Robot Chicken: Star Wars on DVD

Robot Chicken Starwars
Robot Chicken Starwars

Robot chicken was created partly by Seth Green (Family Guy, Buffy, Austin Powers) and despite doing such dross as “Without A Paddle” and the “White And Nerdy” weird all video (both of which he is still playing with Star Wars Toys) he has really made his mark and not simply “that guy from buffy”

The Star Wars universe has been lampooned in many variations – but this is one of the greats (and much better than Family Guy’s Blue Harvest). Robot Chicken Star Wars is basically an extended episode of [adult swim] which is jam-packed with unforgettable moments parodying all 6 films.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars boasts an all-star voice cast including Star Wars creator himself, George Lucas plus Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, Breckin Meyer, Donald Faison, Hulk Hogan and James Van Der Beek.

The story begins not long ago, in a galaxy not far enough away where we see Emperor Palpatine receive a reverse charge call from the Dark Lord announcing the destruction of the Death Star, watch the droids have trouble getting through airport security and see Admiral Akbar selling out in an advert for his own breakfast cereal. If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, George Lucas gets saved from a mob of nerds at a Star Wars convention, Luke and the Emperor settle things with a ‘yo mama’ fight and there’s even a new unforgettable addition to the Star Wars franchise with ‘Empire on Ice’…and that’s just a snippet of the 35 sketches featured!