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is a freelance writer, I write as myself, as my Twitter name @detoxbtex and as The Opinionated Geek. I write book reviews, television and film reviews, Opinionated articles on all things entertainment related wether it be on my thoughts on film franchises or a response to something I dont or do agree with. I also write and review books on mental health issues and support many charitable organisations with my blogs on living with depression and the ways to improve through writing.

Warning – Spoilers, well sort of, for those who haven’t read AC Doyle, or seen previous TV series etc. One of the films I have been looking forward to all year landed on the mat at Detox Towers this week and like an excited school boy I couldn’t wait and […]

Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows

Meltdown – Red Dwarf – Episode 6 Series 4 My journey through the Red Dwarf archives for the actors outside of the main cast has taken me all the way from the Pilot to Series 3. Today we find our selves with my favourite episode of Series 4…Meltdown. Written again […]

The Other Cast Meltdown – Red Dwarf

Its been awhile since I wrote a piece like this, a hybrid of a ‘the importance of the little people’ and a ‘where are they now’ article. When I say ‘little people’ I mean nothing derogatory by that, its just a way of me saying ‘outside the main cast’. You […]

Red Dwarf… the other cast.

Since my review of Who am I part 1, Antoni Pearce got in contact and let me know he appreciated the honesty and constructive criticism, especially about the sound issues and let us know that he was working on it ready for Part 2 and the rest of his 13 […]

Who am I part 2