No Daleks This Year!!!

Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta
Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta

Finally I got round to seeing the toys of the year announcement, I am shocked to see that there is not a Dalek or other doctor who toy on the list this year. The full 12 buys toys list follows:

Air Hogs? Zero GravityTM Micro Radio Controlled Vehicle Spinmaster??????????????? RRP ?29.99
BakuganTM Starter Pack Spinmaster???????????? RRP ?12.99
Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix Bandai???????????????? RRP ?15.99
Cars Walkin? Talkin McQueen Mattel???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?99.99
Gormiti Island of Gorm Playset Flair Leisure Products RRP ?29.99
Indiana Jones Hat & Whip Set Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?24.99
Power Rangers Overdrive Tracker Bandai???????????????? RRP ?13.99
Star? Wars??? Clone?? Trooper??? Voice Changer Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?29.99
Transformers??? Animated??? Roll?? Out Command Optimus Prime Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Wall.E Transforming Robot Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?14.99
WWE RAW Arena Playset Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?49.99

Some Star Wars stuff (cool) but not one Dr Who item in there.

For a 2008 top Dr Who toy I would push for the Dr Who 12″ Radio Control Dalek (supreme) or the? Dr Who Interactive Screwdriver Set,
where is the DAVROS toy this year? or the plush cuddly adipose? I want answers!

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