A Few Thoughts On Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi Doctor WhoFirst obvious thought is ‘shame’ as I would have liked to have seen more stories that let him shine, though he does have another 13 episodes ahead of him so there may be just that to come.

Secondly, ‘well done sir’. It was a pleasure to see Capaldi’s Doctor rock the boat a little.

Next. Endless speculation on who will be the next Doctor. Names new and old are all showing up on social media right now, from Susan Calman to Eddie Redmayne

Yes I have started to push Sue Perkins again (#doctorsue) but that is half in jest and harks back to me wanting her to do a Bigfinish Audio rather than a full series as the Doctor.

But I have 2 main thoughts, neither rules the other out.

Ade Edmondson
Ade Edmondson

Firstly Adrian Edmondson would make an excellent Doctor as we have seen him do the Zany and the Serious acting in his career.

Secondly the Christmas special should end on the regeneration cliffhanger, and the following series should see Paul McGann get 13 full episodes at the controls of the Tardis. Maybe in the spirit of past multi Doctor stories McGann could aid with the resolution of the Christmas story, but the plot follows the 8th Doctor through the next series, only to resolve the regeneration on the last episode.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions – @scifind on twitter.



BBC’s Class From The World Of Doctor Who – Trailer

BBC - Doctor Who - Class

A familiar face and voice in this trailer for the new BBC3 series CLASS set in the worlds of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who spin-off ‘Class’ created and written by Patrick Ness, who also produces alongside Doctor Who showrunner lead writer Steven Moffat, and Brian Minchin, who acted as producer on Doctor Who and two of its previous spin-offs, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. The first series will consist of eight episodes, set to premiere on BBC Three on 22 October 2016.

Class Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcclassoffi…
Class Twitter: https://twitter.com/bbcclass

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BBC - Doctor Who - Class
BBC – Doctor Who – Class

Woman Cast As Doctor Who – Official – Not Really.

Arabella Weir – The Doctor

American born comedic actor Arabella Weir was officially cast as The Doctor in Doctor Who.
Best known for her role in comedies like The Fast Show, she has a history in straight drama in shows like Midsomer Murders.

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC from 1963 to the present day. The programme depicts the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord—a space and time-travelling humanoid alien.

Arabella Weir’s first outing as The Doctor is written by long time Doctor Who contributor Nicholas Briggs.

Arabella joined the list of actors to be cast in the role of the Doctor since 1963 including William Hartnell, Peter Cushing, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi




Now. The sharp eyed among you may have spotted a glaring omission in the above, as the above announcement would have been better placed in 2003 (that is 13 years ago, how time flies) as Arabella was the first female to be cast in an official Doctor Who production, Doctor Who Unbound, Exile. Exile was released by Big Finish in October 2003 (and can be bought here).

Why and I doing this?

Well I am a bit miffed by the number of RIP posts appearing on social media for actors who have been long dead, the likes of Tony Hart, Roger LLoyd Pack and Leslie Nielsen.

It seems people are looking at click bait links and retweeting and liking on Facebook without reading the article.

See Why is Leslie Nielsen STILL dead? on the BBC website.

I am looking to see how many people share this as news, either looking to see if they can hook in others to the ‘hoax’ or to see who blindly shares this type of news.

We love Doctor Who and would love to see a Female at the helm (see Sue Perkins)

I am not trying to trick anyone, and this will probably fall flat in its face as this is not the highest trafficked site, but “nothing ventured…”

Arabella Weir on set in the Doctor Who Christmas special Photo: BBC/ Adrian Rogers
Arabella Weir on set in the Doctor Who Christmas special Photo: BBC/ Adrian Rogers

Arabella Weir was in Televised Doctor Who – Doctor Who: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe – Christmas Special with Matt Smith as the Doctor!

David Bradley as William Hartnell – An Adventure in Space and Time

William Hartnell

It’s very tempting to go a bit sour grapes about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. At time of writing, companies like IDW and Big Finish are making a bigger deal of the anniversary than the BBC is with, so far, half last year’s season, a single 60 minute special and a 90 minute docudrama about the birth of the show being the only things we’re getting. On the one hand there’s a lot of fan speculation that these are simply the things we’ve been told about and on the other there’s both a little disappointment and a sneaking suspicion that nothing will ever quite be enough.

So instead of speculating about what we might have, let’s talk about what we’ve got.  Namely, confirmation that David Bradley, recently seen as Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, is returning to the Doctor Who production offices to play William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time. My immediate reaction to this is that he’s a fantastic choice, not just because he looks a lot like Hartnell but because he’s a great character actor and a man completely unafraid of playing a character’s less sympathetic qualities. Bradley also has natural authority, something Hartnell had in spades and throws himself at his roles. He’s also, interestingly, a fan of Hartnell’s work so is very motivated to do the late actor proud.

Bradley at the Harry Brown European film premiere in 2009

The production history of the show, to be quite honest, has never interested me. I’m far more concerned with the stories themselves than which ones reused which props from where, but I’m genuinely looking forward to An Adventure in Space and Time. The story of the show’s birth is fascinating; effectively  given to a group of mavericks so it would definitely fail, it instead became a runaway success and the cultural institution we see today. Bradley joins a massively impressive cast and lifts it still further with his presence. Regardless of how much we’re getting for the anniversary, all signs point to An Adventure in Space and Time being a highlight. I look forward to it.




Russell T Davies’ Aliens Vs Wizards

Wizards Vs Aliens
Aliens Vs Wizards Episode 1 Details And Video

In episode one, Dawn Of The Nekross (part one) Tom Clarke is hiding a secret – he’s a schoolboy wizard! But when the magic-eating alien Nekross arrive on Earth, a battle for survival begins. Tom must use his magical powers to protect his family – but only the school geek, Benny, can help him against the plans of the terrifying Nekross King.

In part two of Dawn Of The Nekross, with his Gran trapped in outer space, Tom and Benny must dare to go inside the mystical Chamber to ask the mysterious Randal Moon for help. But with time running out for Ursula, and Tom’s dad joining the fight, can even a magical hobgoblin fight an enemy from beyond the Earth?

Press release from the BBC about Russell T Davies’ Aliens Vs Wizards. This looks like it will go some way to filling the gap sadly left by The Sarah Jane Adventures.

I personally feel there should be a Dark Season The Next Generation!


CBBC is delighted to announce Russell T Davies’ return to children?s television with brand new action adventure drama, Aliens Vs Wizards.

Aliens Vs Wizards has been created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who) and will be produced by BBC Cymru Wales in association with FremantleMedia Enterprises.

From the dark side of the moon, aliens are scanning the Earth searching for magic and are prepared to destroy everything in their path to get it. All that stands in the way of Earth?s imminent destruction are two 16-year old schoolboys, Tom and Benny. It?s Ray Guns vs Wands; Science vs Magic and Aliens vs Wizards.

Russell says: ?Writing for children is the biggest challenge of all and I think CBBC stands right at the heart of broadcasting. So I’m delighted to launch this show, a true nationwide collaboration – a Salford commission from a BBC Wales team. We’re joining genres too – the show’s a wild, funny, thrilling and sometimes scary collision of magic and science fiction.?

Tom Clarke lives a seemingly ordinary life with his dad and grandmother. However he hides a deep secret – Tom?s family are wizards and when the Nekross arrive, hungry for magic, they find themselves on the menu.

The Nekross may be equipped with ray guns, teleports and high-tech robots but they haven?t reckoned on Tom and his friend, science super-brain Benny. They form an extraordinary duo, using Tom?s magic and Benny?s science to battle the Nekross and save the Earth.

Russell adds: ?Wizards have never met aliens before, and when they do, the result is spectacular! The mysterious Nekross know exactly what to do with magicians. Eat them! Let battle be joined!?

CBBC Controller Damian Kavanagh, who commissioned the new series, says: ?This is going to be an incredible rollercoaster ride of an adventure. We believe children deserve the best and we?re delighted to be working again with Russell and the talented teams at BBC Wales and FME to bring the story to life.?

Faith Penhale, Head of Drama BBC Cymru Wales, says: We’re so excited to be working with Russell again on this ground-breaking and hugely ambitious drama for CBBC. Filmed here in our brand new studios in Roath Lock, Cardiff, Aliens Vs Wizards promises to be spellbinding television drama for children.”

Sander Schwartz, President, Kids & Family Entertainment, FME, comments: ?This series has all the ingredients to become a global hit ? the extraordinary battle between aliens and wizards is guaranteed to entertain kids around the world, not to mention the incredibly talented team behind the series, led by the wonderful Russell T Davies. We are thrilled to be partnering with CBBC once again on what will be a fantastic addition to FME?s ever expanding portfolio of family entertainment brands.?

Russell started his career in children?s television, writing and producing dramas such as Dark Season (BBC One) and Children?s Ward (ITV) before going on to pen a host of hit adult award-winning dramas including Queer As Folk (Channel 4) and Casanova (BBC Three).

In 2005, he brought Doctor Who back to the BBC after a 16-year hiatus and, as executive producer, oversaw the production of two spin-off series, Torchwood (BBC Three) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (CBBC) that ran for five series on the channel.

Aliens Vs Wizards (12 x 30mins) will be produced by BBC Cymru Wales for CBBC for broadcast in Autumn 2012. The executive producers are Russell T Davies, Bethan Jones and Gina Cronk for the BBC and Bob Higgins and Sander Schwartz for FME. The producer is Brian Minchin and co-producer Phil Ford.

Blake’s 7: The Merchandise Guide – Out Now

Blake's 7: The Merchandise Guide by Mark B Oliver

In 1978, Blake’s 7, a new science fiction show, debuted on BBC television, and viewers became enthralled by the adventures of Blake, Avon, Jenna, Vila, Gan and Cally, aided by the computer Zen, as they battled against the might of the Federation, represented by the villainous Servalan and her right hand man, Travis. Merchandise followed, and here, for the first time, Mark B Oliver presents a collector’s guide to everything produced in relation to the show, and several items which never made it to the shops.

The book documents the background to the merchandise, detailing the highs and lows, and explores the history of Blake’s 7 merchandise from it’s very beginning. Included are full colour photographs of just about every item, plus interviews with some of those involved in the production of the ranges.

Blake’s 7: The Merchandise Guide is both a fascinating tour through the many ways that Blake’s 7 has been presented in merchandise and an entertaining guide to the world of Blake’s 7 collecting. The book covers Blake’s 7 merchandise around the world, including items released in America, Australia and Argentina, as well as the many UK-produced items.

192pp approx. A5 paperback book. Illustrated in full colour throughout.
ISBN 978-1-84583-059-5 (pb)
Paperback rrp ?19.99

Da Vinci’s Demons

The BBC and Starz Entertainment – who co produced the latest series of Torchwood have green-lit a new original adventure series titled Da Vinci’s Demons.

This is the first project to enter production under the multi-year agreement Starz signed with BBC Worldwide Productions earlier this summer, unlike the Torchwood project which was just 10 episodes.

Written by David S. Goyer, co-writer of blockbuster and critically acclaimed films Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and writer of the highly anticipated Man Of Steel, the eight-episode series is scheduled to begin production in early 2012.

Da Vinci’s Demons is David Goyer’s historical fantasy, following the “untold” story of the world’s greatest genius during his raucous youth in Renaissance Florence.

Brash and brilliant, the 25-year-old da Vinci is an artist, inventor, swordsman, lover, dreamer and idealist. As a free thinker, with intellect and talents that are almost superhuman, he struggles to live within the confines of his own reality and time. He begins to not only see the future, but invent it.

David Goyer said: “Da Vinci was the original Renaissance man ? a near-mythic figure that has worldwide appeal. After working with characters like Batman and Superman, it made a strange kind of sense for me to dive into the facts and legends swirling around his origins. This will be a show about secret histories, genius, madness, and all things profane.

“And I’m particularly excited that I get to do it on premium cable, where the story can be as dark and challenging and irreverent as it deserves to be. Starz and BBC Worldwide Productions have been nothing but supportive.”

Jane Tranter, Head of BBC Worldwide Productions, said: “The young life of this incredibly complex and brilliant man has not yet been explored. With David Goyer, whose imagination has created juggernaut and iconic theatrical features, coupled with the premium presence of Chris Albrecht, Carmi Zlotnik and their Starz team, we couldn’t be more passionate about bringing this story to US viewers and international audiences.”

Starz is expected to air the worldwide broadcast premiere in 2013. BBC Worldwide will distribute the series internationally. David S. Goyer is showrunner. Torchwood’s Julie Gardner will serve as Executive Producer, along with BBC Worldwide Productions’ Head Jane Tranter.

Da Vinci’s Demons is the latest piece of distinguished, exclusive original programming announced from Starz. Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer and produced by Lionsgate, debuted on 21 October. Spartacus: Vengeance, season two of the breakout worldwide hit, returns in January 2012 and the much-anticipated Magic City debuts in April 2012.

Tranter and Gardner have been responsible for a plethora of titles in their careers including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Little Dorrit, Bleak House, Girl In A Caf?, Ashes To Ashes and State Of Play. Torchwood: Miracle Day was the first scripted series produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, and recently wrapped its run on Starz.

The Silence seen at The Doctor Who Experience…

The Silence - Shhhhh
The Silence - Shhhhh
… er what did I just say?

Have quite a few pen marks on my arms, possibly due to this:

This Friday 13th May Doctor Who Experience will prove monsters are real by giving you the opportunity to come face-to-face with one of Doctor Who?s most terrifying of monsters to date as The Silence arrive at the Doctor Who Experience.

The Silence will be on show in the walk-through part of the Doctor Who Experience following their appearance in the opening two episodes of the award-wining series, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.

Fans will be able to encounter these terrifying monsters for the first time, who, with their powers of telepathy and eerie ability to erase themselves from your memory have been cited as one of the Doctor?s more frightening foes.

Glimpse one of these creatures at Doctor Who Experience and you may feel slightly unsettled the moment it’s out of view but the real question is? will you remember?

Come fly the TARDIS and dare to meet The Silence, by taking a starring role in your very own Doctor Who adventure at the Doctor Who Experience. Step through the crack in time and become the Doctor?s companion in this exhilarating walk through experience that recreates all the best parts of the hit TV series. Come face to face with some of the scariest monsters seen on the screen including Daleks, Cybermen and the latest addition from series 6: The Silence.

There?s fun for family and fans alike with the largest collection of authentic Doctor Who props and artefacts including all the previous Doctor?s iconic costumes, the original David Tennant TARDIS set and even interactive lessons in how to walk like a Cyberman!

Tickets on sale at www.doctorwhoexperience.com

Being Human Series 3 – 2 Big Things The BBC Got Wrong


Yeah, Being Human is back on our screens tonight, the compelling supernatural drama that does push Buffy and Angel to one side.

Now in its third series Being Human is the the critically acclaimed hit BBC Three drama, chronicling the somewhat complicated lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in modern-day Bristol.

So what is wrong with it?

Well the BBC have invested in this program casting fantastic actors, spending money on good production values.

Problem 1: It is squirreled away on BBC 3. Why? This is a quality program that deserves BBC 1 exposure, BBC2 at the very least.

Problem 2: Marketing, the BBC are still insisting this is a comedy. Now I have seen comedies on BBC 3. They are usually purile, teen based, ‘innit’ talking youths and made for ?50 with a raid of the BBC prop store. Ok may be this is too harsh, but the production values, writing and acting are on a par with(if not exceeding) most BBC 1 dramas.

So BBC, give this fantastic DRAMA a shot on BBC1. You won’t regret it.

Science fiction On the BBC this Christmas

I looked to the BBC’s festive season highlights to see what Science Fiction is in store for us lucky Brits this Christmas.

I very nearly said “Just Doctor Who” but it suddenly became clear that there are some slim pickings for genre fun.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Topping an amazing line-up of quality drama, Matt Smith spends his first Christmas as The Doctor in Doctor Who ? A Christmas Carol, starring alongside veteran actor Michael Gambon and, in her first acting role, opera diva Katherine Jenkins.

John Hurt stars in Whistle And I’ll Come To You, a modern adaptation of MR James‘s Edwardian ghost story.

Christmas Movies

Genre movies this Christmas include: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Wall-E, Shrek The Third, Cars, Bee Movie, Enchanted and Chronicles Of Narnia 2 ? Prince Caspian

And Hidden on BBC 4

Stephen Mangan stars as eccentric detective Dirk Gently in an adaptation of Douglas Adams‘s cult novel Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Did I miss anything? Post a comment and let me know

Doctor Who Live Tour Dates

Doctor Who Live Tour Features The Judoon on Stage
Doctor Who Live Tour Features The Judoon on Stage

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BBC Worldwide has today announced that Nigel Planer (The Young Ones, We Will Rock You, Evita, Chicago) will be joining the cast for the forthcoming audio/visual spectacular – Doctor Who Live.

Planer will play the part of Vorgenson, a character exclusively adapted for the tour by the television programme’s Executive Producer and Lead Writer Steven Moffat. The new character is described as an ‘inter-galactic showman’ who is the Doctor’s biggest fan.

Nigel Planer comments: “I’m incredibly excited to be joining Doctor Who Live and this role is something of a boyhood dream come true. My character Vorgenson, who has been developed specially for the show by Steven Moffat, is the Greatest Showman in the Galaxy and using his incredible invention, ‘The Minimiser’, he can make any Doctor Who character appear on stage as part of his traveling show dedicated to his hero. This live tour brings all the magic of the TV show together with a host of incredible effects. I hope that I can survive visiting nine cities in October sharing a stage with eleven Doctor Who Monsters and a flying Dalek in tow!”

Craig Stanley, Doctor Who Live’s Producer says: “This show has something for everyone – Doctor Who fans, of course – but also anyone with a love of incredible illusions, immersive storytelling, magical music, scary monsters, and intergalactic heroes.”

In a further announcement, the producers have revealed that Nick Briggs, famous for voicing some of the scariest Doctor Who monsters including the Daleks and Cybermen, is onboard to replicate his voice talents live on stage every night. Briggs will also portray Winston Churchill, who is summoned by Vorgenson through his Minimiser.

Doctor Who Live will also feature a spectacular array of stunts and illusions designed by Britain’s premiere illusionists, The Twins. Audiences will be in for a treat as they witness a flying Dalek. The Twins have come to prominence in the last few years by designing the illusion of flying without wires, and they have a reputation for large scale stunts including making an elephant disappear live on stage. They have taught magic tricks to the likes of Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow.


BBC Worldwide has announced a series of arena dates for the very first production of Doctor Who Live.

The new stage show, based upon the BBC?s smash-hit, award-winning series Doctor Who, promises to deliver a spectacular audio/visual experience featuring live music, special effects and appearances from the show?s most popular monsters.

Taking in nine cities and 25 dates, Doctor Who Live kicks off in London at Wembley Arena on 8th October, and will visit Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Liverpool, culminating in Belfast on the 7th November.

Developed in association with Doctor Who?s Executive Producer and show runner, Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Live promises the same excitement, adventure and suspense that viewers have come to expect from the TV programme and will feature specially filmed new video scenes.

Daleks And Cybermen On Stage
Daleks And Cybermen On Stage

Steven Moffat said: “This is everything I ever wanted since I was eleven. A live show, with all the coolest Doctor Who monsters, a proper story, and brand new screen material for Matt Smith’s Doctor! I’ll be writing scenes for it, and probably attending every single night!”

Opening in wartime London and concluding in an epic onstage battle, audiences should expect the unexpected as the The Doctor?s arch-enemies the Daleks are joined by some of the best-loved and most terrifying monsters from the TV series including the Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Judoon and Oods to name but a few.

With an out-of-this-world set, Doctor Who Live will feature special FX, optical illusions and spectacular pyrotechnics building to an epic finale. Specially edited video clips, drawn from the TV Programme will be shown on a massive screen and accompanied by the music of longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold. These iconic scores will be brought to life by a 16 piece orchestra live on stage.

Meet the Weeping Angels on stage
Meet the Weeping Angels on stage

Murray Gold said: “The live element always adds something extra, but these will also be brand new arrangements for a new band of very talented musicians. It’s very exciting.”

Doctor Who Live has been conceived as a fully immersive music and monsters spectacular. Please note that actors from the TV series will not be appearing live on stage.


8th, 9th and 10th October London Wembley Arena
12th and 13th October Sheffield Sheffield Arena
14th, 15th, 16th and 17th October Glasgow Glasgow SECC
18th, 19th and 20th October Birmingham Birmingham NIA
22nd, 23rd and 24th October Manchester Manchester Evening News Arena
25th and 26th October Nottingham Nottingham Trent FM Arena
28th, 29th, 30th, 31st October Cardiff Cardiff International Arena
2nd, 3rd November Liverpool Liverpool Echo Arena
6th and 7th November Belfast Belfast Odyssey Arena

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 21st May 2010.


Tickets are priced at ?38.50, ?34.50 and ?25.00 subject to booking fees

Belfast Odyssey Arena only

Tickets are priced at ?42.50, ?37.50 & ?27.50 and may be subject to service charges

Please note that for Belfast Odyssey Arena, the ticket prices are higher as booking fees and agency commissions are included in the ticket price – this is standard practice for shows in Northern Ireland.

Ticketmaster 24 hour ticket hotline 0844 847 1963