Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

rogue-oneThe most eagerly anticipated and needed Star Wars story dropped into cinemas at 00.05 this morning.

The cinema was bustling when i arrived, and I expected to have to pick my way to my seat. This was not the case for the 3D showing I had selected, the screen was nicely filled. Perhaps people had chosen the 2D performance instead.

The story was well worked, providing tense drama and humour. The cast was well chosen and unless you’ve been locked in some sort of imperial facility, you’ll know the general gist of what’s to come. In my opinion, this is an important story to tell. It’s set just before episode IV, and they’ve done really well in fleshing out the story into something tangible in the Star Wars universe. We have no mention of some of these characters before or after. This is a really organic story, built from the ground up, and this really pays off. Expect to see Vader (if that’s a spoiler shame on you). The film has a good pace, and about the mission at hand. It also gives us a better insight as to what the empire can do. The death squad troopers are rather odd, but not only the way they look. The AT-AT scenes are rather dramatically thought out.

Introduced some nice characters to the film and just a few cameos by familiar ones. A real treat for the eyes. The drama was built at a steady pace, and did not leave you wanting to see more. Jyn Erso is the heroine (reluctantly) of the piece and she is a classy act to follow. visually spectacular, totally feeling original but bringing much newness to the screen. Sets are a real treat (especially inside the Death Star). It really tries hard to be Star Wars, but it’s not about any Skywalker as it’s lead. By the time you get to see the first glimpse of Vader you’ll already be rooting for the Rebels. Nonetheless, you’ll want to see Vader most menacingly striding across the screen, look out for his last scene and you’ll get the meaning of the word menacing. Fans will also rejoice as James Earl Jones supplies Vader’s voice, I don’t think that’s a surprise.

I really can’t get over Mon Mothma, and in some ways it’s a shame she fell on the cutting room floor from episode III. The blind monk seen in trailers taking out stormtroopers with his stick just brilliant! I rather enjoyed the ground battles play out, couple that with star wars battlefront bringing out Scarif (YouTube game trailer to coincide with Rogue one, so you actually play out an interesting scenario. This has topped off the year nicely. We await Episode VIII….

Just a smidgen over 2 hours and not a dull moment to be seen. Star Wars has been given new life, and to sound cliché a new hope.

I’ll give this film 5/5 stumps

Westworld Season One (2016) Review

Westworld TV Series Logo HBO 2016
Westworld TV Series Logo HBO 2016
HBO bought Westworld to our TV screens this year and Sky Atlantic took this to UK audiences. Hopefully after reading this you might find the box set and see the drama unfold. I’m going to try this without spoilers.

You might have some recollection of the original 1973 film of the same name. Starring Yul Brynner as the gunfighter. This gave us the idea of a futuristic theme park, one where you could ride out into the wild west, battle great Teutonic knights or bask in the glory of the Roman empire. The robots went mad and started killing guests, Yul Brynner chased our two visitors through the old West. Even for the day, the sci-fi was quite good. Well worth a watch. Watch out for the scene where Brynner’s face comes off. This film reeks of the 70’s.

Fast forward to 2016. Westworld returns.

Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins
The park has been overseen by Dr Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) who, as co-creator of the park is building stories,for the guests to become involved in. We got introduced to stone of the hosts,namely Delores, Maeve and Ted. Maeve is the brothel madam, who has vivid flashbacks of being murdered along with her daughter. Delores also seems to be suffering with her mind and Ted keeps waking up on the train clutching at wounds he’s previously suffered.

James Marsden
Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) seems to be a dutiful employee trying to deal with the issues faced by Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) a set of updates called the reveries have been planted into the hosts, and some are struggling with this current patch. But why? That is what Bernard is trying to find out. Maeve (Thadine Newton) is haunted by her flashbacks and a man in black.Delores is also seeing visions of the man in black, and every time he’s a bad bad man. Theodore (James Marsden) seems linked to Delores, he’s her knight in shining armour. Delores visits the town for supplies and to pull characters into her story.

Delos are a corporation trying to take over the running of the park, they don’t trust Robert Ford. They have someone on the inside in the form of Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who is conducting an affair with Bernard. But will they overthrow Ford?

Delores father is really struggling with updates and is replaced, and sent to a graveyard of machinery to stand in silence for all time. Talk of a maze and finding its centre by the man in black become his only focus. Expect bloodthirsty deeds. Expect nudity and the occasional pop song plinked out of the automatic piano. A slow version of paint it black features in the first episode.

Into the rabbit hole we shall go, uncovering the mysteries of the park, and deeper into the bowels of the park, where repairs are actioned and all manner of things could and often do happen.
Again expect nudity.

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton
Maeve spends a great deal of her time below ground time being repaired and sent back up for service. Watch her, she is important to the story. At this point Teddy isn’t really important.

Delores meets with a nice young man called William (Jimmi Simpson). He is drawn to her, he wants to keep her safe, as it transpires he is part of a bigger picture, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. He meets up with his friend to explore the park more, with Delores in tow.

Teddy meets the man in black (Ed Harris) who is searching for the maze, he’s got a scalp taken from a host and he wants to find the centre of the maze, as you’ll see that has a great bearing on the storyline.

Expect more flashbacks and part memories come to light through our characters. Do not expect this to be rose tinted spectacles, looking back to the old West. Expect mystery and intrigue and just a few twists. This is basically game of thrones set in the wild west, just with a really sinister undertone.

The cast really shine. Did not see the ending coming in the manner it did. You’ll be gripped until the final scene, and will leave you wanting more. On the subject of more, good news season two has been commissioned, so expect more of the same, with some new twists and developments. If you spot a nod to the film then bravo, have ten points and go to the head of the class.

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DC Universe TV Show Round Up

The Flash TV Series

Contains Spoilers!

a round up of the DC Universe TV show in the UK at the moment.

The Flash

The Flash – Sky 1 Tuesday nights at 8pm

The Flash TV Series
The Flash TV Series
Flash returned to our screens two weeks ago, season 3 sees Barry Allen dealing with the ramifications of his time travelling escapades at the end of season 2.

Barry changed the timeline surrounding his mother’s death, he stopped the reverse Flash, and took him away. Keeping him locked up in a specially designed cell. Barry lives out a surreal existence with his mother and father saved from death. Aww that’s cute.

Little does Barry realise the damage he’s doing. He starts having these weird little episodes, flashes of the real timeline start to disappear. Thorn still locked up, questions Barry and his motives. Who’s the villain Barry?

In this version of events, Wally West is Kid Flash (he hates being called that). Barry and Wally team up to deal with the Rival. Wally almost dies in this reality. Detective West saves the day, by killing the Rival.

Flash has to release the reverse Flash in a bid to reset the timeline. Oh dear Barry, you’ve messed up badly. Thorn takes Barry on his wild ride. But where has he left him?

Barry is completely at the mercy of Reverse Flash, and he’s gone and done a runner. (That’s really cheesy). Barry isn’t safe yet, subtle differences assure him he isn’t in the correct reality yet. Ms West, isn’t speaking to her father. Barry makes it his mission to sort the pair out.

Barry reveals to the group minus Harry Well’s that he’s messed with time, and messed it all up. He reminds the group that they should be working as one to save the day. So they put things aside to save the day. A new villain had appeared in alchemy, and he’s just resurrected the Rival. But what else has he bought back?

Sisko has his vibe suit and he’s pretty kick ass. Kaitlyn is hid

The Arrow TV Series
The Arrow TV Series
ing a dark secret. Killer frost. Will this mean she’ll go rogue and turn on the group?

You’ll have to watch Sky 1 on Tuesdays to find out.

The Arrow

Wednesdays sees the green Arrow return to our screens, also at 8pm on Sky 1.

Ollie is now mayor of Central city, and he’s trying to juggle his day job and his vigilante activities. The core team has been broken up. Thea just wants to get on being herself. Laurel Lance is dead, and the city owes her their existence to her. They’ve honored her with a statue (albeit a terrible one).

Former captain Lance is struggling to come to terms with the loss of the black canary, and he’s taken step backwards into the bottle. He’s no longer got the white canary to help him through, no she’s traveling in time with the Legends of tomorrow.

The events of season 4 lost me. I’m sorry I did not care much for the Damien Darkh storyline. But it’s fair to say he broke the group up. Enter our new villain, looking to terrorise the city and seize control. Church is a good match for Arrow, and without the usual back up Ollie looks out of his depth.

Felicity conceives Ollie he must recruit a new team. Ollie begins by chasing down mad dog. Gives him the usual warning, then leaves him an invite to try out for his team. The tech guy wants to join, and he’s on the inside, knowing who Ollie is and the whole nine yards. We have a new girl being recruited too.

Felicity is still happy to fulfil her role as overwatch. She’s the only one to keep Ollie grounded and stable. The man is a looney, taking on all manner of bad guy. He takes a Bratva training module to try to teach the team. But he’s so harsh on the new group, that all of them want out. Throw in a few flashbacks and you’re setting up the tone of the season. Ollie struggling with the weight of all his duties, and trying to put a kick ass team together.

Thea makes an interesting discovery, no big surprise that a supposed ally is really up to no good. Enter ragman, an undisclosed neutral with an axe to grind.

Arrow will have his hands full this season.

Legends of Tomorrow

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow returned on Thursday and will continue in a Thursday night slot on Sky 1 also at 8pm.

The Legends dealt with the time masters at the end of season 1. Rip Hunter has taken the Legends through time, playing protectors to all effectively making them the new time masters.

Looks like they’ve messed up though, they and the time ship are apparently at the bottom of the ocean since 1942. Our new member of the team, finds Ollie in his office. Dropping the bomb that he knows he is the Green Arrow.

Ollie is convinced that the best thing to do is get into a submersible and find the wave rider. Job done, they find only one crew member in stasis. After they get him out of stasis, they listen to his tale. Nice little set up for the season. Find Damien Darkh, and ignore the warning from another time master. Stay out of 1942! Ok then 1942 it is.

Darkh has stolen Einstein’s estranged wife in a bid to give the Nazis an atomic weapon. The Germans get the weapon onto a submarine and plan to travel to New York win the war and be home in time for crumpets and sauerkraut for tea with the führer.

Crisis averted but on a collision course with a nuclear device, Rip scatters the team through time but saves Mick Rory in stasis. Just because he took a hit and wouldn’t do so well being scattered. So the new guy and Mr Rory are tasked with finding the rest of the crew throughout time.

Where is Rip? What is Darkh up to? And why has Thorn turned up?

We’ll have to watch to find out how all of these questions pan out over the coming episodes. Sky seem to have all the superhero stuff that’s important.

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Judge Dredd The Man Comes Around 2000AD

RM Guera Draws Dredd
RM Guera Draws Dredd

The artist on the critically-acclaimed Scalped crime series for Vertigo, RM Guera, comes to the Judge Dredd Megazine next week with a one-short Judge Dredd story written by Rob Williams (Cla$$warDaken).

The Man Comes Around sees Guera bring his trademark gritty European style to Mega-City One as Judge Dredd investigates a series of explosive suicides. Williams also uses the eleven-page strip to examine the effect that age is having on the lawman, who is now officially in his 70s.

Coloured by Italian artist Giulia Brusco and lettered by Anne Parkhouse, The Man Comes Around will be published inJudge Dredd Megazine #344, which is available from Wednesday 15th January. It will be available day-and-date digital from the 2000 AD iPad app and DRM-free from the 2000 AD webshop, as well as in print in the UK and via Diamond in North America.

This Dredd story brings us a peek into the life and age of Dredd, we see a scared and aging man. We seem to be facing a crisis in our every day world at the moment, morality and death. Can anyone kill Dredd? I would say that too much money could be lost, the reader base is too vast, the readers no longer save up some pocket money, they pay a subscription. And rightly so, this piece is slick, it has all the elements that you come to expect from Dredd, given to you in just a few pages. It has that pop art feel still, the stories are still as good as ever. The gore is still keeping readers turning pages or clicking the mouse. The action is keeping us on our toes, we get straight into it…KABOOM!

Given a few bells and whistles to help the lawman complete his weekly task of fighting crime in Mega-City One, we as the reader are given a bit of poetic licence within the world of Dredd, we get to add our own words, “he swears at it and tells it to shut up”

The story is fairly simple, mild terror and another choice to make for Dredd ( I seem to be getting lots of choice based reviews ),  of course Dredd win’s through. The end of the piece we are given a set up for a new follow-on story.

All in all, set your alarms/reminders for this piece of Dredd. I feel lucky to have read this piece early, and I hope that you will agree with me. This story is still good, the art is as good as ever, long may Dredd continue


(note – cant put in images still brian)

Peter Capaldi in Season 8 of Doctor Who – What We (think we) Know

Peter Capaldi, on set incostume as the  Eleventh Doctor, with Jenna Coleman
Peter Capaldi, on set incostume as the Eleventh Doctor, with Jenna Coleman
Today we got to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set from Doctor who. Now we just have to hope that we won’t be kept waiting too long.Welcome back, to those of you now following my next post fear not. I have returned.

Thank you for all your kind words and comments, but I think I am trying to get audience numbers up, and a little discussion going. So I will do my best on these fronts. Tell all your friends and hopefully we can all get going together?

What we kind of know so far is this –

• 13 episodes possibly split in 2 halves, although this has been denied by Steven Moffat, with something grand for Christmas? (Note to Steven Moffat – make the Christmas one longer this time please, or at least keep us waiting till Christmas day for the second part of a story?? Or maybe one Christmas day and then one on Boxing Day just to polish us all off.

• It has been said for some time that the Doctor is being taken in a darker direction. I kind of like this idea, but might it be too much for the younger audience? Yes we want to give the kiddies a scare, it’s part of the tradition in Doctor who, but if this is going to be a bit more adult I fear that Capaldi will be slated, as will the show runner. Consider this a warning shot across your bow Mr Moffat.

• Jenna will be staying on for a little bit longer, but as yet not even all of the feeds I read through seem to confirm for how long.

• A possible search for Gallifrey? Although this is more likely to be left on the back burner for a bit longer, to keep us guessing.

• No neckwear of any kind, and no hint at all of any appearing soon

• Also begging for hour long episodes

Filming started bright and early this morning, and a few images have started to appear. Most notably Capaldi and Coleman stood with a script and pointing far off into the distance. A comparison has been seen between Pertwee and Capaldi in similar poses. Also there is a little older image from the BBC from the unveiling, of Capaldi clutching his jacket in the way that Hartnell (the first Doctor) used to do. I get the references to past incarnations, some people will get them, and others won’t. This is a little less subtle than previous times, we have always had reference to past Doctor’s thrown in, and in the case of war (Hurt) we had a throw forward with the ears line.

Twitter has a few images of Strax and Madame Vastra, but the absence of jenny makes me wonder. Perhaps this is a set up for Capaldi’s first story, after all Smith had grown very fond of the Paternoster gang. Who knows we may even get a full goodbye to River now. But I’m no expert so please don’t quote me on that.

All in all we have been told that the Doctor will have his post regeneration madness and this will probably gobble up a good chunk of any first episode, so the thought here may be open with a nice 2 part episode.

I am waiting for more images to appear, and will keep up to date with what I can, as for any rumours or story lines, I’d love to hear what people have to say, and input as much as they can. I will try to add on my twitter and other bits onto profile on scifind as would love to talk to many more people about this all.

Hope you all have a great 2014 and hope I won’t be away for too long.



Time of the Doctor- Review

I’m Phil, and I hope I can add something to this magazine. This thread is a re-working/expansion of a post on my facebook page, which caught the eye of the boss. (Thanks Boss).

I hope you all had a good Christmas and hope you all have a great New Year. On Christmas day I had family around me, so I taped #dayofthedoctor, as many whovian’s I had looked forward to this Christmas special, it was billed as Matt Smith’s farewell, and from the teasers looked like it had a mix of fun and of course the serious business of saying good-bye. I saw post’s from fan’s that enjoyed the story, but a good number of people unhappy, I got a bit nervous. So late Christmas night I struck the play button, I got to the end…and thought well that wasn’t so bad. I had time to think about it all, still with words such as rubbish still making me worry. Should I have joined in?

I sat down and typed and thought. At just an hour runtime seemed too short, we had been spoiled as had the whole show with 80 minutes on 23rd November, maybe a two part episode might have worked better? With a little pomp and ceremony the BBC announced this episode as ‘a gift we couldn’t wait to share’. Big thing’s expected, in the first 2 minutes we got a bit of slapstick, clever back and forth between The Doctor and Handles. So far so good, the Doctor has been given energy by Smith. I have warmed to Clara, It has taken a bit of time, The Ponds went on a little long, and never enough of River Song, still Clara is ok, like I say she has grown on me, I think it was her being in the Doctors time stream that made it for me. Smith is still his ‘drunken giraffe’ youthful Doctor with boundless energy, this was later referenced on Trenzalore by the children and Smith himself, I like this nod to his own self or at least Moffat.

A leap and a bound later, we have the set up for the episode, The Church of the Papal Mainframe, or later referenced as The Church of the Silence. Favourite line at this point is “boss of the psycho space nun’s so you.” Armed with a little humour we get to the crack in Amelia Pond’s wall, now here in the town of Christmas. Add in some mild terror in the form of the silence and the weeping angels, I liked the weeping angels’ part of this episode. For some time we knew that Matt had other projects and we all knew that he had shaved his head, the old key in the quiff routine was nicely done. A truth field which gives us some more funny moments and we learn the name of the place, Christmas. Observant folks will have picked up that Tasha (playing narrator) told us that the Doctor stayed for Christmas, some would have missed it, thinking the line meant the season. (You’re too clever for that)

We have set up the story, the Doctor rushing onto the planet with a little help from Tasha Lem (Orla Brady), and a kind of wide eyed curiosity takes over, Handles has already told the Doctor the planet is Gallifrey. Which the Doctor doesn’t like one little bit, after all it is his home planet. Slipping in a piece of whovian folklore (the seal stolen from the Master) we see through Handles that there is a question. It is the oldest question. We have known for some time that the Doctor lies and those references are littered through Matt’s tenure as the Doctor. We have that crack in time blasting out its message, I have a problem with this crack in the skin of time, and in this episode it is projecting its message through time and space, “Doctor who” and so on. Clearly a message from whatever is on the other side, here lies the problem; the crack in Amy’s room has followed The Doctor about Ledworth this told the Doctor, prisoner zero had escaped. Another (seeming like the first) was seen in the episodes of Flesh and stone, cold blood and the big bang. At this point I work out that in cold blood Rory ‘the roman’ disappeared into this crack. OK there were other cracks, but they seemed to all be kind of the same, an explanation was given that this was all the Doctors fault, and again this was upheld, also that the weeping angles wanted whatever was inside, but in that 2 part episode the angels were afraid of it, now they want it? Guard it? Or is it the time lords in there?!? I ask the viewer to make his/her mind up, because it really can’t be all three. I had a poke about on the net and found that the crack had appeared here and there. This is a nice plot device for the story, but no two tare’s are the same (so in my view a little lazy).
We have a slight divergence in the story, the Doctor finds out the name of the planet (for real) and being clever still manages to lie to Clara, sending her away, but with a key in the door we have a Jack Harkness moment. The now faith changed Papal mainframe, does a very good job of peacekeeping. Time for a little humour. Dan Starkey reprising his Sontaran role. Giving us 2 rather cunning soldiers trying to get in to the tower holding the crack. A wooden Cyberman and a lie? Could we call the Cyberman turning its own weapon on its self a lie? Or is it just giving the Cyberman all the facts and telling it, you’re in a truth field just a double-cross. Either way, I liked this. Some touching scene’s of the Doctor in Christmas. I would like to point out that Smith’s make up at this point is rather good, but it kind of gets a bit wibbly wobbly in some scene’s. Clara and the TARDIS return, with a nod to William Hartnell the Doctor approaches his ship, though I suspect he was not expecting to find Clara too. Some tenderness to see the dawn, Clara, The Doctor and Handles on top of the tower. “I have developed a fault “exclaims Handles, and we set up his farewell and an emotional response to the earlier humour between the Doctor and Handles. I point out now that this tower top scene has some flaws, still dark at 34 minutes in, the sun rises on 35 minutes and we get the Doctor hinting at the morality of this piece, Moffat tries his hardest to try to clear up the regeneration conundrum, Clara knows the Doctor much better, stepping into his time stream kind of does that for a girl, but she needs a subtle reminder, as does the viewer about the blanks. War is still very fresh in our minds, big tick to Steven, and a reminder of 10’s keeping the same face, answered with vanity. At this very moment, the writer has two very clear directions to take. Do I kill the Doctor off? Tin hat at the ready, or throw the Doctor a reload. The sun slips away on 37 minutes, I could get geeky and tell you the exact start to finish time of a day on Trenzalore, but let’s say for now about 2 minute 30 seconds. Continuity alert!!! When the Doctor and Clara faced the Great Intelligence on Trenzalore it stayed dark for more than 2 minute 30. Bad Mr Moffat. Again we get a morality battle, the words given to us in the 50th now clawing at this episode, Never cruel or cowardly…. This is all made much easier by the absence of the TARDIS, but Clara asks him to be selfish. The Doctor is resigned to his fate; nothing anyone says will sway his mind. I said that the writer has a clear choice to make, well as we know that Peter Capaldi will take on the role, killing the character is not an option. This brings great importance to the crack in the wall now. But I am still worried by it.
Back off to see the Mother Superious and some Marshmallows, and we get to see more of the architects’ of the piece the Daleks, Tasha has died and the set up for this is very well done (IMHO). Add to this the Doctor asking her to fight the Dalek inside shows strength of character. But oh dear another issue, I’ll come back to that point in a moment. There are some nice little threads that get tied up here, the silence being high on this list, confessional priests, this makes sense, always popping up, River Song never all that far behind.
Now this is the point where I am very worried, 20 minutes to go….. The Doctor is now again known via Tasha, now do try to keep up. A double negative?” fight the Dalek inside.” “I can’t.” this implies that the Dalek unit will switch again, nope, no dice, because Tasha does a great job and the Dalek eye stork is not seen again. I do have another point to get to, so bear with me a moment.

Sending the Doctor back to the TARDIS and finally the turkey is cooked (even my mum knew the Turkey was cooked), just in time for dinner with the family, bye Clara. The Doctor shares a moment with Barnable, and we get some glimpses of action. A mini time war on Trenzalore, hurry now only 14 minutes left to kill off Smith and bring in Capaldi. Goodness me, this should have been a two part episode. Nice special effects, nice scene with 3 silences shooting something out of their hands skyward (no idea, not explained).

A nice shot of Dalek’s rolling forward to fight, with a large gun of some sort seen in the background, looking like a cross between the gun of a Dalek, and the sucker. The silence now aiding the Doctor help him fight the Dalek’s.

We skew away from the Doctor, and find ourselves in Clara’s little flat, Gran, Dad and Linda all seated finishing dinner. Linda is unexplained, is she Dad’s new girlfriend? She is not Clara’s Mum, I looked back over to the rings of Akhaten and spotted that Clara’s mum is Ellie. The ladies of the Oswald clan dislike this woman, this much is clear. A reminder of old age, broken by the re-materialization of the TARDIS. Clara rushes off to greet the Doctor, only to find Tasha. I return to the point about Tasha, so much for her being able to stave off the Dalek inside, because to me she is doing one hell of a good job. She has evidently stolen the TARDIS (with the key she swiped) but you know that sneaky old box, she does what she wants sometimes. My question is why would the TARDIS let Tasha inside? She is a clear and present danger to the TARDIS. The rupture point where the eye stalk looks a little wider as if she has fought the Dalek. This is not important, but a notice as I watch bits, I wonder if this may have been good. There is a scene with this fight or something close, either way it’s taking up valuable runtime…so onto the floor you go.
Another few hundred years have passed all in the space of 2 minutes. Armed with only a Christmas cracker Clara strides through a wrecked Christmas, Tasha tells us the Doctor is dying and that Clara should comfort him. A touching few seconds with said cracker, and the Daleks are coming. About time to. Time to get ready to say good-bye to Smith. Just a bit rushed now, the Doctor has a plan. Only a few minutes to play it out, cutting this a bit close, the Doctor starts his climb up the stairs to face his oldest foe, the Doctor tells a lie, no plan, this is how it ends, if the BBC had been clever and I don’t think they were as clever as all of that, they could have had us all on the edge of our seats. This would have really had the fans in a dribbling heap on the floor.

Wait, what?

Oh well point made, chance lost. The Doctor talked to the young man who gave him the news about the Daleks is not Barnable; does this mean that the boy who guarded the TARDIS lied? Or was it simply the boy did not want to correct the Doctor? Let’s just say that Barnable is long dead. Does it matter how or when? Perhaps a deleted scene may throw some light on this matter?!?

Clara is asked to stay put, and allow the Doctor one final victory. I laughed at the Doctor enjoying one moment of humour about the Daleks. A correction added here, why are we obsessed with knowing the Doctor’s name? Well you could point the finger at Moffat, he gave us a few teasers, he tried so hard to tell us his name, and even harder to keep it a secret. River knows, he knows – or has he forgotten – more lies. Help him, and the crack disappears. The Doctor now plays his best card, toy with the Daleks, they think it’s all over, but they still can’t get rid of him. He said he would say something clever, and he did. Loved the closing scene, the clock striking 12 and the look on Smiths face as the regeneration energy was consumed. We are into some serious new ground now. Take all that energy and praise the lord(s) take down the Daleks with all that wonderful almost gloopy energy. The crack is gone…but I doubt not for too long.

Clara thinks it truly is all over, finding the TARDIS we come to the climax of the piece. Clothes strewn about and a final bowl of fish fingers and custard. A farewell to Clara. A remembrance of Amelia, poignant as Amy never had a proper good-bye to 11. Both versions of Amelia making an appearance, sad but joyful. We will always remember 11 as the raggedy man. Amelia is the beginning and the end. Clara played a large part in his life and he said he would never forget one line. A lie? Well who knows for now. Smith has added something to relate to the younger fans of the show, I think the show may start to decline under Capaldi, I’ll be waiting for some profanity to come out of Capaldi, when he is getting angry, or making some point.

I think really the BBC totally made the brown smelly stuff hit the big whirly thing. They showed us months before the 50th that Matt had stepped down; this has gone down with mixed thoughts. I see the meme’s popping up photoshopping items around or giving funny eyes to. I think that Steven is taking the show in the deepest darkest faze of the show, we have moved into this edgy drama, mixed with good kids show elements. The fan base is getting older; I think he is trying to sort out the wants of the viewer spread. But do not quote me on that, it’s my thought. Also perhaps he wants to break away from the US format of the show, August before we see the Doctor on the screen, and there is a reason for the August schedule, but as yet I can’t see it.

All the good-byes take up yet more minutes, and finally we get to the moment we have waited for the whole 58 minutes in we get the change between Smith and Capaldi, and the change takes the Blink of an eye. Did they perhaps blow the budget? A lot of green/blue screen time and CGI? Perhaps all of this was intentional.
But now we get the ultimate villain of this whole piece. SHERLOCK!

I am sorry to say that this is the reason why the episode shone in places, but lacked in others. Visually it is what we have come to expect from Doctor Who. There are some strong stories out there, and there are some stinkers too. This can’t rate as a stinker; it was stolen from us with a big dramatic fancy episode, too showy Strangled into submission by the crack in the wall. It over committed but was finished off by Sherlock. I think that about wraps up this instalment.