Strangeness in Space Is Like A Strange Dream I Once Had

strangeA dream that 1980s Saturday morning TV comedians Trevor and Simon teamed up with Ace from Doctor Who and made a Scifi Comedy.

Well I wish it was my dream, but this new project between the pant swinging duo that don’t do duvets (real names Trevor Neal and Simon Hickson), the ever gorgeous Sophie Aldred and the amazingly talented Clare Eden (producer of crowd funded Minister Of Chance, Doctor Who spin off audio).

Even the logo and associated comic book artwork is pure brilliance created by Lee Sullivan (top comic book artist).

Today they announced the fact Rufus Hound (various comedy panel shows) and Doon Mackichan (great actress) are to be involved the dream team got stronger.

Trev, Simon and Sophie are unwittingly rocketed into the extraordinary, surreal world of space! They’re racing into the future with a foot in the past (the nostalgic 1980s to be precise). Along the way, fuelled by a diet of indigestible powdered space food, they will encounter a whole host of unusual space dwellers and aliens, all played by an exciting parade of cult actors and celebrities, in as many episodes as we can fund through this campaign with your help!

They’ll bump into the flocking Featherheads, or encounter the hairy scary Rhinocerbikers; shake hands with the sinister Dr Scarifium or be shook up by a Space Ghost!

Currently the project is over the 2/3 mark of its ambitious £15,000 crowdfunding target. Check it out over on Kickstarter or on the project’s official page

Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars Has Been Successfully Funded!

The Trolltooth Wars. Front cover, by Gavin Mitchell
The Trolltooth Wars. Front cover, by Gavin Mitchell
The Trolltooth Wars is graphic novel based on the original Fighting Fantasy novel by Steve Jackson.
The graphic novel by is by PJ Montgomery.
The project on Kickstarter has reached its £14,500 goal and just missed one of the stretch goal by mere pounds!

The novel tells the story of a war between two evil sorcerers, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr. With the peaceful kingdom of Salamonis threatened by the escalating conflict, King Salamon dispatches Chadda Darkmane to find a way of either ending the war, or turning it to Salamonis’s advantage. The novel was successful enough to spawn two sequels, Demonstealer and Shadowmaster, featuring the continuing adventures of Darkmane and the good wizard, Gereth Yaztromo, which were in turn followed by the four part Zagor Chronicles series.

This graphic novel is going right back to the beginning, adapting The Trolltooth Wars to bring the story to life in a brand new medium. We’re sticking closely to the story established by Steve Jackson, with some minor changes for space and pacing reasons (something you get whenever any story is adapted into a new format).

The novel should be ready for the book shops in September 2015

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Help Fund Zombie Comic Undad!

Australian graphic novelist to publish “Undad,” the personal journey of an undead man trying to lead a normal, vegetarian life

Shane W. Smith, author of multiple long and short works, including Aurealis Award finalist “Peaceful Tomorrows,” has announced a multilevel Kickstarter campaign for his new comic project titled “Undad.”

The comic miniseries is currently scheduled for five issues with around 40 pages each and with a newUndad_large artist attached to each issue. “Undad” stars recently undead family man Brett Buckley. Buckley attempts to hide his status from friends, family and co-workers while trying to figure out his new place in the world, coach his kids’ soccer team and reconcile his militant vegetarian morals with his insatiable hunger for living flesh.

“The very best of classic zombie fiction acts as a critique of human nature, of the collective human experience, a witty indictment of mob mentality,” Shane W. Smith said, “and presents at its very core a species vainly struggling against extinction at the hand of its own darker nature.”

Smith added that although the tradition of using zombie fiction as a parable for modern life holds true in his project, “‘Undad’ does things a little differently.” This particular comic is focused on the personal individual journey of Buckley and his quest to regain the love and respect of his family.

“Becoming dead reminds him how to live,” Smith said.

The extensive Kickstarter campaign, with an initial goal of $3,750, is set up so that backers who contribute any amount will be rewarded. Investors have multiple tiers and levels to choose from, with rewards including, but not limited to, either digital or hardcopy versions of “Undad,” copies of various other titles from Smith’s collection of works, limited-edition “Undad” journals, custom sketches and even the chance to have a character of your likeness in “Undad.”

Both additional tiers/levels of contributions and investments towards issues 3-5 will be unlocked once certain dollar amounts are achieved, in hopes of keeping the donors engaged throughout the process and successful progression of the series.

For additional information on “Undad,” Shane W. Smith, or his extensive body of acclaimed work, visit

To invest in “Undad” visit