And with that one image of Annette Crosbie with a Machine Gun, I am sold on Brit Vampire Flick Eat Locals. Eat Locals is the  directorial debut of Jason Flemyng, probably best know for his role in Lock Stock and Snatch and from a script by Danny King. “I’ve loved vampires since I […]

Eat Locals. Vampires & Annette Crosbie With A Machine Gun

This week saw the 35th Anniversary releases of the Fighting Fantasy (FF) series of books. To celebrate this anniversary Publisher Scholastic have taken on the licence and not only re-published 5 classic Fighting Fantasy books they have also published the first new FF book from series co creator Ian Livingstone […]

Fighting Fantasy Update.

Conducted at the 2017 Showmasters’ London Film & Comic Con from 28-30 July, the 100,000 plus attendees of this must visit weekend event were invited to vote for their favourite scene to celebrate TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY’s breath-taking new 3D conversion in UK cinemas on August 29th. And really, is […]

Terminator 2’s Most Iconic Scene?

Evil Dead Board Game Box Art
Originally launched on Kickstarter the Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is a tile and miniature based survival horror game for 2-6 Players based on the classic movie. When it originally launched over a year ago now Spacegoat, the designers of The Evil Dead 2 Board Game had the […]

Evil Dead 2: Board Game Miniatures [Images]

Mr Men Doctor Who Vinyl (?) Figures
If you have already missed it the Doctor Who / Mister Men mash up books rock. Aside from the inevitable additional books in this series (coming soon) what more can the various parties do to supply colourful representations of the Doctor to the collectors out there? Doctor Who / Mr […]

The Doctor Who Mr Men. Figures!

Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, reveals today the Locutus of Borg miniature and announces its addition to the Borg cube collector’s edition boxed set for the forthcoming Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, along with two bonus 15-page adventure PDFs. Called “the coolest box […]

Locutus of Borg Miniature For Star Trek Adventures RPG

Hammer Horror Board Game / Tabletop Game anyone? Yes, boardgames. But we are not talking Monopoly, Cluedo or similar (though I am sure that if you made Hammer Horror Dracula Cluedo you would sell some). You have done this in the past with Hammer Horror Forbidden Terrortory over a decade […]

Dear Hammer Films, I Need To Talk To You About ...

Yes Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Ish. Well you know. Those other regenerations that confuse things. Anyway I digress that Doctor Who discussion is for another time. Well, new Doctor, you know what that means, it is another face to The Usual Suspects, a piece of […]

The Usual Suspects. The Evolution of a Doctor Who Masterpiece

NO! This is not a post from 1991. Yes there have been 5(? Who is counting?) Terminator films and a TV series, so why hark back to a movie over quarter of a century old? Well, it has been 3D-i-fied, 3Derated, or something like that. Terminator 2 originally hit British […]

Terminator 2: Judgement Day In Cinemas August

Ready Player One First Trailer is now available. Warner Bros. UK is delighted to share the official first trailer revealed on Saturday 22nd July at San Diego Comic Con for Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated science fiction action adventure, Ready Player One, based on the bestseller from Ernest Cline. Ready Player […]

Ready Player One First Trailer.

Horror Webseries “Cops and Monsters” is currently available for FREE on Youtube. Set in a near-future Scotland, we follow newbies Maya Hedges and Martin Carmichael as they join the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS). Series 1 follows their case of Lycan A202, a dangerous werewolf assassin on the run. Currently […]

Support UK Horror – Cops And Monsters Needs You!

Today SEGA® revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog™ and his friends have joined forces with IDW Publishing, the leading publisher of licensed comic books, to begin a thrilling new chapter in the Blue Blur’s adventures in 2018. Creative teams are currently being formed, and a publishing plan is now underway with […]

Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Coming From IDW