My Neighbour Totoro Bluray Review

Once again the lovely folk at Studio Ghibli and StudioCanal spoil us rotten with new Bluray releases of classic Ghibli films this month. First up is my all-time favourite film (ever!)… “My Neighbour Totoro”. Ostensibly a children’s movie, but a film so magical, wonderful, intelligent and moving that anyone of any age can, and will […]

Arachnoquake SyFy Monster Movie on DVD

Ah, the Syfy monster movie. These fill that niche of movie and TV production that does not need to be filled, but would somehow now be missed if they stopped. Not so much chewing gum for the eyes, than the supermarket budget /value gum you would only consider chewing if there is nothing else in […]

Review of French Fantasy Horror Film Livide

Livid Review by Neil Gardner French fantasy horror film ?Livide? by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury is out now on DVD (titled ?Livid? in the UK) in a fanfare of positive reviews. But does it live up to its reputation as an original, scary modern horror? The horror film world is in a bit of […]