Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness

Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness Written by Bruce Brown Art by Thomas Boatwright Published by Arcana The third in a continuing series, Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness takes no prisoners with a frenetic opening which finds the father of the titular hero facing an uncertain death. Accompanied by his faithful Chuthlu […]

Cleaning Up – The Movie

How You Can Help Cleaning Up Become a Feature When I was organising the first Big Blue Box convention for January 2012, one of the initial stars to jump on board was the lovely Louise Jameson. One day, looking at Lou’s website, I saw she had starred in a new short film called Cleaning Up, […]

Modern Man – Short Film

Written by Simon Guerrier Directed by Sebastian Solberg Last year, accomplished Doctor Who author Simon Guerrier wrote a three minute film, The Plotter, directed by his brother Tom. The Plotters was shortlisted for the 2012 Virgin Media Shorts competition and got widespread screenings in cinemas and on TV. The film was classy and funny, but […]

Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks

Written by Terrance Dicks Read by Mark Gatiss Published by AudioGo There are many treats for Doctor Who fans in this 50th year, but few can fit so neatly in a plastic jewel case. Take Jon Pertwee’s iconic Third Doctor, his arch enemies the Daleks, legendary Who writer Terrance Dicks, and renaissance man Mark Gatiss […]

Blake’s 7: Lucifer

Published by Big Finish There can be few fans of the original TV adventures of Blake’s 7 who haven’t speculated about events beyond the end of Season 4. With Vila, Dayna, Tarrant and Soolin shot dead and Blake’s body at his feet, Avon smiles at the surrounding Federation troops and raises his gun. Shots sound […]

B7 Book 3 - Lucifer cover

Doctor Who: Babblesphere

Doctor Who: Babblesphere Written by Jonathan Morris Published by Audio Go and Big Finish April is no longer the cruellest month. This year, it’s the month to celebrate Tom Baker’s time as the Fourth Doctor, and as such, former companion Lalla Ward narrates the latest Destiny of the Doctor release. The Doctor and Romana find […]

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones

Written by Andrew Smith Published by Audio Go and Big Finish This monthly series of Destiny of the Doctor releases goes from strength to strength with a gripping Third Doctor adventure that tells of Mike Yates’ entry into UNIT. The Doctor is called to Scotland to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an RAF jet, and […]

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #2

Written by Scott and David Tipton Art by Lee Sullivan Published by IDW February 2013 is Second Doctor month everywhere, and naturally IDW’s comic series is no different, giving us a fresh tale for Patrick Troughton’s near definitive Doctor, with companions Jamie and Zoe (other companions are available). What hits the reader first is the […]

Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter/The Sands of Life

Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter/The Sands of Life Written by Jonathan Morris/Nicholas Briggs Published by Big Finish Two very different stories kick off the latest series of Fourth Doctor audio adventures, with Mary Tamm bringing Romana back to the side of Tom Baker’s Doctor, in recordings made just a few months before her sad passing […]

Doctor Who: Shadow of Death

Doctor Who: Shadow of Death Written by Simon Guerrier Published by Audio Go and Big Finish The second in the monthly Destiny of the Doctor audio series sees the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe crashland inside a base on the surface of a remote planet orbiting a pulsar star. The human crew of the base […]

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time

Written by Scott and David Tipton Art by Simon Fraser Published by IDW This new comic series from IDW will see each Doctor take a monthly spotlight, rather like the Big Finish/Audio Go Destiny of the Doctor series. And, like those audios, IDW have one big fat arc plot up their, and a mysterious cowled […]

The outing of Dredd

The outing of Dredd Late last week the Internet went wild with rumours that Judge Joe Dredd was coming out in the next issue of 2000AD. The tabloid press picked up the story, which itself outed a range of opinions, including some from Dredd fans that they would be burning their copies of the issue. […]