New Knight Rider

Mike Traceur (Jason Breuning) + KITT.
Mike Traceur (Jason Breuning) + KITT.
Last night?s premiere of brand new Knight Rider has delivered its SCI FI channel?s best series ratings since the first run of Heroes in 2007. Over half a million viewers tuned in for the high-octane, feature-length pilot, which guest-starred David Hasselhoff.

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Jon Farrar, Programming Director (UK), NBC Universal Global Networks commented, ?We?ve always said that the return of K.I.T.T. is an historic TV moment and the viewers have clearly agreed with us. We?re thrilled with the ratings and really proud to bring such an iconic series back to life on the SCI FI channel. We?ve introduced the show to a whole new age group? a generation of young viewers can finally understand why us over 35s get so excited about a talking car.?

The series is based on the 1980s vehicle which helped drive actor David Hasselhoff to worldwide fame, but has been completely updated for the 21st century audience. K.I.T.T. is now voiced by actor Val Kilmer and boasts state of the art weaponry, plus the ability to transform or change colour. At the wheel is Justin Bruening, an actor new to UK audiences but a well-established heart-throb in the USA after starring in soap opera All My Children. Bruening plays Mike Traceur, the son of original character Michael Knight.

The series will continue to premiere on SCI FI every Tuesday at 8pm and is also available in high definition on SCI FI HD (available on the Sky platform). Following the feature-length pilot last night, Knight Rider will continue in one hour instalments and go back-to-back with the UK premiere of DOLLHOUSE, another highly anticipated fantasy from Buffy creator Joss Whedon, which starts next Tuesday 19 May at 9pm.

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