Stars of Time 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011
The Helicopter Museum
10 am – 5.30 pm

Guests to be announced soon
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Portugal’s largest fantasy and science fiction convention, The F?rum Fant?stico 2010

Portugal’s largest fantasy and science fiction convention, The F?rum Fant?stico 2010, is getting ready to open its doors to thousands of fans in Lisbon this weekend 12th-14th November.

The two Guests of Honour being flown in this year are the British fantasy author Stephen Hunt, and American fantasy author Peter V. Brett.

The three-day event also includes many Portuguese fantasy and science fiction authors & comic-book creators and artists, including Ricardo Pinto, David Soares, Afonso Cruz and Jo?o Pedro Duarte.

The event is being held in Portugal’s capital in the stunning Biblioteca Municipal de Telheiras (state library).

Stephen Hunt was first published in 2007 after a fiercely fought auction for his debut fantasy novel, ?The Court of the Air?. The success of ?The Court of the Air? (it?s still the only debut fantasy novel to be given mass-market distribution by Tesco) helped kick-start a now rapidly growing sub-culture known as steampunk, with a slew of novels in the genre following in Hunt?s foot-steps on both sides of the Atlantic.

Books in Stephen’s series include ?The Court of the Air, ?The Kingdom Beyond the Waves?, ?The Rise of the Iron Moon, ?Secrets of the Fire Sea?, ?Jack Cloudie? (pub: 2011), and a 6th as yet untitled work in the series due for publication in 2012.

The Jackelian series is published in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand by HarperCollins; the USA by Tor; and as foreign language editions by various publishers in Japan, China, Russia, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Stephen Hunt’s blog is at and his official author?s site can be found at

Peter V. Brett is an American writer of fantasy novels. He is the author of the ongoing ‘Demon Series’, whose first volume ‘The Painted Man’, was first published in the United Kingdom by HarperCollins’s Voyager imprint in 2008. The book is known as ‘The Warded Man’ in the United States where Del Ray Books published it.

The first novel in Peter’s Demon Series introduces a world formerly the home of an advanced human civilisation, now reduced to a ‘dark age’ by the attacks of demons, known as ‘corelings’. The corelings are powerful beings, with magical abilities and differing elemental natures, and each night emerge from the planet’s core to feed on humans. The story is told from the perspective of three main characters, Arlen, Leesha and Rojer, showing their passage from childhood to maturity and the beginning of their individual quests to bring an end to the terror that has befallen humankind. Each character possess differing talents, which develop across the tale, and will become key in the ongoing struggle.

Peter V. Brett’s official author?s site can be found at

Visit the convention’s web site at for more details of F?rum Fant?stico 2010.

The 24th Leeds International Film Festival

Leeds International Film festival announces programme: The King?s Speech to open the 24th edition on 4th November

The 24th Leeds International Film Festival has announced its full 2010 programme, beginning with an Opening Gala screening of The King?s Speech. Directed by Tom Hooper (The Damned United) and featuring an all-star cast fronted by Colin Firth (A Single Man, Mamma Mia!), the Gala will open the Film Festival on Thursday 4th November at Leeds Town Hall.

The Film Festival offers a stunning blend of the old and the new, with the splendour of the Town Hall?s d?cor complimented by a brand new 12 by 5 metre screen and full digital surround sound, making this a truly state of the art venue. With an 800 person capacity, the astounding new screen and sound can be fully experienced for the first time from the newly-opened balcony seating.

The King?s Speech is the moving story of the man who became King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the mid-thirties, and the son of King George V, ?Bertie? (Colin Firth), is plagued by a dreaded stutter and considered unfit to be king. Encouraged by his caring wife Elizabeth, Bertie engages the assistance of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) who helps the heir to the throne free himself from his powerlessness.

Fresh from its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival where the film won the prestigious People?s Choice Award (previously won by Danny Boyle?s worldwide phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire), and now tipped for Oscar? success, Leeds is one of only a few places to see the film before its UK release in January. The King?s Speech continues director Tom Hooper?s connection to Leeds after the massive success of The Damned United, with Screen Yorkshire providing crew for the sections of the film made at Leeds? very own Elland Road Stadium, home of Leeds United FC.

The film?s illustrious cast includes three-time BAFTA award nominee Colin Firth (A Single Man, Mamma Mia!) Oscar?-winner Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean, Shine) and Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd).

The Town Hall is the host location not only for the Opening Gala, but for all the very best new cinema from around the world throughout the Festival. Just a few other films to be screened at the Town Hall are Never Let Me Go, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Animal Kingdom and Fanomenon Day of the Dead 4 as part of the Fanomenon programme section (the North?s biggest genre film event offering a unique combination of fantasy cinema experiences, both light and dark).

The full programme is available now at

Never Let Me Go is a poignant drama based on the acclaimed, best-selling novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro featuring a trio of terrific performances by Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.

Winner of the 2010 Palme d?Or at Cannes Film Festival,?Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives is one of the most striking films of recent years. Suffering from kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his last days in a location of past lives and familiar ghosts.

With echoes of Scorsese?s early crime dramas, the Film Festival is proud to host the UK premiere of Animal Kingdom by first-time Australian writer/director David Mich?d. Set in the Melbourne underworld, 17 year old Joshua moves in with his estranged family who are on the run from renegade detectives, and Joshua is about to get caught up in a cold-blooded revenge plot that turns the family upside down. Suspenseful, moving and enriched with a real psychological depth, Mich?d is a filmmaker to watch.

Fanomenon Day of the Dead 4 is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events in the country for fans of international horror and genre films. With special guest appearances, extended on stage interviews and special preview events, horror fans can enjoy some of the years? most talked about films all on one day.

Highlights of the five films to be shown include The Dead, a stunning ?zombie journey movie? filmed in isolated but beautiful parts of Africa never before seen on film, with directors Howard and Jon Ford in attendance, and the UK premiere of the highly acclaimed Kidnapped, fresh from its Best Horror Feature and Best Director wins at Fantastic Fest; the biggest genre festival in the USA.

Fanomenon Day of the Dead 4 takes place on Saturday 13th November with four of the features being screened in competition for the prestigious M?li?s d?Argent award.

Chris Fell, Director of Leeds International Film Festival said:

?Opening with The King?s Speech is a major coup for Leeds International Film Festival and special thanks to Momentum Pictures in London for helping to make this happen. As one of the most talked about new films of the year and part-filmed in Leeds too, The King?s Speech will make a perfect start to our major programme of outstanding world cinema and a great launch event for our flagship venue of Leeds Town Hall.?

The 24th Leeds International Film Festival is presented by Leeds City Council, and supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and Screen Yorkshire, with lead sponsors anCnoc Highland Single Malt Whisky, East Coast Mainline, Leeds Brewery, Northern Rail, twentysix Digital, Bewley?s Hotels, Vue Cinemas and

Taking place over 18 days across 10 venues, of which the Town Hall will be the centre of the action, the Film Festival screens over 110 feature films and 150 shorts from the 4th to the 21st of November 2010.

Fun Stuff For Twilight Fans

Thousands of screaming fans invaded Leicester Square last night, and there could only be one reason: The Twilight Saga is back in town! The third film in the series, Eclipse has already broken the box office record for a midnight opening in the US, and opens in the UK next Friday, with previews this weekend! To celebrate this monumental occasion there are whole host of goodies available for Twilight Fans

? A tool to organize twilight parties/trips to the cinema ? so that you don?t miss any of the vampire vs. werewolf action!

? Countdown widget with Edward and Jacob themed goodies


Sorority Row. New Horror Movie

Soroity Row
Soroity Row
Sorority Row stars rising Hollywood talent Rumer Willis, Audrina Partridge (The Hills) and Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets), who recently won the ?Female Stars of Tomorrow? Award at the Showest Awards 2009!

A group of sorority sisters are sworn to ?trust, secrecy and solidarity? ? no matter what. But their loyalty is tested when a prank goes terribly wrong and ends in a brutal murder. Rather than confess to the crime, the girls agree to hide the bloody corpse and keep their secret forever.

A year later, as they prepare to say goodbye to the house and each other, the girls are confident their dark secret will remain buried. But does it?

At Cinemas on the 9th September

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Heroes Series 2 DVD / Bluray UK Details


You may have already seen my brief digest of Heroes Series 2, well here are the full Heroes series 2 DVD release details

Heroes Season 2 evolves onto DVD on Monday 28th July, courtesy of Universal Playback.

Remember due to the writers strike this series comprises of just 11 episodes but the DVD is packed with a host of exclusive entertaining extras, including an alternate ending to the season, and a sneak peek preview of Season 3 (cannot wait :) ).

At the end of Season 1, having saved the cheerleader Claire Bennett, Peter Petrelli soon finds out that he is far from saving the world. Nathan Petrelli helped his brother to narrowly avoid a catastrophic nuclear event by risking his own life, and political career to fly the self combusting hero miles above New York City as onlookers witnessed a massive explosion in the black night sky. Their fate remained unknown. Meanwhile the whereabouts of the hero? arch enemy Sylar is unknown but he is believed to have escaped into the city? underground sewer system.

Season 2 of Heroes picks up the pieces 4 months after the events of Kirby Plaza and finds an amnesiac Peter Petrelli awake in a freight container in an Irish shipping yard. With no recollection of his former life he struggles to piece together fragmented memories of his past and soon discovers that he is not a normal human being. Meanwhile ?he Company?and his family are trying to track his whereabouts.

Claire is building a new life with her family in California and has a new love interest at high school called West, but if he discovers who her father is it could ruin everything. Hiro Nakamura has travelled back in time to meet the legendary Takezo Kensei, but he fails to live up to his mythological stories and Hiro is forced to teach him how to be a fearsome warrior. Unable to control her abilities Niki Sanders puts her life in the hands of ?he Company?who claim they can cure her, and now they have Dr. Mohinder Suresh onboard too, however it? unclear whose side he is on. Niki? gifted son Micah is staying with his auntie in New Orleans where his cousin soon discovers that she also has a secret ability. Matt Parkman is forced to locate his estranged father and will learn that his mind reading ability is capable of so much more.

Meanwhile, Peter Petrelli accidentally travels forward in time (muppet) and witnesses the Shanti Virus wipe out 93% of the world? population. It? a race against the clock as the heroes join forces once more to stop this catastrophic global event from happening.

Packing the number or new characters into the second series was a mistake, but all will be forgiven if series 3 is as strong as the first.

Heroes series 2 is available as a 4-disc DVD set, packed with every knuckle-biting Season 2 episode and a great collection of exclusive extras.

Heroes Season 2 is out to own Monday 28th July 2008. Heroes Season 1&2 will also be available to own as a HEROES complete DVD box-set on Monday 28th July 2008 and will be released on Monday 25th August 2008.

Heroes – Season 2 DVD Details

Heroes DVD Extras:

  • Heroes Season 2 ? New Beginning? Tim Kring introduces us to the theme of ?xtraordinary people trying to live normal lives?
  • Alternate Ending and Alternate Episode #11

  • Audio Commentaries: Cast & Crew provide a running commentary of every episode

  • Season 3 Sneak Peek: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the third season premiere

  • Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint

  • The Drucker Files

  • Genetics of a Scene: The Anatomy of the Cherry Blossom Scene: An interview with the Executive Producer/ Director Allan Arkush

  • Genetics of a Scene: Maya and Alejandro Run from the Police: An interview with the Executive Producer/ Director Greg Beeman

  • Genetics of a Scene: The Final Scene

  • Deleted Scenes

Heroes Season 2

Release date: Monday 28th July 2008

Running time: Feature 7hrs 41minutes approx,
Bonus 2hrs 6 minutes approx

Format: 4 Disc DVD

CERT: 15

Price: ?4.99 RRP

Cat No: 8256371

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: 5.1 & 2.0 Stereo

Subtitles English SDH

Copyright Line: Film ?2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Heroes Seasons 1&2

Release date: Monday 28th July 2008

Running time: 23 hrs 48minutes approx

Format: 11 Disc DVD

CERT: 15

Price: ?9.99 RRP

Cat No: 8256708

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: 5.1 & 2.0 Stereo

Copyright Line: Film ?2006/2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Packaging Design ?2008 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved

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August Anime


Mushi-Shi – Volume 5

The fifth instalment of this popular anime series.

Mushi are neither plants nor animals, instead they resemble the primeval substances of life. Few humans are actually aware of their existence and among them is Ginko, a ?ushi-Shi?who travels around investigating them. In the course of his research he aids those plagued by supernatural phenomenon caused by the Mushi.

Hell Girl ?Volume 3 ?Cherry

Hell Girl returns with more revenge in this, the third volume.

Beyond the veil of midnight lies a website, Type in the name of one upon which you desire retributionond it will be served. But there always has to be a price to pay.

Suzuka ?Volume 4

Love is not a spectator sport in the fourth volume of Suzuka.

Yamato and Honoka are dating ?somewhat. For a young man blissfully in love, he sure is spending a lot of time with Suzuka. First getting stranded, then birthday shopping?Already bound and determined to screw things up on his own, with Yasunbu cheering this race on, Honoka? gonna be out there before the starting pistol gets a chance to go off.

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NEW James Bond Trailer


Just a teaser Trailer – but what the hell it is James Bond after all

More on James Bond at jamesbondrocks

In a minefield of treachery, murder and deceit, Bond allies with old friends in a battle to uncover the truth. As he gets closer to finding the man responsible for the betrayal of Vesper, 007 must keep one step ahead of the CIA, the terrorists and even M, to unravel Greene? sinister plan and stop his organisation.

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Indiana Jones LEGO Trilogy Game + Video


Out 6 June (Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Windows, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)

Just like the Star Wars Trilogy Lego console and PC games LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes the best bits of playing with of LEGO, the fun and interactivity of a comic console game with one of the top trilogy of films ever (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). With a unique tongue-in-cheek take on the original adventures, LEGO Indiana Jones follows the little plastic brick Harrison Ford through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India. Fans can build, battle and brawl their way through their favourite cinematic moments, from Indy? entanglements with snakes to his dashing boulder run.

Of course, pop culture? most iconic archaeologist will whip through all the classic moments with the help of a host of supporting characters including Marion Ravenwood and Short Round. Players can also mix and match the body parts of more than 60 playable characters to create new heroes just as they could in the best-selling LEGO Star Wars?games.

Product Information

  • Everyone? favourite fedora wearing hero returns to theatres this May in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and families can celebrate the humour and excitement of the original films with LEGO Indiana Jones.
  • Tongue-in-cheek humour presents The Original Adventures in a manner only LEGO can whip up, with comical reinterpretations of classic Indiana Jones scenes and elements.
  • Use Indy? signature whip as a multi-purpose tool to attack, disarm, swing across gaps, activate levers and interact with a world of LEGO objects and puzzles.
  • For the first time, LEGO Indy characters are fully immersed in their environment; swim, climb, shimmy across rock ledges and pick up and carry objects.
  • Use a variety of weapons from the environment to fight enemies (e.g., chairs, guns, swords, bottles).
  • Unlock more than 60 playable characters, including villains and supporting characters (Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, Rene Belloq, Willie Scott, Marcus Brody, Jones Senior and Mola Ram).
  • Character specific abilities include excavation by Satipo, an umbrella slide by Marcus Brody, and monkey access by Marion Ravenwood.
  • Create unique playable characters like Sallah Scott or Mola Round by mixing and matching the LEGO body parts of all playable characters.
  • Explore the globe and solve puzzles that encourage creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations only possible in a LEGO world.
  • Cooperative gameplay encourages parents to share the legacy of Indiana Jones with their children in a fun and humorous way
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