DC Universe TV Show Round Up

Contains Spoilers!

a round up of the DC Universe TV show in the UK at the moment.

The Flash

The Flash – Sky 1 Tuesday nights at 8pm

The Flash TV Series
The Flash TV Series
Flash returned to our screens two weeks ago, season 3 sees Barry Allen dealing with the ramifications of his time travelling escapades at the end of season 2.

Barry changed the timeline surrounding his mother’s death, he stopped the reverse Flash, and took him away. Keeping him locked up in a specially designed cell. Barry lives out a surreal existence with his mother and father saved from death. Aww that’s cute.

Little does Barry realise the damage he’s doing. He starts having these weird little episodes, flashes of the real timeline start to disappear. Thorn still locked up, questions Barry and his motives. Who’s the villain Barry?

In this version of events, Wally West is Kid Flash (he hates being called that). Barry and Wally team up to deal with the Rival. Wally almost dies in this reality. Detective West saves the day, by killing the Rival.

Flash has to release the reverse Flash in a bid to reset the timeline. Oh dear Barry, you’ve messed up badly. Thorn takes Barry on his wild ride. But where has he left him?

Barry is completely at the mercy of Reverse Flash, and he’s gone and done a runner. (That’s really cheesy). Barry isn’t safe yet, subtle differences assure him he isn’t in the correct reality yet. Ms West, isn’t speaking to her father. Barry makes it his mission to sort the pair out.

Barry reveals to the group minus Harry Well’s that he’s messed with time, and messed it all up. He reminds the group that they should be working as one to save the day. So they put things aside to save the day. A new villain had appeared in alchemy, and he’s just resurrected the Rival. But what else has he bought back?

Sisko has his vibe suit and he’s pretty kick ass. Kaitlyn is hid

The Arrow TV Series
The Arrow TV Series
ing a dark secret. Killer frost. Will this mean she’ll go rogue and turn on the group?

You’ll have to watch Sky 1 on Tuesdays to find out.

The Arrow

Wednesdays sees the green Arrow return to our screens, also at 8pm on Sky 1.

Ollie is now mayor of Central city, and he’s trying to juggle his day job and his vigilante activities. The core team has been broken up. Thea just wants to get on being herself. Laurel Lance is dead, and the city owes her their existence to her. They’ve honored her with a statue (albeit a terrible one).

Former captain Lance is struggling to come to terms with the loss of the black canary, and he’s taken step backwards into the bottle. He’s no longer got the white canary to help him through, no she’s traveling in time with the Legends of tomorrow.

The events of season 4 lost me. I’m sorry I did not care much for the Damien Darkh storyline. But it’s fair to say he broke the group up. Enter our new villain, looking to terrorise the city and seize control. Church is a good match for Arrow, and without the usual back up Ollie looks out of his depth.

Felicity conceives Ollie he must recruit a new team. Ollie begins by chasing down mad dog. Gives him the usual warning, then leaves him an invite to try out for his team. The tech guy wants to join, and he’s on the inside, knowing who Ollie is and the whole nine yards. We have a new girl being recruited too.

Felicity is still happy to fulfil her role as overwatch. She’s the only one to keep Ollie grounded and stable. The man is a looney, taking on all manner of bad guy. He takes a Bratva training module to try to teach the team. But he’s so harsh on the new group, that all of them want out. Throw in a few flashbacks and you’re setting up the tone of the season. Ollie struggling with the weight of all his duties, and trying to put a kick ass team together.

Thea makes an interesting discovery, no big surprise that a supposed ally is really up to no good. Enter ragman, an undisclosed neutral with an axe to grind.

Arrow will have his hands full this season.

Legends of Tomorrow

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow returned on Thursday and will continue in a Thursday night slot on Sky 1 also at 8pm.

The Legends dealt with the time masters at the end of season 1. Rip Hunter has taken the Legends through time, playing protectors to all effectively making them the new time masters.

Looks like they’ve messed up though, they and the time ship are apparently at the bottom of the ocean since 1942. Our new member of the team, finds Ollie in his office. Dropping the bomb that he knows he is the Green Arrow.

Ollie is convinced that the best thing to do is get into a submersible and find the wave rider. Job done, they find only one crew member in stasis. After they get him out of stasis, they listen to his tale. Nice little set up for the season. Find Damien Darkh, and ignore the warning from another time master. Stay out of 1942! Ok then 1942 it is.

Darkh has stolen Einstein’s estranged wife in a bid to give the Nazis an atomic weapon. The Germans get the weapon onto a submarine and plan to travel to New York win the war and be home in time for crumpets and sauerkraut for tea with the führer.

Crisis averted but on a collision course with a nuclear device, Rip scatters the team through time but saves Mick Rory in stasis. Just because he took a hit and wouldn’t do so well being scattered. So the new guy and Mr Rory are tasked with finding the rest of the crew throughout time.

Where is Rip? What is Darkh up to? And why has Thorn turned up?

We’ll have to watch to find out how all of these questions pan out over the coming episodes. Sky seem to have all the superhero stuff that’s important.