Champion of Mars by Guy Haley to be published by Solaris Books

Champion of Mars, a new novel by British science-fiction writer Guy Haley, has become the latest acquisition by Solaris.

Champion of Mars is a novel truly vast in scope and charts the troubled history of the red planet over millennia. It will be published simultaneously in the UK and US in May 2012, as well as in eBook format.

An experienced SF writer and magazine editor, Guy Haley has worked on SFX, Death Ray and White Dwarf. He writes for Black Library, and is the author of the forthcoming Richards & Klein SF series from Angry Robot, the first two books of which will be released soon. You can read some of Guy?s work and his blog at

Jonathan Oliver, Solaris editor-in-chief, said: ?It?s wonderful when you find a science-fiction novel that?s this epic while also dealing with characters you can believe in. Guy is a strong new voice in SF and it?s a real pleasure to be working with him. Champion of Mars has all the grandeur of the golden-age SF of Bradbury, Silverberg or Clarke, while also presenting a strong new authorial voice.?

Guy said: ?I?m delighted to have placed Champion of Mars with Solaris. The story is a personal favourite of mine, and I can?t wait to share it with the world. I love planetary romance and hard SF, Champion of Mars is my attempt to merge the two. I can?t think of a better home for the book than Solaris, a great imprint with a great catalogue, one which I?m thrilled to join.?

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