These THIRTEEN Will Not Keep Until Halloween

Scott Harrison's Horror Audio Anthology THIRTEEN
Scott Harrison’s Horror Audio Anthology THIRTEEN

Seeing just the cover I fell in love with this audio anthology edited by Scott Harrison. The Skull is striking but the depth of the whole piece is amazing. It is an LP sleeve, with the smoothing effect of the album and the ware of the artword around the black vinyl disc.

It isn’t an LP sleeve though. I don’t think there are plans for a physical version at this time, but the artwork is just glorious.

I haven’t yet heard the innards but I am excited to.

Aside from the cover art, this audio horror anthology had a LOT going for it. Just look at some of the writers involved: Scott Harrison who edits the anthology, George Mann, Mark Morris, Dan Abnett, Kim Newman and Alasdair Stuart (I am sure I know that name from somewhere!)

It will be available to download from – no preorder link I have seen yet – But will be for the 24th Sign Up for our Newsletter and I will send you a reminder

Full track listings

Side A

1 – Hidden Track (part 1) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

2 – Dead Space by George Mann read by Greg Wise

3 – A Girl, Sitting by Mark Morris read by Jilly Bond

4 – Finding The Path by Kaaron Warren read by Trevor White

5 – The Hairstyle of the Devil by Martin Day read by Arthur Darvill

6 – Down by Gary McMahon read by Stephen Rashbrook

7 – Visions by Cavan Scott read by Michael Maloney

8 – Half Life by Dan Abnett read by John Banks

9 – Hidden Track (part 2) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

Side B

10 – With Her In Spirit by Stephen Gallagher read by Frances Barber

11 – Tabula Rasa by Alasdair Stuart read by Lalla Ward

12 – One Hit Wanda by Kim Newman read by Samuel West

13 – A Glass of Water by Mark Wright read by Gemma Arterton

14 – Ghost Pit by Simon Clark read by Jeff Harding

15 – I Wish by Johnny Mains read by Steven Cree

16 – Hidden Track (part 3) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

Oh and there is a back cover, just as delicious as the front.


New Blake’s 7 Audio Adaptations

Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow read this thrilling novelisation of four classic Blake’s 7 TV adventures

From the arid wastes of Amersat, Planet of the Dead, to the oceans of acid on the planet Aristos, Roj Blake and his crew on board the Liberator wage a deadly war against the forces of galactic oppression. But now the Federation’s Supreme Commander Servalan and her lieutenant, Space Commander Travis, are launched upon a plan that cannot fail. Their aim – to capture the Liberator and destroy Blake’s Seven!

An unabridged reading of this novelisation of four classic episodes from the much-loved BBC TV series created by Terry Nation, featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon and their cohorts as they do battle with the Galactic Federation and its despotic leader, Servalan. The episodes featured in the book are ‘Seek-Locate-Destroy’, ‘Duel’, ‘Project Avalon’ and ‘Orac’.
Readers Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow played Servalan and Avon in the original BBCTV series.

Blake’s 7 (TM) © B7 Enterprises Ltd 2013. All rights reserved. Blake’s 7 wordmark and logo are trademarks of B7 Enterprises Ltd and are used under license. Based on the original television series Blake’s 7 created by Terry Nation.

‘Blake’s 7: Project Avalon’ is available as an audiobook from AudioGO, on CDs from 23rd May or as an audio download, from 1st May.

Horror Audio Announcement – Sam Stone’s Darkness Within

Sam Stone
Sam Stone, author of the Vampire Gene novels and Zombies at Tiffany’s, is consultant and editor for the imprint

Alexandra Arlango, Commissioning Editor – Original Content at AudioGO Ltd in London, has acquired world rights to an original SciFi/Horror novella from award-winning author Sam Stone.

Sam Stone’s Darkness Within

The novella, entitled The Darkness Within, is an exciting and pervasive story set on a spaceship in the far-distant future, and what happens when an alien infection takes hold …

Arlango says about the project: ‘How exciting! I am very pleased to be working with Sam Stone again. Last year AudioGO published her collection of short stories, Zombies In New York And Other Bloody Jottings, and since I came across her work I’ve been a great fan. Not only does she come up with deliciously sinister tales, but the worlds she creates are atmospheric and her characters memorable. They are perfect for audio.

‘I was thrilled to meet Sam earlier this year, and we started talking about other ideas and things that we could work on together. The result? The Darkness Within, an exclusive new novella commissioned by AudioGO. It might well be set in space. And it might well feature new, malevolent life-forms … You’ll have to find out more for yourself. What I can tell you is that I had to stop reading, and look away from the page several times because it was so creepy. This Halloween, things will definitely go bump in the dark!’

Sam Stone’s Other Work

Sam Stone’s first novel, Killing Kiss, won the silver award for Best Horror Novel in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year competition, and her subsequent novels and short stories have gained her much acclaim, including winning the British Fantasy Award. Recent works include the novella Zombies at Tiffany’s and the vampire novel Silent Sand, and Killing Kiss was recently sold to Germany. She holds an MA in Creative Writing and is a noted public speaker and lecturer. Sam’s website is at

An interview with Sam cam be found in the preview issue of SFBuzz Magazine, which is available FREE at

Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen Audio Book

Michael Kilgarriff reads this gripping novelisation of a classic 1967 TV adventure featuring the Second Doctor, with Nicholas Briggs as the Cybermen

The Cybermen – silver, indestructible monsters whose only goal is power – seem to have disappeared from their planet, Telos. When a party of archaeologists, joined by the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria, land on the Cybermen’s barren, deserted planet, they uncover what appears to be their tomb.

But once inside it becomes clear that the Cybermen are not dead, and some in the group of archaeologists desperately want to re-activate these monsters! How can the Doctor defeat these ruthless, power-seeking humans and the Cybermen?

Michael Kilgarriff, who played the Cyber Controller in the original BBC TV serial, reads Gerry Davis’ complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1978. Sound effects and music are provided by Simon Power, and Nicholas Briggs provides the authentic voices of the Cybermen themselves.

This is just one of many brand new Doctor Who audio titles being released by AudioGO in 2013, which marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. The series will be celebrated throughout the year by the BBC and its commercial partners including AudioGO.

Michael Kilgarriff
Michael Kilgarriff
Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen
Format: Download or 4 CDs
DLISBN: 9781445826356
DLRRP: £12.29
CDISBN: 9781445826363
CDRRP: £13.25

The Minister of Chance Episode 4 Trailer

The Minister Of Chance is a FREE to download audio production, made by professionals for fans of Science Fiction audio.

Funding is raised via ‘crowdsourcing’ but you do not have to donate to listen!

Please check out this trailer for Episode 4, which will be available as a free download soon.

You can contribute to episode 5 now – see here for details.

Weeping Angels!  Alex Kingston reads Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss

This month AudioGO have scooped an exclusive coup! River Song herself – actress Alex Kingston – has recorded Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss by Melody Malone for release as a download in December, with a CD release following in March. Alex Kingston (Marchlands, ER, Moll Flanders), has become a fan favourite as mysterious River Song in Doctor Who


Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss
 When movie star Rock Railton appears unexpectedly at Melody Malone’s Angel Detective Agency and mentions ‘the kiss of the angel’ Melody takes the case.  Angels are, after all, Melody’s business. At a press party for Railton’s latest movie, Melody is invited by studio owner Max Kleiner to the film set of their next blockbuster. He’s spotted her potential and wants her to become a star.  Flattered, Melody will discover the cost of fame is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.  Will she be able to escape Kleiner’s dastardly plan – before the Angels Take Manhattan?

 It couldn’t be easier to order an audiobook. Just go to the AudioGO website

Listen to the Zombies

Zombies In New York And Other Bloody Jottings - Audio book from AudioGo

“Angels are stalking the undead and a vampire becomes obsessed with a centuries-old werewolf. “

This is the Audio version of Zombies In New York And Other Bloody Jottings the anthology of horror stories from horror queen Sam Stone!

Ideal injection of horror this Halloween

Terror and lust go hand in hand in the disturbing world of the Toymaker, and the haunting Siren’s call draws the hapless further into a waking nightmare. 14 chilling short stories from the Queen of Vampire fiction. This collection includes a bonus story, ‘Walking the Dead’, which does not appear in the printed edition.

Warning: This audio download contains explicit scenes and language. ‘Sam Stone without doubt is a mistress of the grisly and the glutinous. She is one of the few horror writers who makes you feel when you have finished her stories that you need to wash your hands. Twice.’ Graham Masterton

About AudioGo

Welcome to AudioGO, the UK’s leading audiobook publisher and retailer, to a broad, diverse and inclusive range of spoken word and large print titles. AudioGO was formerly known as BBC Audiobooks, which won Audio Publisher of the Year six times.

AudioGO is one of the most prolific publishers of complete and unabridged audiobooks and large print books in the world today. Our expanding range currently extends to more than 10,000 titles in all, encompassing a wide range of best-selling authors and catering for all tastes. As publisher of the entire BBC back catalogue, and of all new BBC spoken word content, AudioGO embraces the BBC’s history of broadcasting excellence as we continue to publish BBC-sourced content – from full-cast radio dramas and complete readings, to comedy, crime and children’s titles.

New Torchwood Following From Miracle Day

Torchwood Red Skies

An exciting and exclusive new TORCHWOOD audio adventure, based on the hit TV series and set after the conclusion of Miracle Day.

Torchwood Red Skies, featuring Captain Jack as played on screen by John Barrowman, is written by Joseph Lidster and read by John Telfer. It is one of four audio original titles to be published by AudioGO in Spring 2012.

Jack Harness is in need of a holiday. He wants to get away from Torchwood, away from the human race ? and where better to get completely away from it all than Cotter Paluni?s World, a planet surrounded by deadly scarlet lightning and cut off from the entire universe?

But there are some shocks in store for Jack: the ?Devil?s World? might be completely isolated and inaccessible, but its inhabitants worship Torchwood. And before he can find out why, or how this is even possible, he finds himself arrested for murder.

It looks as if someone on the planet knows who Jack is ? and they?re out to get him…

Format: Download and 1 CD

Duration: 1 hour approx.

Doctor Who Sound Effects Re Released on Vinyl!

It is 2012 and I am excited by the prospect of buying 2 vinyl record releases, see why below.


Who can forget the thrill of first hearing those ethereal Doctor Who sound effects, and the Pavlov-like response they created during each subsequent episode? Those evocative electronic whooshes, sinister pulses and insistent beats, created by the brilliant BBC Radiophonic Workshop, drew us into an enthralling world of time travel and fabulous alien creatures. Now you can relive those glory days with the reissue of two classic vinyl LPs of the 1970s, released to coincide with Record Store Day.

Thanks to a collaboration between AudioGO and Discovery Records, aficionados of the Workshop can enjoy these limited-edition digitally-remastered sound effects from Doctor Who and several other 1970s TV series, produced on vinyl, with original album sleeve notes.

Doctor Who Sound Effects, first released in 1978, features the ambience of seven alien worlds as well as some extraordinary and extra-dimensional occurrences encountered on Earth. Add to these an audiogram of the Doctor?s own mind processes, TARDIS operations, and some weapons for self-defence, and your galactic safety is ensured.

Out of This World, first released in 1976, includes tracks of memorable sound effects created for a wide range of BBC radio and TV programmes in three categories: Outer Space which includes elements from Doctor Who; Magic and Fantasy, and Suspense and the Supernatural, many designed to evoke supernatural soundscapes rather than specific activities or locations, with titles such as Galactic Travel, Magic Carpet Flight and Phantoms of Darkness which are guaranteed to cast their spell.

Both titles are reissued with their original sleeve artwork and notes.

New Torchwood – 2012

Torchwood Army of One
March sees the release of a brand new original, exclusive Torchwood audio adventure, Army of One. Specially written by Ian Edginton, this exciting story is set in Washington D.C. after the conclusion of the most recent TV series, Miracle Day, and finds Gwen Cooper and her husband Rhys Williams battling a deadly alien creature. It is read by Kai Owen, who plays Rhys in the hit BBC television series.

Washington D.C., post-Miracle. The city has been hit by a spate of very unusual serial killings.
The victims are different ages and genders and the locations vary, but each body has one thing in common ? it has been reduced to a dried-up, desiccated husk.

Special Agent Lucas Avery has dealt with some tricky puzzles in his time, but this is stranger than anything he has ever encountered. His one lead is a pair of names: ?Gwen? and ?Rhys?…

For Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, still recovering from the recent, traumatic events that shook the world, life is about to get difficult and dangerous again. For it?s not just Homeland Security on their trail, but something else ? something alien, terrifying and deadly…

Published: CD – 8th March 2012
/ download – 1st March
Author: AudioGO
Reader: Kai Owen

No. of CDs: 1
Playing time: 1 hour approx

CD RRP: ?10.20
CD ISBN: 9781445871929

Download RRP: ?6.79
Download ISBN: 9781445871936

Alexander Armstrong Returns To Doctor Who

Darkstar Academy by Mark Morris
This March, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory face danger at an unusual public school in AudioGO?s brand new, exclusive audio adventure Darkstar Academy. Specially written by Mark Morris, it sees the time-travellers dealing with armed prefects, carnivorous crustaceans and something very strange in the cargo bay. Cargo bay?? It is read by Alexander Armstrong, who played Reg Arwell in the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.

When the TARDIS is buffeted by ?time slippage?, the Doctor experiences a terrible vision of the end of everything. Tracking the source of the disruption, he takes Rory and Amy to what appears to be an English public school in the 1950s.

But as the friends are about to discover, there are some very unusual things about Darkstar Academy. For a start the prefects carry guns, and then there is the strange forcefield that surrounds the perimeter. Not to mention the foot-long, crab-like creatures with spiny, armoured bodies…

When the Doctor learns the truth about the Academy, he also discovers that the whole place is in terrible danger. But with a swarm of creatures on the loose, what can he, Amy and Rory do to help prevent a terrible disaster?

Published: CD – 8th March 2012 / Download – 1st March
Author: AudioGO
Reader: Alexander Armstrong
No. of CDs: 1
Playing time: 1 hour approx

CD RRP: ?10.20
CD ISBN: 9781408468791

Download RRP: ?6.79
Download ISBN: 9781408498132

It couldn’t be easier to order an audiobook. Just go to the AudioGO website to see our wide selection of Doctor Who titles. If you’d like to see more, simply select a genre and browse the thousands of titles on-site, available to order at the click of a mouse – or by calling us on 0800 136919.

The LOST Doctor Who Story Told

Doctor Who: Shada by Douglas Adams and Gareth Roberts

Thirty-three years ago, the BBC started filming Douglas Adams? six-part Doctor Who serial, Shada. But industrial action halted recording, and the story was left unfinished? until now. This March, AudioGO are thrilled to be releasing an unabridged reading of this long-lost adventure ? at the same time as the BBC Books hardback. Written by acclaimed Doctor Who novelist and screenwriter Gareth Roberts, it is based on Douglas Adams? original scripts and read by Lalla Ward (who played the Doctor?s companion Romana). John Leeson, the original K9, returns as the voice of the Doctor?s faithful robot dog. The reading is enhanced with music and sound design.

The Doctor?s old friend and fellow Time Lord Professor Chronotis has retired to Cambridge University ? where nobody will notice if he lives for centuries. But now he needs help from the Doctor, Romana and K-9. When he left Gallifrey he took with him a few little souvenirs ? most of them are harmless. But one of them is extremely dangerous.

The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey isn?t a book for Time Tots. It is one of the Artefacts,
dating from the dark days of Rassilon. It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.
The sinister Skagra most definitely has the wrong hands. He wants the book. He wants to discover the truth behind Shada. And he wants the Doctor?s mind…

Published: 15th March 2012
Author: AudioGO
Reader: Lalla Ward

No. of CDs: 10
Playing time: 11 hrs 30 mins

CD RRP: ?19.35
CD ISBN: 978144586732

Download RRP: ?19.69
Download ISBN: 9781445867656

It couldn’t be easier to order an audiobook. Just go to the AudioGO website to see our wide selection of Doctor Who titles. If you’d like to see more, simply select a genre and browse the thousands of titles on-site, available to order at the click of a mouse – or by calling us on 0800 136919.