Feedback/food for thought

I have been away, busy with work…But i am back

I will try to get two or three good posts off over the next few days. But i ask our readers to add some comments into this feed, I would love to know what your watching at the moment, what your playing on any platform, reading or thinking about!

I’d like to know if there is anything good coming through, anything to keep eyes peeled for. We have some great things to offer, but tbh i think we need people commenting, and for the ed to authorize some of the posts.

I would like to see us in a position to have some more voices out there in cyberspace, I want to get us to 500 likes on facebook by the middle of the year. If we can cover it no bigger how big or small you may think it is. I personally want to know, all my twitter and stuff is on my profile (well it is now)

I aim to do a bit of Battlefield 4 for PS3 as that has just fallen in my lap. I am going to sort out a review of the tomorrow people, and i will throw in a comic review too. I ask for a quick call out as the if you want X-files covered..of course this may change when I look in on the comics, but unless I get a shout for one or the other then I will do that instead.

A big shout goes out to Vortex t-shirts, who are offering quality t’s at great prices.


My final shout goes to battletokens and the items we carry on our site..have a look please, there is a geek out there who needs a great gift for Valentines day…hint hint

Right I look forward to a few comments..See you or talk to you soon