LEGO – Brick Friday Offers

Wondering what ?Brick? Friday is? It?s 4 fantastic days of the best LEGO deals of the year. In the past The OFFICIAL LEGO SHOP was only able to extend these offers to the States, but why should they have all the fun? That?s why this year we?ll be offering the following, combinable, offers 25-28th Nov. Each is detailed below:

? 10% off all orders of ?100 or more
? Free Limited Edition Holiday set featuring Santa Minifigure with orders of ?50 or more
? FREE Delivery on all orders of ?25 or more
? All offers Valid: 25th ? 28th November
? Offers Combinable ? No Code Required

Visit the OFFICIAL LEGO Shop for these offers and more.

Special Sales & Deals

853131Signature Minifigure Towel50% Off
853146Signature Minifigure Playing Cards50% Off
853216Classic Sticker Set50% Off
852984LEGO?Key Covers (Set of 2)50% Off
853261Tote Bag Large50% Off
852678LEGO? Classic Shoulder Bag50% Off
853147Logo Wallet50% Off
852988LEGO?Foldable Umbrella50% Off
853136Signature Minifigure Umbrella50% Off
LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Watch
50% Off
2851190LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Watch50% Off
2851195Obi Wan Kids Watch 201050% Off
2856129Count Dooku Kids Watch w/Mini Figure50% Off
852998Birthday Kit50% Off
853191Magnet Set Jack Sparrow50% Off
2851194Han Solo Watch50% Off
2851192C-3PO50% Off
2851191Obi Wan Adult Watch 201050% Off
2850827R2D2 Watch50% Off
853105Sheath w Ninja Sword30% Off
853108Ninjago Headband30% Off
853129Aayla Secura SW CW Keychain30% Off

No Lego Voucher codes, No Lego Discount codes requires.

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