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I’m a weird Being Human viewer. I remember the pilot being shown and adoring it. It was a perfect combination of full bore supernatural contemporary drama and the sort of crappy bedsit sitcom/drama that British TV does so incredibly well. You got the sense that Mitchell, George and Annie would […]

Welcome Back To Honolulu Heights: Being Human Season 5 Preview

Nothing is more exciting than a fight to the death and with the release of Death Race: Inferno, on Blu-ray and DVD from 4th February, this has never been truer. Winner of four death races, Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) finds himself just one victory away from earning freedom for himself […]

Selection Of The Top Movie Fights To The Death

Produced by the legendary Steven Spielberg, Falling Skies ? out on DVD 2nd July ?chronicles the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that leaves most of the world completely incapacitated. The spectacular series joins a wealthy back catalogue of sci-fi films that Spielberg has put his unique mark on and […]

Steven Spielberg?s Alien Invasion

Meltdown – Red Dwarf – Episode 6 Series 4 My journey through the Red Dwarf archives for the actors outside of the main cast has taken me all the way from the Pilot to Series 3. Today we find our selves with my favourite episode of Series 4…Meltdown. Written again […]

The Other Cast Meltdown – Red Dwarf