Legion on Blu Ray, DVD Also Available
Legion on Blu Ray, DVD Also Available

Momentum London are pleased to announce the release of the action-packed supernatural thriller Legion on Blu-ray? and DVD August 9th, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Legion: Movie Synopsis

Evil granny, angels, relentless shooting, explosions, big guns, explosions, apocalypse, and even more explosions, this is the kind of film I like.

A dusty diner in the Mojave Desert becomes ground zero for earth?s final showdown in Legion, a startlingly original and terrifying vision of the Apocalypse from director and writer Scott Stewart (Priest). As mankind destroys itself in a savage fury, a small group of people trapped on the edge of nowhere prepare to make a last stand?with the help of a mysterious and powerful stranger.

Legion. Beat the end of the world with big guns and big explosions

Unaware of the chaos unfolding around the globe, Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid), the owner of a remote roadside caf?, and his partner Percy (Charles S. Dutton) go about business as usual. The restaurant?s beautiful and very pregnant waitress, Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), serves breakfast to Sandra and Howard, a well-heeled suburban couple (Kate Walsh and Jon Tenney) and their teenage daughter Audrey (Willa Holland), as they wait for their car to be repaired by Bob?s son, Jeep (Lucas Black).
When the television goes on the fritz and the phones go out, the group realizes they have lost all communication with the outside world. As they attempt to make sense of what?s happening?An earthquake? A terrorist attack?? an elderly woman (Jeannette Miller) arrives and sweetly orders a steak from Charlie. When her meal arrives, she begins spewing shocking obscenities. In a heartbeat, the fragile old lady develops superhuman strength, launching a grisly attack that leaves Howard critically injured.

A desperate attempt to get medical help ends when an impenetrable cloud of flying insects turns the diner into the only safe haven for miles. As the horrifying truth of their situation sinks in, a stranger (Paul Bettany) joins them with an arsenal of stolen weapons. He informs Charlie that her unborn baby is now humanity?s only hope, and he?s willing to do whatever it takes to save it.

The world is about to become a waking nightmare for the last remnants of mankind as rolling caravans of crazed killers arrive in search of fresh victims and an army of warrior angels bent on total destruction follows close behind them in a unique and terrifying glimpse of the End of Days.

Legion Trailer

Actors In Legion

Legion stars Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code), Lucas Black (Slingblade), Tyrese Gibson (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), Adrianne Palicki (?Friday Night Lights?), Charles S. Dutton (Fame), Jon Tenney (?The Closer?), Kevin Durand (Wolverine), Willa Holland (?The O.C.?), Kate Walsh (?Grey?s Anatomy?) and Dennis Quaid (G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra). ?The film is directed by Scott Stewart from a screenplay by Peter Schink (Gotham Caf?) and Stewart.

Film Kids Who Could Change The World

Legion Poster
Legion Poster

Released Friday 5th March, Legion starring Paul Bettany is the super-natural thriller that gives us a little taster of what will happen when God finally decides enough is enough, and that the human race has got to go (again?).

In a modern take of Noah?s fabled flood, God sends down a Legion of Angels with an excellent amount of weaponry to take out anyone they come across, which most do with a surprising vigor for angelic folk. Only one ? Archangel Michael ? is reluctant, and travels to a small diner in the middle of nowhere to protect the unborn child who turns out to be the only salvation for human kind.

We are taking a look at the children in film who have the potential to change the world, for good or for evil, and the forces that are in place to protect them.

Legion, 2010
The child: As yet unborn, the whole of God?s task force are out to get said baby; armed to the teeth and pumped for a fight these angels will stop at nothing until this hope for the human race is exterminated.

Forces of good protection rating: **? ? with only a single de-winged angel and a task force of relatively useless people in a diner in the middle of nowhere, with limited ammunition and less courage, the odds for the diner crew winning out seem slim. You?ll have to see the film to see how this one turns out!

The Exorcist, 1973
The child: Regan MacNiel is just an ordinary 12-year-old girl dealing with her parents? divorce, until she becomes possessed by the demon Pazuzu. Killing her babysitter, a priest and performing some genuinely disturbing feats during her period of being possessed, Regan?s pretty much as bad as it can be in child evilness terms.

Forces of Evil protection rating: 1/10 – Other than simply being Pazuzu there are no other helpful demons on hand to wreak vengeful havoc. This means that when Father Karras sneakily gets the demon to posses him instead of Regan, the poor sod can do nothing but die when the good Father plunges to his death.

The Terminator, 1984
The child: Sarah Connor?s child-to-be, John, will one day be the leader of the Human Resistance against Skynet and their army of machines. While John doesn?t feature at all in the first film, Arnie is on a mission to prevent his ever coming into being and it is up to Kyle (Michael Biehn) to warn Sarah about the grave threat to her future progeny.

Forces of good protection rating: 8/10 ? Willing to die for the cause Kyle does a stellar job; not only does he save Sarah from The Terminator, he also provides a vital ingredient for John?s conception.

Rosemary?s Baby, 1968
The child: What with all the craving of raw meat, severe pains and other worrying developments during her pregnancy it?s easy to guess that something is not quite right with Rosemary?s baby. However, it?s not until the end of this disturbing 1968 classic that we find out that Rosemary?s child, Adrian, is actually the son of Satan.

Forces of Evil protection rating: 9/10 ? As the spawn of the devil it?s a pretty safe bet that Adrian will have a pretty impressive security force going on. Protected at the end of the film by an evil coven of witches, and with Rosemary helpless to do anything other than watch on, we feel pretty safe saying that Adrian will have a long career in evil ahead.

The Golden Child, 1986
The child: A Tibetan with talents unknown, The Golden Child (who never seems to get a real name ? maybe it would devalue the film if he was called Jim?) is billed as the saviour of all man kind. He?s got some great gifts, such as being able to revive the dead, and is wanted by evil demon Sardo Numspa.

Forces of good protection rating: 6/10 – When the monks let themselves down by letting The Golden Child fall into the clutches of an evil demon, all seems to be lost. Luckily Eddie Murphy is on hand to combine comedy with some kick-ass action, only letting himself down when his girlfriend is killed and he has to rely on the magic of The Golden Child to save the day.

The Omen, 1976 / 2006
The child: Damien Thorn was born on at 6am on the 6th June: He is the Antichrist. Determined to kill anyone who could get in his way, a series of ?accidents? to those around him alert his adoptive father to the fact that all is not as it seems with Damien, and that he must be stopped.

Forces of Evil protection rating: 10/10 ? With ancient myth and a bad Nanny on his side, it looks as though Damien needs no other aid to further his cause for wickedness: Evil through and through, Damien is an unstoppable force.

Children of Men, 2006
The child: In 2027 no children have been born anywhere in the world for 18 years, yet Kee (an illegal African immigrant) is pregnant. Representing the only hope for human kind, Kee?s child is the single force that can unite humanity for good.

Forces of good protection rating: 6/10 ? With only Clive Owen to protect them, Kee and her child?s chances for survival look slim. Managing to scrape through numerous dangerous scenarios and remain alive, the day is eventually saved when the child?s mewling astounds combatants into putting down their guns to give Kee and child free passage to their destination.

Name’s Chelios, Chev Chelios

(L) Jody Taylor and (R) Funda Onal join Chev Chelios, formerly known as David Robert Sharp, who changed his name by deed poll to become the winner of the first dare of bragster.com's and Lionsgates Films' competition that encapsulates the spirit of new film Crank 2:High Voltage poses at Bragsters HQ in east London. Jason Statham plays the action hero Chev Chelios in the film. ... 24-03-2009 ... Photo by: Ian West/PA Wire.URN:7044617
(L) Jody Taylor and (R) Funda Onal join Chev Chelios, formerly known as David Robert Sharp, who changed his name by deed poll to become the winner of the first dare of bragster.com's and Lionsgates Films' competition that encapsulates the spirit of new film Crank 2:High Voltage poses at Bragsters HQ in east London. Jason Statham plays the action hero Chev Chelios in the film. ... 24-03-2009 ... Photo by: Ian West/PA Wire.URN:7044617

A 21-year-old London man has legally changed his name to that of action hero Chev Chelios following a dare on social networking site bragster.com.

Chev Chelios as played by Jason Statham reappears in Crank 2 out in the cinema soon.

Launched on March 16, a new campaign forged between social networking site bragster.com and Lionsgate UK asked the bragster community of daredevils and pranksters to take part in two specific challenges that encapsulate the spirit of CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE?s hero ? Chev Chelios, played by the UKs biggest action hero, Jason Statham. Lionsgate UK and Bragster.com are on the hunt for the UK?s real life version of Chev Chelios ? the kinds of users who will do absolutely anything for glory.

Yesterday saw the completion of the first dare – giving $1000 to the first bragster user, originally one David Robert Smart, to officially change his name by deed poll to Chev Chelios.

Reacting to the acceptance of this challenge co-director Mark Neveldine said, “I am going to change my name to his original name and steal his identity”, co-director Brian Taylor added, “We shouldn’t stop at just one person. I want an army. 50,000 Chev Chelios? Star Jason Statham commented on the film: ?This film is going to be ever more ramped up, ever more offensive, with more action, more ridiculousness, more everything. I was completely excited by how ludicrous and outrageous they made part two. This one takes it to the next level.?

Statham, soon to start filming on Sylvester Stallone?s The Expendables, was thrilled to return to the physically demanding role of Chev Chelios. ?I was in right from the suggestion of doing a part two,? Statham recalls. ?It?s a complete and utter trust. I had implicit faith in these two [directors Neveldine and Taylor], knowing they?re going to do something cool with things that can be quite ridiculous?This is not a film to be analyzed and stripped apart. This is a hardcore action movie that?s made to entertain. As Americans would say, it?s a fucking kick-ass action movie that just doesn?t stop, from start to finish. It?s everything that people want to see. If you like action, comedy, snappy dialogue and interesting, fucked-up characters, then just strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.? Co-director Brian Taylor concluded, ?When you go into CRANK HIGH VOLTAGE, you can expect to be rocked hard, maybe harder than you?ve ever been rocked before. I promise it?s a movie that you?ve never seen before.?

For the second part of the challenge bragster users will now be encouraged to get charged up in public. Whether rubbing up against random passersby, or simply having a Chev style freak out in the middle of a busy street, Lionsgate UK and Bragster want to see the craziest energy packed effort ? the best entry will win a HD CAM so get your crazy on!

As part of this dare Bragster.com is pleased to announce the inclusion of one of their own heroes, aptly named Crank – the current world record holder for continuous kicks in the groin from strangers. Two years of bragster involvement has also seen him staple a deck of cards to his body, nail his hand to a dartboard and down a bowl of stinging nettle and hot sauce all in the name of bragster glory. The campaign will see Crank embark on his very own ?Hour Of Madness? – which has resulted in a hilarious short movie of him fulfilling his craziest dares yet on a tight time limit through the streets of London.

Check out the Bragster.com homepage and go to ?Crank It Up? for his very special video.



He Was Dead, But He Got Better

Crank 2 – High Voltage

Does the strap line ruin the end of the first film?

Jason Statham returns as hitman Chev Chelios? in this sequel to Crank. Another electrifying chase is on – this time in Los Angeles in pursuit of the Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart (the scifi bit). CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE is written and directed by Neveldine/Taylor, the duo behind the 2006 hit film CRANK, and the upcoming GAME starring Gerard Butler.

Brit action hero Jason Statham reprises his role roles from the 2006 original Crank movie. Along side Jason are Amy Smart (ROAD TRIP, MIRRORS) as Eve, Dwight Yoakam (SLING BLADE) as Doc Miles, and Efren Ramirez (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) as Venus. Rounding out the cast are Clifton Collins Jr. (CAPOTE, the upcoming STAR TREK movie) and Bai Ling (RED CORNER, the upcoming LOVE RANCH).