Can anyone else relate to these things?

We are living in ever changing times, sometimes you think things are finished, absolute and done with.
I Used To Boast…

  • I have all 3 Star Wars Movies on VHS
  • I have all 4 books of the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy Trilogy
  • I can remember the titles of all 6 series of Red Dwarf episodes in order.
  • I can recite the order of all 9 planets.
  • I can get Channel 5!
  • I own all 4 series of Futurama on DVD.
  • Tom Baker is the best Doctor Who
  • Christopher Eccleston is the best Doctor Who
  • David Tennant is the best Doctor Who
  • Matt Smith is the best Doctor Who
  • Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor Who
  • THEY ARE ALL GREAT, all 12…. er 13 er what about Peter Cushing?

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