Can You Find Wall E

Wall-E DVD Cover
Wall-E DVD Cover

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment are inviting you to join in the hunt for WALLE! Hes coming home to the UK on 24th November but whereabouts in the UK will he land? Daily clues will be released to help you guess his landing location and win out of this world prizes including a holiday for four to San Francisco!

Simply visit the Find WALLE website – to place your pin on the map in the location you think WALLE will land on November 24th. On that day a giant image of WALLE – created out of scrap by Art Attack presented Neil Buchan and visible from air – will be revealed in this secret location. The first pin closest before midnight 23rd November wins! You can move your pin once per day, so look and listen out for the daily clues to give you that added advantage.

Visit from November 7th and see if you can find WALLE! Good luck!

High School Musical 3

Due to a number of unforseen circumstances I ended up seeing High School Musical 3 at the cinema yesterday.
Imagine it – a grown man paying full whack to see that film. It was for my daughters birthday by the way, I didn’t just go on a whim.

Not quite seeing the point of the film, a bit like Grease – with out the plot I suppose. Personall I don’t think I would normally ever pay to see a film at the cinema without guns, explosions, kung fu, zombies, vampires, space ships, time travel, swords, sourcery, ghosts, super heroes, being based on a comic book, or what seems to be a very good comedy. (I am sure this isn’t an exhaustive list – but you get the idea).

I would sum up the plot, but it is basically a leaving school people going their seperate ways teen movie, with lots of singing. Actually that pretty much sums up the plot.

Ok, the kids enjoyed it (I took a group of 6 and 7 year old girls) so I suppose that was the most important thing.


Halloween in the UK has become a time to turn out the lights and hide from the hoodies playing trick or treat.

Actually that is a load of baloney, I went to a Halloween party last week (with the kids) where the DJ played Thriller, Ghostbusters, Monster Mash almost exclusively for 2 hours. I have been watching Most Haunted Live – well bits of it. I must admit I get infuriated by their lack of planning, lack of fixed position cameras and lack of follow up of reports by the crew that would have been caught on the few fixed cameras that exist.

I have been avoiding watching Dead Set as I will watch it all in one go next weekend. For viewing times see TotalTelly.

I have actually culled my diet of horror films this week, with Most Haunted and a good David Gemmell book taking their place

No Daleks This Year!!!

Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta
Dear missus Scifind. I want one of these unter the tree this year, ta

Finally I got round to seeing the toys of the year announcement, I am shocked to see that there is not a Dalek or other doctor who toy on the list this year. The full 12 buys toys list follows:

Air Hogs? Zero GravityTM Micro Radio Controlled Vehicle Spinmaster??????????????? RRP ?29.99
BakuganTM Starter Pack Spinmaster???????????? RRP ?12.99
Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix Bandai???????????????? RRP ?15.99
Cars Walkin? Talkin McQueen Mattel???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?99.99
Gormiti Island of Gorm Playset Flair Leisure Products RRP ?29.99
Indiana Jones Hat & Whip Set Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?24.99
Power Rangers Overdrive Tracker Bandai???????????????? RRP ?13.99
Star? Wars??? Clone?? Trooper??? Voice Changer Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?29.99
Transformers??? Animated??? Roll?? Out Command Optimus Prime Hasbro???????????????? RRP ?44.99
Wall.E Transforming Robot Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?14.99
WWE RAW Arena Playset Vivid Imaginations???? RRP ?49.99

Some Star Wars stuff (cool) but not one Dr Who item in there.

For a 2008 top Dr Who toy I would push for the Dr Who 12″ Radio Control Dalek (supreme) or the? Dr Who Interactive Screwdriver Set,
where is the DAVROS toy this year? or the plush cuddly adipose? I want answers!


Quarantine is a zombiesq ‘camera point of view’ (like Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Diary Of The Dead etc) horror movie coming out soon in the UK

Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units.

They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew?s videotape.

Quarantine is being released November 14th through Sony Pictures.

Trailer below is ‘red band trailer‘ – you have been warned….

Derren Brown

Derren Brown DVD Specials
Derren Brown DVD Specials

Derren Brown is not exactly Scifi – it falls into the general category that I have not named, it goes along side Mythbusters, The Real Hustle and Most Haunted. Shows that I love but cannot really lump into the general Scifi / Horror / Fantasy philosophy that this site is founded upon.

Not heard of Derren Brown? Well he is the controversial, award-winning mentalist/psychologist/illusionist (again we are streaching the boundaries of genre here).

Derren’s most well-known stunts include Russian Roulette Live, The Heist, Sance, and The System. My personal favourite is one where he passes off blank pieces of paper as money, mad that people ‘fall’ for this.

Not seen his work, or love it like I do you can catch up / revisit / find what you have missed on a new DVD release Derren Brown The Specials.

This DVD title includes the 4 TV specials mentioned above.

In Russian Roulette Live Derren performs one his most dangerous feats yet. Filmed in a secret location a member of the public, chosen from a nationwide search, loads a real handgun with a single bullet and hands it back to him.

Using his famous ability to read people, Derren is then able to determine which chamber contains the bullet by putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger until he comes to the live chamber but what powers will he use to dodge the bullet? Will his mind control techniques be sharp enough to spare him the deadly chamber?

The Heist sees Derren give a masterclass in persuasion as he explores how little it takes for the human mind to cross into deviant behaviour. Assuming the guise of a motivational speaker, Derren attempts to convince a group of responsible, middle-management businessmen and women to steal 100, 000 from a bank in an armed robbery but will he succeed?

In The Sance twelve volunteers use traditional methods ranging from automatic writing to The Spirit Cabinet to the Ouija Board as Derren guides them through the various stages of conducting a sance. Using his trademark skills and showmanship Derren challenges some of the most prevalent myths of spiritualism and tests how effective a sance can be with a modern audience.

Finally, the established Master of Mind Control develops a guaranteed method of winning at the horses in The System. Not only that but he explains how he does it to his audience enabling them to test it for themselves. Derren takes a random member of the public and sends her predictions twenty four hours before a series of races.

The participant sees The System work time and time again, and therefore begins to place larger bets as she wins every time until finally she scrapes together every last penny she has to risk it all on one final race. Can there really be a perfect system for winning at the races?

With plenty of audience participation, shocking stunts and subliminal mind-games, The Specials demonstrate why Derren is one of the countrys most exciting live performers.

The Specials boxset released by 4DVD on 3rd November 2008.

The Devils Chair DVD

Finally the Simon Boyes / Adam Mason movie The Devils Chair comes to DVD on the 7th October 2008.

Or is it. It is reported to be out on the 7th? by

but searches on


show no sign of a release, I have linked to the relevant search results page – just in case it becomes available overnight

Bruce and Lloyd

Having HEROES withdrawal – need to get Hiro back into your life before Series 3 kicks off, well the GET SMART companion DVD staring Masi Oka is out on DVD monday.

Directed by Gil Junger (10 Things I Hate About You), Get Smart?s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control will premiere on DVD on 1 September 2008, just 10 days after the theatrical release of Get Smart.

The hilarious spin-off shares not only writing honours (courtesy of Tom J Astle and Matt Ember) with Get Smart, but some key cast members including Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) and Nate Torrence (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). They are joined by Jayma Mays (Ugly Betty, Epic Movie) and Get Smart?s Agent 66, Hollywood hot property Anne Hathaway, who makes a cameo appearance.

Based on the incredibly popular spoof spy show of the 1960s, the Get Smart franchise has huge appeal to a contemporary audience with the updating of characters, jokes, props and of course entertainment value. Get Smart?s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control promises the same high quality production values as its theatrical twin and an equally hilarious comic romp as spy techie Bruce and his nerdy analyst cohort Lloyd are let loose yet again.


Bruce and Lloyd are two somewhat dim-witted R+D staffers who work at CONTROL, a secret US government spy agency, providing tech gadgets for Agent 86 (played by Steve Carell in Get Smart).

The hapless pair manage to lose an invisibility cloak whilst showing it off at the office party, an it?s down to them to find it double quick before it falls into the hands of KAOS and the Chief serves them their papers.

BBC The 39 Steps

I am glad to hear that the classic John Buchan book ‘The 39 Steps’ is to be made in to a TV drama for this Christmas, starring Spook’s Rupert Penry-Jones

Based on the classic novel by Scottish author John Buchan, and set in the build up to the First World War, The 39 Steps is a roller coaster action adventure, full of excitement, danger, fun and romance, starring Rupert Penry Jones (Burn Up, Spooks) as Richard Hannay.
The 39 Steps will be a one-off drama directed by James Hawes (Merlin). June 1914, London. Richard Hannay, recently returned from Africa, is bored and restless until he meets Scudder, a man who claims to be a British spy.

When Scudder is killed in Hannay’s flat, Hannay finds himself accused of murder and caught up in a deadly conspiracy which not only threatens his life but the safety of the nation.

Spurred on by this bizarre turn of events, Hannay flees London for Scotland hoping to uncover a German espionage ring.

As the police and the spies close in on him, he struggles to decode Scudder’s secret notebook. Reluctantly he joins forces with a feisty suffragette, Victoria Sinclair.

Victoria and Hannay don’t hit it off, but they find themselves increasingly reliant on each other as they race to unmask a traitor and save Great Britain from invasion.

Producer Lynn Horsford says: “With this adaptation we wanted to stay faithful to the spirit and period of the book, but asked the writer Lizzie to feel free to re-imagine it for a modern audience more familiar with James Bond and Jason Bourne.

My personal take on the book was not a great one. I slated it as being full of impossible situations and the protagonist having an endless life experience and skills that could get him out of any situation. This was for a GCSE book report when I was 15, this was pure rebellion as i loved the book.

“Buchan has crafted such a thrilling adventure that still stands the test of time. The jeopardy is real and I can guarantee an edge-of-your-seat chase movie, perfect for all the family to watch at Christmas.”

The 39 Steps is a remarkable tale of an ordinary man who puts his country’s interests before his own safety. First published in 1915, John Buchan’s 19th novel, was an instant success.

Filming begins in September on location in Scotland. Further casting details will be announced.

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I have just had this offer from telling us about some fantastic deals they have on Sci-Fi.

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