Avengers Toys Ready To Order Now

Toys R Us have just sent us a list of these cool Avengers Action Figures and Play Sets.

Which is your favourite, please comment below.

Avengers Quinjet Vehicle Playset
Only ?34.99

The Quinjet is the most powerful transport and assault vehicle ever built. Incorporating the best Stark technology and dozens of systems developed by S.H.I.E.L.D., it gives the Avengers supersonic access to the entire world. Ultrahigh top speeds and megapowerful weapons make it the perfect vehicle for the world?s first team of Super Heroes!

Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor
Only ?16.99

Arm yourself with this super-powered Tri-Power Repulsor blaster, just like the legendary Iron Man hero! Sneak up on your enemy, then immobilize him with your blaster?s pulse lights and launch sounds as you fire away with your blaster gun missile after missile! Re-load and move on to your next target. The future of the world is in your hands!

Avengers Electronic Iron Man Mask
Only ?24.99

Avengers Gamma Strike Hulk Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Avengers Captain America Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Avengers Thor Action Figure
Only ?19.99

Matt Smith Doctor Who TARDIS Playset

Character have just received initial stock of the new Doctor Who TARDIS Playset.

Doctor Who TARDIS Playset
Doctor Who TARDIS Playset

As with all Doctor Who products, this will be popular in the run up to Christmas, and we will sell out.

This TARDIS Play set is a reproduction of the console room of the new Eleventh Doctor’s time machine. This will make any adventure with your 5″ action figures come to life!

Age: 5+
Price: ?39.99

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Crossbows and Catapults

Crossbows and Catapults - Top 1980s Toy.
Crossbows and Catapults - Top 1980s Toy.

Wow – just spotted some of these for sale on amazon. Remember playing this with my brother in the mid 1980s classic toy.

For those who dont remember:

Crossbows and Catapults, is a game of physical skill first released in 1983. It has since been published by several different game publishers including Lakeside, Alga (Brio), Base Toys, Tomy and currently Moose (under the name Battlegrounds Crossbows and Catapults). In the game two sides, originally Vikings and Barbarians but later other names were used, build fortifications from plastic bricks then opposing players attempt to destroy each other’s castle with rubber-band powered crossbows (similar to ballistae) and catapults firing plastic disks. In the most recent version launched in 2007, the two sides were Orcs and Knights.
In the Tomy version, the two armies are called the Impalers of the Clannic Shelf and the Doomlords of Gulch. The Impalers inhabit the Clannic Shelf, a large floating rock island 500 metres above the surface of Otherworld. The shelf has a gravitational affect on the Doomlords, causing them to have a shorter, squatter frame than the Impalers.

So it looks like Crossbows and Catapults are back in production (from Austrailian toy company Moose). It would be great to see this fantastic toy enjoyed again. I am sure there are health and safety reasons that lead to their initial demise, rather than just a passing 1980s fad, fashion.

So basically, why was I not informed that these had come back to shops? I needed some good ideas for my brothers Birthday and Christmas present last December!

Current products available are:
Some are available from amazon HERE – will post updates when I have them