Tabletop Games

Table top games, physical games with physical pieces, boards, cards, miniatures and dice.

Broadly we are looking at:
Miniature Games, war game and tabletop games like Warhammer, though there is more and more cross over with ‘board games’ like Blood Bowl and Zombicide that are miniature heavy.

Card Games, collectable card games like Magic The Gathering to fun play games like Fluxx.

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  • 100 Prisoners for a Fantasy Jail
    Publisher: Azukail GamesAt some point in a fantasy setting, characters may encounter prisons, as people will still need locking up by the authorities - perhaps these people include the characters themselves. Characters may also need to break someone out of a prison at some point. Prisons have prisoners to encounter, and this list has 100 […]
  • Magical Murder Mansion
    Publisher: SkerplesMagical Murder Mansion is a challenging funhouse dungeon in the style of Tomb of Horrors and Tegel Manor. It's designed for mid-level characters in systems that can deal with moderate lethality, magical traps, bizzare and unique treasure, and improvised problem-solving techniques.Some of the traps in classic funhouse dungeons seem like jokes designed for the […]
  • Signs of Sorcery
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingDid they tell you magic is sealed away by the Abyss? That the Supernal Realm can and rsquo;t affect the Fallen? That you and rsquo;ll never see the Watchtower again? Nothing is ever that simple. The curse keeps Sleepers from seeing it, but we are Awakened. We see past the Lie with […]
  • Blood Sea: the Crimson Abyss (5e)
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingWaves of Scarlet In the darkest depths of the ocean floor, off the Eastern coast of Ghelspad, lies the bound titan Kadum. He bleeds endlessly from the hole in his chest where his heart was plucked out. This blood and mdash; the blood of the Mountainshaker, the blood of the Father of […]
  • The Sea Demon's Gold
    Publisher: Arc Dream PublishingThe Heart of the Haunted Sea The adventurers are on a storm-wracked ship, seeking the island of a long-forgotten, abandoned temple to the Sea Demon. An extinct people sacrificed wealth and their own criminals and rulers there to quell the demon and rsquo;s wrath. Untold treasure is said to just be lying […]
  • BattleTech: House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition
    Publisher: Catalyst Game LabsHigh Lady Kamea Arano led a rebellion, dispatched the usurpers who stole her throne, dismantled their dictatorial government, and restored peace to the Aurigan Coalition. Now her true battle begins and hellip; The Arano Restoration has succeeded, and High Lady Kamea rules over the reunited Aurigan Coalition. But all is not well […]
  • Zgrozy: Cthulhu się dzieje!
    Publisher: ChaosiumCthulhu się dzieje! to kr and oacute;tki poradnik tworzenia nieliniowych przyg and oacute;d do Zewu Cthulhu oraz improwizowania na sesjach lovecraftowskich gier fabularnych. Znajdziesz w nim: Porady, jak tworzyć dobre lovecraftowskie historie o nieliniowej strukturze Ćwiczenie pomagające przygotować się do improwizacji na sesji 128 pomysł and oacute;w na to, co Bohaterowie Niezależni mogą robić […]
  • Shadowrun: The Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia
    Publisher: Catalyst Game LabsALL IN! They and rsquo;re all here. Everyone of them. The legends, the liars, the betrayers, the winners, the craven, the brave, the powerful, the down-trodden. The people who leaked secrets and got killed for it, and the secrets that no one has discovered yet. The dark bargains, the shady deals, the […]
  • Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Crypt Corridors
    Publisher: Heroic Maps Modular Kit: Crypt Corridors and nbsp; Modular Kit: Crypt Corridors and nbsp;is a printable dungeon tileset compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone set, or combined with any same-scale tileset. Modular Kit: Crypt Corridors comprises 73 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in […]
  • Delta Green: A Victim of the Art
    Publisher: Arc Dream PublishingGrisly Deaths in a Seaside Town A serial killer is at work in quiet Glenridge, Long Island. Bizarre mutilations mark the victims of the and ldquo;Glenridge Chiropractor, and rdquo; as national news and the conspiracy theorists at Phenomen-X call the killer. Privately, the medical examiner is more troubled by residue found on […]

Top Games Companies

Mantic Games was started in 2008 by former Games Workshop Managing Director, Ronnie Renton with a range of high-fantasy miniatures that were compatible with other popular wargames, including Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

They are best known for their games:

Kings Of War (Fantasy Wargame)
Warpath (Sci-Fi Wargame)
Dungeon Saga (Fantasy Board Game)
The Walking Dead: All Out War (Miniatures Game)

Latest From Mantic Games

Founded in 1975 by John Peake, Ian Livingstone, and Steve Jackson (not to be confused with U.S. game designer Steve Jackson), Games Workshop was originally a manufacturer of wooden boards for traditional games. It later became an importer of the U.S. role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and then a publisher of wargames and role-playing games in its own right, expanding from a bedroom mail-order company in the process.

They are best known for their games:

Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Fantasy Wargame)
Warhammer 40K (Sci-Fi Wargame)
Hero Quest (Fantasy Board Game)
Blood Bowl (Fantasy Football Game)
Necromunda (40K Skirmish Game)
And many more

Latest From Games Workshop

Modiphius is the brainchild of gaming entrepreneur Chris Birch who founded the business in 2012 with his wife Rita before launching the successful Achtung! Cthulhu gaming universe via Kickstarter in early 2013.

Many RPGS including:
– Star Trek Adventures
– Achtung! Cthulhu
Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish
Fallout Skirmish Game


Latest From Modiphius

Founded in 2014 after the successful launch of Guild Ball, Steamforged Games Ltd has seen a remarkable growth within the industry. We are passionate about delivering premium tabletop experiences and accessories, inspired by modern gaming philosophy and technology.

They are best known for their games:

Guild Ball

Dark Souls Board Game

Resident Evil Board Game

Latest From Steamforged

Many of Fantasy Flight Games most popular titles are based on beloved licenses such as Star Wars, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, as well as our own proprietary licenses such as Legend of the Five Rings, Android, and Runebound.

Top Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars X Wing
star Wars Armarda
Rune Wars

Latest From Fantasy Flight Games

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