Kat and the Pendulum is the fifth book in the Kat Lightfoot book series. Kat and the Pendulum is a tale of horror from Sam Stone the author of Zombies at Tiffany’s, Kat on a Hot Tin Airship, What’s Dead Pussy, Kat and Kat of Green Tentacles. You can pre order the book here. You […]

Teaser Art

Warhammer 40K #1 Will Of Iron

Will of Iron’, is written by George Man – writer of Titan’s smash-hit Dark Souls comic series, and illustrated by Independence Day artist Tazio Bettin (Sally of the Wasteland). Issue one now available After a thousand years of warp storms, the Calaphrax Cluster has re-opened to the universe, and Baltus and his fellow Dark Angel […]

Doctor Who Mr Men books are a Real Thing!

Spring 2017 will see four books in a new range which sees the Doctor’s regenerations imagined in the style of Mr. Men creator Roger Hargreaves. These storybook mash-ups, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, combine the iconic storytelling of Doctor Who with the whimsical humour and design made famous by his father, Roger Hargreaves. The […]

Hunters by Troy Dennison

Hunters is a fast paced Scifi horror novel set in the near future by Troy Dennison. This needs to be a TV series or Movie stat. Keep reading then buy the book using this link A deadly virus, a city under quarantine and a team of highly trained soldiers sent in to eradicate those infected. […]

Hunters Kindle Edition by Troy Dennison

Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four

January 2017 will see the release of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition, collecting multiple complete stories, all captured directly from Jack Kirby’s original art. This will be the second Artist’s Edition of Kirby’s immensely popular and influential Marvel work, following the recent release of the highly anticipated Jack Kirby’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition. […]

Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition

Fight Like A Girl Book

In the Fight Like A Girl book just released we see strong female characters from strong female writers of the Scifi and Fantasy genres. Fight Like A Girl collection of science fiction and fantasy ranging from space operas and near-future factional conflict to medieval warfare and urban fantasy. These are not pinup girls fighting in […]

Devourer of Souls by Kevin Lucia

Devourer of Souls is a collection of two Clifton Heights novellas by Kevin Lucia with interior artwork by Aaron Dries. Kevin Lucia’s latest installment of his growing Clifton Heights mythos, Sheriff Chris Baker and Father Ward meet for a Saturday morning breakfast at The Skylark Dinner to once again commiserate over the weird and terrifying […]

2001: A Space Odyssey – First illustrated edition from The Folio Society

Folio Society launched the first ever illustrated edition of the sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke With stunning illustrations by Joe Wilson, this edition also includes the foreword written jointly by Clarke and Kubrick, as well as Clarke’s ‘Back to 2001’ preface written in 1989. Michael Moorcock, a long-standing colleague of […]

Free Fantasy Novel: Wrath Of Kings by Eric Kelly

A quick heads up, if you have a tablet, ipad or ereader (or even a boring old PC) you can downloa a Free Fantasy Novel: Wrath Of Kings by Eric Kelly quickly and easily using the following links. Wrath Of Kings – ePub Wrath Of Kings – Mobi Wrath Of Kings – PDF The Wrath […]

The Amber Project – Book 1 of the Variant Saga

In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle. That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery—and everything […]


He doesn’t know his real name. He doesn’t know how the world became a dystopian remnant of what it once was. He doesn’t know where all the people have gone. His mind is shattered. And he’s dancing with a mannequin named Livvy. He’s Solo—at least that’s what Tom, his only friend in this desolate world, […]

Be First To Read Subject 15. FREE.

An interesting ‘live novel’ by Joe Tremblay. Subject 15 is an ongoing project and undated every day. Jack McCoy is an out of work gambling addict who needs a quick buck and decides to take his friend’s advice and participate in a lab experiment. At first, it all seemed great, especially the $300 per day, […]