Torchwood: The Conspiracy will start September 2015! TORCHWOOD RETURNS ON AUDIO SIX NEW STORIES FROM […]

The Prisoner Returns Thanks To Big Finish!

The Prisoner returns on audio, produced by the award-winning Big Finish Productions Ltd. Big Finish is proud to announce that it has entered into a licence agreement with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to produce a series of full-cast audio dramas based on the world renowned, cult classic 1967 TV series, The Prisoner — bursting with […]

Important Doctor Who Audio Announcement

Now that AudioGO have entered administration. The future of the “Destiny of the Doctor” audio Doctor Who series was in question. Now Big Finish has acquired the rights to release the final part of the Destiny of the Doctor series, The Time Machine, and the box set containing all the stories plus a ‘making of’ […]

Pathfinder Legends RPG Audio Dramas From Bigfinish!

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC has announced a partnership with Big Finish to create Pathfinder Legends a range of audiobook and full cast audio dramas  set in the world of Pathfinder. Big Finish will produce full-cast and dual spoken word audiobooks in collectible CD and digital download format. The first 6-episode Pathfinder […]

Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Audio Series

Blake’s 7: Lucifer

Published by Big Finish There can be few fans of the original TV adventures of Blake’s 7 who haven’t speculated about events beyond the end of Season 4. With Vila, Dayna, Tarrant and Soolin shot dead and Blake’s body at his feet, Avon smiles at the surrounding Federation troops and raises his gun. Shots sound […]

B7 Book 3 - Lucifer cover

1960s Lost TV Episodes Resurrected.

Sorry if you read the title and thought Doctor Who, but we have exciting news from Doctor Who Audio production company Big Finish and STUDIOCANAL! Big Finish Productions is delighted to announce that it has signed a licence with STUDIOCANAL to produce full cast audio productions of 12 lost episodes of the classic TV series […]

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones

Written by Andrew Smith Published by Audio Go and Big Finish This monthly series of Destiny of the Doctor releases goes from strength to strength with a gripping Third Doctor adventure that tells of Mike Yates’ entry into UNIT. The Doctor is called to Scotland to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an RAF jet, and […]

The Other 11 Doctors – Female Doctor Who

(With thanks to Pete Strover and Craig Oxbrow for playing this game on Twitter last night) So, the Doctor. The Oncoming Storm. DOC-TOR. Call him what you want, but regardless of what you call him he’s always…him. A female Doctor is an idea that’s been floated more than once, with The Curse of Fatal Death […]

Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors

Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors Written by Matt Fitton Published by Big Finish The first in a new trilogy for the Sixth Doctor and Mel Bush plays havoc with the timelines and memories of Who fans. The Doctor sets off to pick up Mel for her first adventure. When he arrives, he quickly runs into […]

Doctor Who: 1001 Nights

Written by Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie, Jonathan Barnes, Catherine Harvey Published by Big Finish This audio drama featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa was the Big Finish Christmas release. And what a gift is inside its 120 minutes, with three short tales interconnected into a longer bridging narrative. The Doctor and Nyssa are seeking […]

Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World

Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World Written by Matthew Sweet Published by Big Finish This sequel to the recent Voyage to Venus picks up from the latter’s cliffhanger ending, which left Professor Lightfoot, Henry Gordon Jago and the Sixth Doctor facing hostile natives in late 16th Century America. The story details the fate of […]

Doctor Who: The Acheron Pulse/The Shadow Heart

Doctor Who: The Acheron Pulse Written by Rick Briggs Doctor Who: The Shadow Heart Written by Jonathan Morris Published by Big Finish Two very different audio dramas play out the latest Big Finish trilogy, which features the Igris as introduced in The Burning Prince. The Acheron Pulse opens with the Sixth Doctor on the planet […]