LEGO to do Jurassic Park Toys?

Possibly the worlds best toy line LEGO has been persuing many different Movie and Character licences. Could the Jurassic Park movies be next in line for a Minifig makeover?

LEGO has chased a large number of big licences, so could Jurassic Park LEGO join the likes of the following?:

Harry Potter
DC Superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc)
MARVEL Super Heroes (Spider-Man, Iron man etc)
LEGO Star Wars
LEGO Lord Of The Rings
Sponge Bob etc.

For full details on these please see the official LEGO website,

Now I have noticed that with the case of LEGO Lord Of The Rings, very similar MINIFIGS started to appear in the ‘Kingdoms’ range (orcs / wizards etc). Which have now seemed to dissapear from their website gearing up to the new line of LEGO Lord Of The Rings Toys, (see this link, click Themes then Kingdoms).

Lately we have seen the DINO range of LEGO appear, I am wondering if this is a generic set launch before the announcement of the Jurassic Park range?

Take a close look at the LEGO Dino sets featured on the right or on the official LEGO WEBSITE, looking likely?

Although dinosaurs are generic, the types of toy sets being produces obviously pulls from the Jurassic Park mythos.

Time will tell….

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