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Helen ArmfieldA journalist/writer/broadcaster since 1991 (then specialising in magic, music & tech) Helen moved into copywriting & running her own clothing company.Recently she shifted her focus to reviews and fiction; now bringing her experiences in print & broadcasting (& her little blue pencil) to bear on a lifelong love of science fiction. (she still does all the other things & rather more, as she likes eating & has a shoe habit to maintain)

Dear scifinders and fiends: We have ourselves a whole pre-halloween weekend of TV, plus an extra hour! I hope you can make the most of it, and don’t waste it on silly things like sleep Friday If you can get yourself early to the TV, Film4 at 6.25pm is showing […]

Pre Halloween Weekend TV.

This week, I’m assuming that you have your early evenings all sewn up with Channel 4, so its launching into a Late Start to Friday – Bowfinger, a director intends to use low-fi reality footage to create a scifi film, but inadvertently films the incurse of some inept aliens to […]

Week End TV

Hello sci fiends!, sorry sci friends. Or, take which ever you wish. Another weekend is upon us, and though a sparse selection, there is indeed free to air tv for us to watch, companionably or sat with a big thick blanket to throw over our collective heads when the scary […]

Weekend Scifi TV