Angry Robot Books Accept UnAgented Submissions

March 2011 will see AngryRobot Books accepting submissions from unagented authors for the first time. The door is open from 1st March 2011 to 31st March 2011. Do not send submissions out of this window as they will not be read.

Should things work out they may repeat the process at a later date, so if you have a manuscript that is not ready do not panic.

Submission Guidelines: (from the Angry Robot Website)

We?re publishing novels, either standalone or as part of greater series. We?re not looking to publish your novellas, short stories (individually or collected in book form) or non-fiction at this time. Our novels are for adult readers; we?re not currently looking at work aimed at young teens or children.

All our books are ?genre? fiction in one way or another ? specifically fantasy, science fiction, horror, and that new catch-all urban or modern fantasy. Those are quite wide-ranging in themselves; we?re looking for all types of sub-genre, so for example, hard SF, space opera, cyberpunk, military SF, alternate future history, future crime, time travel, and more. We have no problem if your book mashes together two or more of these genres, but they must have that genre foundation ? no thrillers with the merest touch of SF, for example.

Full guidelines can be found here.

Check out the Angry Robot Website for full information and to see the style of book they publish

Good luck!

British Fantasy Author on New York Times Best Sellers List

Age Of Odin Book Cover

It?s probably the most important sales-figures listing in the world: profoundly exclusive, scrupulous in its construction, and peerless in its influence. Since its first appearance in April 1942, the New York Times Best Sellers List has been a badge of success and a distinction that both book and author carry forever.

Solaris Books are very proud to announce that James Lovegrove?s The Age of Odin, the third stand-alone book in the Pantheon series, has made it onto the prestigious list, coming thirty-third in the list of Mass-Market Paperback Fiction for the week ending 16th January 2011, appearing in this weekend?s New York Times Book Review.

The Age Of Odin

Pitting retired British squaddies against an army of Norse giants, The Age of Odin follows Lovegrove?s previous projects The Age of Ra and The Age of Zeus ? described by the Guardian as ?The kind of complex, action-oriented science fiction Dan Brown would write if Dan Brown could write? ? in delivering a unique take on the stories of the gods and monsters of ancient mythology.

Author James Lovegrove was thrilled. ?My flabber is truly gasted by this news. I realise that this might be a career peak for me. Equally, maybe we can shunt the book higher up the chart. Come on, America. Now?s the time. I need you. Get out there and get buying. It?s your patriotic duty

?Seriously, though, what pleases me most is that The Age Of Odin is a book by a British author, written in a British idiom, full of parochial vernacular and references, and that hasn?t deterred Stateside readers one bit. In addition, it?s science fiction, and not even a popular form of the genre such as space opera, and has received almost no mainstream press review coverage. When you factor in all those potential minuses, you can’t help thinking that it?s the little book that done good.

?I can?t not mention the wonderful folks at Solaris, who are gracious, efficient and entertaining to work with. Their enthusiasm is matched only by their professionalism, and they?ve backed me to the hilt all the way. And if that doesn?t secure me a bigger advance on my next contract, I don’t know what will.

?Finally: I?ve caved in to pressure (and popular demand) and agreed to write at least two more Pantheon novels. So, there’s more to come, gods willing.?

Jonathan Oliver, Editor-in-Chief of Solaris Books, said, ?With so many amazing writers on our list, it?s great to see this kind of much-deserved recognition for one of our most talented authors.?

James Lovegrove can be heard discussing the Pantheon books and future projects on the May 2010 Abaddon & Solaris Books Podcast, available at

About the Pantheon Series

A thematic series of related, but stand-alone novels, the Pantheon series addresses the theme of ?men versus the gods? in (to date) three different worlds, with three different pantheons, offering three different takes. All high-action military SF books, the series has presented an armed uprising against distant but powerful Egyptian divinities, a high-powered slugfest between battle-suited humans and super-heroic Greek gods, and now a gritty, intimate firefight between an infantry company and an army of ancient Norse giants.

James Lovegrove

James Lovegrove published his first novel at the age of twenty-four and has since written more than twenty books. His short fiction has appeared in magazines as diverse as Interzone and Nature and in numerous anthologies.

Combat K: Cloneworld by Andy Remic

Combat K Cloneworld- Click to PreOrder

The fourth novel in the rock-hard Combat K series!
Junks, an evil alien scourge, are flooding Quad-Gal with terror. Combat K are sent on a mission to find an alien artefact which could win the war all at once.

SLAM-dropped to Cloneworld ? a planet ravaged by violent civil war ? Combat K get caught in a global conflict between augmented mechanised war machines and genetically-modified humans who have the ability to clone themselves. Combat K must fight their way to victory to save the Four Galaxies.
But how can they possibly succeed, when their main foes are their own elite, deadly clones?

The hardest man in science fiction has done it again! Pippa and Franco, the last surviving members of the gun-toting, sword-swinging, no-holds-barred Combat K squad, are sent down to the war-torn, TV-obsessed planet of Cloneworld, in search of an artefact that may bring peace to the Four Galaxies. They will find pain. They will find betrayal. They will find a seemingly endless supply of CubeSausage, PreCheese and horseradish. But will they find the truth?

Combat K: Cloneworld Release Dates

3rd March 2011 UK – Order Now
22nd February 2011 USA – Order Now

About Andy Remic’s Combat K

Described by the Guardian as ?hard-hitting, galaxy-spanning, no-holds-barred, old-fashioned action adventure,? the Combat K novels follow the adventures of three of the toughest, coldest, hardest human beings in the Four Galaxies: Keenan, hard-bitten and cynical mercenary; Pippa, tortured and merciless killer; and Franco, who seems to be able to lose his trousers and locate a pint of Guinness on even the wildest and most dangerous of worlds. Together they make up the elite Combat K squadron, whose usefulness to the Quad-Gal Military machine is matched only by their expendability. They may be the Four Galaxies? only hope for the future.

Cloneworld is the fourth Combat K book. A fifth book, Theme Planet, is due to explore the Anarchy, a new thread in the same universe, in 2011.

About the Author

When kicked to describe himself, Remic claims to have a love of extreme sports, kickass bikes and happy nurses. Once a member of an elite Combat K squad, he has retired from military service and claims to be a cross between an alcoholic Indiana Jones and a bubbly Lara Croft, only without the breasts. Remic lives in Lincolnshire and likes to think lewdly about zombies.

Visit Andy Remic’s website

James Bond, New Novel Title Announced

Published by Hodder & Stoughton on 28 May 2011, the new official James Bond Novle by Jeffery Deaver will be titled Carte Blanche.

Formerly titled Project X, James Bond: Carte Blanche is a present day continuation of the legacy left by Ian Fleming after his death in 1964.

The publishers say Bond “spends a number of thrilling hours in Dubai both meeting up with an old friend and tracking a very disturbing villain”.

Little else is known at this time, pre orders are available here!

Zombies In New York

Zombies in New York

Telos is very pleased and proud to have recently signed up a new collection of original horror and dark fantasy fiction from the acclaimed and award-winning author Sam Stone.? Sam made an enormous impact with her trilogy of Vampire novels, collectively known as the Vampire Gene series (which are available from our friends at Murky Depths), and we just know that this debut collection is going to blow people away.? There is even film interest already in some of the tales – and that’s before the book has even been published.

ZOMBIES IN NEW YORK AND OTHER BLOODY JOTTINGS is an amazing read. Something is sapping the energy of the usually robust dancers of the Moulin Rouge ? Jack the Ripper?s crimes are investigated by a vampire ? zombies roam the streets of New York ? Clowns die in mysteriously humorous ways … Welcome to the poetic and horrific world of Sam Stone, where a vampire becomes obsessed with a centuries-old werewolf, and Angels are stalking the undead. Walk through the haunting world of the Toymaker and be hypnotised by the Siren’s Song. Fourteen stories of horror and passion and six mythological and erotic poems from the pen of the new Queen of Vampire fiction. Chick-slash has never been so entertaining!

Published in February 2011 and being launched at the big LA Doctor Who event, Gallifrey One, ZOMBIES IN NEW YORK will boast a cover by multiple-award winning artist Vincent Chong, and features internal illustrations from the blood-soaked pen of Russell Morgan.

Sam Stone
Sam Stone

‘I wanted to do a collection to experiment with genres and styles,’ says Sam. ‘As well as my interest in horror fiction, I also love crime fiction, particularly psychological thrillers, and writing a collection of short stories gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons in terms of the content, style and even voice that I used.’

Sam is known for her vampire series, The Vampire Gene, and the collection contains several stories which link in with that. ‘When I was writing Futile Flame, the second in the trilogy, my femme fatale, the vampire Lucrezia Borgia, was such an intriguing character that at the time I wanted to write much more about her history. There is a period of time within that book of approximately 200 years, where we don’t really know what she got up to. So the stories began as my exploration of those missing years. I have Lucrezia taking on the nom de plume of Lucy Collins, and working as a blood specialist – an ideal job for a vampire! – and with the police of all ages, solving crimes and getting involved in mysteries.’

The collection also contains some of Sam’s horror poetry. ‘They’re more erotic and mythological than horror, and the ones that I wanted to include in the collection, are those I’m most proud of as they each tell a little story of their own. I tried to encapsulate feelings, character, themes and a plot into a concise piece of writing in each case. I hope that readers enjoy them.’

The collection covers all bases from zombies to vampires, sirens to angels and just about everything in between. ‘I was trying to be diverse,’ smiles Sam. ‘There’s even a ghost story in there, as well as, of course, creepy clowns! But in every case I tried to bring a new and unique slant to the writing. I was aiming at being eclectic and I hope I’ve achieved that. There are several that I am really proud of, and some which I hope will truly shock readers!’

Copies of ZOMBIES IN NEW YORK AND OTHER BLOODY JOTTINGS can be pre-ordered from Telos.

Published February 2011
ISBN: 978-1-84583-055-7
?12.99 B format paperback edition
By Sam Stone
Cover by Vincent Chong
Internal Illustrations by Russell Morgan

Hell Train by Christopher Fowler

Hell Train by Christopher Fowler

Imagine there was a supernatural chiller that Hammer Films never made. A grand epic produced at the studio?s peak, which played like a cross between the Dracula and Frankenstein films and Dr Terror?s House Of Horrors…

Four passengers meet on a train journey through Eastern Europe during the First World War, and face a mystery that must be solved if they are to survive. As the ?Arkangel? races through the war-torn countryside, they must find out:
What is in the casket that everyone is so afraid of?

What is the tragic secret of the veiled Red Countess who travels with them?

Why is their fellow passenger the army brigadier so feared by his own men?

And what exactly is the devilish secret of the Arkangel itself?

Bizarre creatures, satanic rites, terrified passengers and the romance of travelling by train, all in a classically styled horror novel.

Hell Train will be published in January 2012 in both the UK and the US.

About the Author

Born in Greenwich, London, Christopher Fowler has written for film, television, radio, graphic novels, and for journals ranging from The Times to The Big Issue for more than thirty years. He is a regular columnist for both The Independent on Sunday and the FT.

Fowler is the multi-award winning author of more than thirty novels and ten short-story collections, including the lauded Bryant & May mystery novels. In the past year he has been nominated for eight national book awards.

The Sentinel Mage – First fantasy Novel of The Cursed Kingdoms trilogy

The Sentinel Mage

The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee
UK Release Date: 3rd February 2011
ISBN 978-1-907519-49-9

The start of the gripping new Cursed Kingdoms trilogy!

In a distant corner of the Seven Kingdoms, an ancient curse festers and grows, consuming everything in its path. Only one man can break it: Harkeld of Osgaard, a prince with mage?s blood in his veins. But Prince Harkeld has a bounty on his head – and assassins at his heels.

Innis is a gifted shapeshifter. Now she must do the forbidden: become a man. She must stand at Prince Harkeld?s side as his armsman, protecting and deceiving him. But the deserts of Masse are more dangerous than the assassins hunting the prince. The curse has woken deadly creatures, and the magic Prince Harkeld loathes may be the only thing standing between him and death.

The first book in a thrilling new heroic fantasy trilogy, Emily Gee?s The Sentinel Mage combines high action and an exciting new take on magic with challenging themes of identity and social taboo, as a strong cast of engaging characters races against time to save a world threatened with a horrific curse.

About Emily Gee

The critically-acclaimed author of Thief With No Shadow and The Laurentine Spy, Emily Gee is also a successful romance novelist under the pen name Emily May. She has travelled much of the globe, discovering she wanted to write while riding a bus through the desert, and spent years working internationally before returning to her native New Zealand. Find out more at Emily Gee’s Website

The End of the Line – Horror Anthology

End Of The Line - Horror Book

The End of the Line – edited by Jonathan Oliver released 16th November 2010
A terrifying journey deep into the heart of horror!
In the night-black tunnels something stirs, borne on a warm breath of wind, reeking of diesel and blood. The spaces between stations hold secrets too terrible for the surface world to comprehend, and the steel lines sing with the songs of the dead.

The End of The Line collects some of the very best in new horror writing in a themed anthology of stories set on, and around, the Underground, the Metro and other places deep below. This collection of nineteen new stories includes thoughtful, disturbing and terrifying tales by Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Mark Morris, Pat Cadigan, Adam Nevill and Michael Marshall Smith amongst many others.

Buy The End Of The Line from

The collection has already received strong critical approval, with Lisa Tuttle, for The Times, making early mention of the book?s likely place in ?anthology of the year? lists for 2010.

Jonathan Oliver is the editor-in-chief of Solaris and Abaddon books and the author of Twilight of Kerberos: The Call of Kerberos. The End of the Line is his first anthology of horror as editor.


Rach with Dave
Rach with Dave

A mum-of-two found the woo-key to success after penning a critically-acclaimed sci-fi novel – with the help of Star Wars legend Dave Prowse.

Housewife Rachael Kirby, 38, brought a galaxy far, far away a little closer to home with her debut work, ‘Black Gemini‘.

The novel – based ”loosely” on the Star Wars series – is set in a fictional world and follows the lives of General Viper and his lieutenant, Jess.

Since its re-release earlier this month, the 144-page book – the first of a planned trilogy – has won the hearts of readers and critics alike.

But that comes as no surprise given the pedigree of Rachael’s ”literary consultant” and family friend – the ‘godfather’ of science fiction.

Prowse, who played the original Darth Vader, offered ”tips, advice and general assistance” throughout the 13-YEAR writing process, free-of-charge.

According to Rachael, who lives in Solihull, Birmingham, his help was ”absolutely invaluable”.

She said: ”Dave and I have been friends for many years, so he was an obvious point of call when I began writing Black Gemini.

”I discussed all aspects of the book, from its plot to its characters, and he was absolutely invaluable thereafter.

”He did everything free-of-charge, but acted, essentially, as my literary consultant.”

Rachael began writing Black Gemini in 1997 shortly after giving birth to her first son, Daniel.

With a ”deep-rooted” love of sci-fi, she based her book on George Lucas’ 1970s hit series.

She spent the next eight years drafting the story – which is written with a female audience in mind – and the following five years putting in the ”finishing touches”.

But her efforts were made easier thanks to the experience of Prowse, a family friend since the early 1990s.

Rachael, who lives with husband Neil and their second son Ben, 11, said: ”I’ve had a team of amazing – and patient – people around me, and I’ll always be grateful for all they’ve done to help me.”

She is already penning a sequel, and has plans for the third.

”I haven’t asked Dave for his help yet – but I will,” she added.