2000AD – Prog 2013

2000AD – Prog 2013

Published by Rebellion

This special Prog (out 12 December) is a bumper Christmas issue, with no fewer than 9 strips, all with fresh stories. It makes for an exhilarating read, as 2000AD stalwarts Bill Savage and Strontium Dog rub shoulders with newer characters like Aquila and Absalom. And Judge Dredd gets to display his unique brand of Christmas cheer.

With so many tales to choose from, favourites will be different for every reader, but I was gripped by the plight of The Visible Man, whose treatment at the hands of warped scientists was resonant of Doctor Manhattan’s travails in Watchmen. Ack Ack Macaque – a graphic prequel to a forthcoming novel – also offered an enjoyable ride with its cigar chomping simian hero.

Not every story will continue in Prog 1814, but those that don’t – including The Visible Man – are promised later in the year, along with a few other old favourites teased throughout this isssssue. At just £4.50 for 100 pages, you won’t find better value for many any place else in your newsagent this season.

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